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  1. Well it seems that there are enough of us that if models like the Monster Beetle, Fox etc were re released that they would sell quite a bit.....I know my credit card would take a beating as well but I wouldn't care....To have a NIB Monster Beetle shipped to my house for a good price (No offense to people selling originals) I would be so excited I couldn't stand it..... I mean I look through my old catalogs and see the Blitzer Beetle right next to a Mad Bull..and the Mad bull is still available !!! Not that I would ever want one but I would by 3 Blitzer Beetles if I could still get them !!!!! I see people every day posting 1, 3, 5 NIB Sand Scorchers on their site.....We love this Tamiya Stuff, for whatever reason...And I myself would really like to see more of it Re-Released...... Heck Re-Release all 1-100 models....I will buy every single one !!!!!!!!
  2. Hello All, I know this has probably been posted before, but I am new back to TC after a lapse of a few years (and it's great to be back). Anyway I was wondering what everyone feels about the Re-Release of vintage cars. Personally I really like it because now I can build a NIB Sand Scorcher for a Great price. But I guess if you spent a ton of money to get vintage parts than this might make some upset. It is nice to see everyone posting their SS NIB on the site, I read every one and you can tell how many of us are really excited about recieving theirs's in the mail (I know I was !!!) You would think that with all the sucess of the Re-Release Frog, Hotshot,Grasshopper, Sand Scorcher etc, tamiya would also Re-release models like The Bruiser, Monster beetle, FAV, Blitzer Beetle etc.... Does anyone know if some of these very sought after models will be Re-Released?? I bet there are quite a few of us that would buy them....What do you think??? Cheers.... Dan C. Tamiyamandan
  3. Does anyone know of a good shock setup for this car..... I need something more durable than the stock shocks that come in the kit....Any recomendations...Thanks.... Tamiyamandan
  4. Bruiser-Got It Porsche 959-Got It Mountaineer-Got It Black porsche-Gotta go with Shodog on this one.... Blazing Blazer-KEEP GETTING OUTBID!!! LOL [] I am just happy I Finally got the first 3 on my list!!!
  5. Also anyone who gets these e mails NEEDS TO REPORT IT!!!!! the more complaints they get the more seriously they will take this...and try to stop it...
  6. The e mail looks very very authentic.....I hope everyone reads this so no one gets scammed....Spread the word....I do alot of ebay and would hate for this to happen to someone...I also got an e mail awhile back that said someone tried numerous times to get into "My Ebay" with incorrect passwords....So Now I frequently change my ebay password....Just something to keep in mind... Tamiyamandan
  7. Hello all, I just got an e mail from paypal (But it wasn't actually from Paypal!!!!!) It said Dear Paypal valued member....then it told me to click on a link....I almost did it but then I called paypal to check on the email...It is NOT FROM PAYPAL and is a scam to get your account information!!!! Paypal told me that they will always address a person by their first and last name in an e mail message.....If you get any e mail like this report it to Paypal immediatly.....I hope this helps and spread the word so no one gets ripped off by whoever is sending these fake paypal e mails... Happy New year, Tamiyamandan
  8. Frog Frog Frog Please Tamiya Give us a frog!!!!!! I will buy 10 of them!!!! It is still one of my favorite cars....Or maybe another FAV vehicle, no wait a wild one,Hotshot, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Anything vintage would be nice!!! I promise to buy a few no matter what it is...[]
  9. Jason is AWSOME!!!!!! I have ordered from him several times......Parts come in a very timely manner packaged very well......No worries at all....Happy New Year!!!!
  10. Do the Hornet body sets have the old decals or the newer ones.....many of the decals on the NIB re-rrelease have name changes....Just wondering..... Happy Holidays, Dan C.
  11. When I ordered mine (from tower) they told me they had 3 left, this was about 3 weeks ago.....Luckily the one I ordered is NIB under my christmas tree[] Happy Holidays, Dan
  12. Well I have seen this before....Some women just don't understand....Coming from a fellow (myself) who collects vintage video games,tamiys cars (I have over 100) Hot wheels, Matchbox cars,star wars toys,Board games,DVD movies etc etc etc.....I told my wife long ago this is who I am and this is what I do...If you don't like it look for another fellow....Remember there are a millions and millions of women out there....but only a few NIB Blazing Blazers....If she trys to make you sell all your toys find a woman who understands.....Just my 2 cents....Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!!!
  13. Your lucky Jim (Shodog) I can't walk into a hobby store and buy any Tamiya R/C anything....... I need to move....LOL
  14. Does anyone know if Jason will be listing any more Hornet Kits?? I really like dealing with him.....I got a Tamiya Vintage king Tiger from him once..shipping was $90 USD...I got it in 3 days( I live in the USA) and It was HEAVY......Worth every penny.....Packed perfectly......I will buy from him anyday.... LIST MORE HORNETS[]
  15. Well I am glad for the re-releases...Not so much for the chassis but for the bodies.....The original Mercedes and BMW are so expensive...but can now get a nice model of them for only around $100 each....But I hope that the more vintage R-Releases keep the vintage chassis....just my 2 cents...
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