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  1. Some hot water out of the tap should do just fine also. There are a lot of nice petroleum free tire dressings out in the market now a days that should be very safe to use. I just use a little bit of simple green to clean tires and wheels and it hasnt done me wrong yet.
  2. well I put my wild one back in the display case after a good clean and some new paint! Its been years since I did anything to this car and it finally looks ok now haha
  3. I would imagine 1 is for plugging into the on/off switch for the receiver and the other one is to plug into a charger to charge the pack. Some times a nitro car on/off switch wiring harness has a spare plug for charging. Makes it better than having to constantly unplug the harness in the car. Of course with a lipo you do still need to plug in the balance leads. With that battery both 2 wire leads go to the same place so its up to you if you wanna use one or both. (doesnt matter really) I would just use one.
  4. Well my school's now closed and things are starting to ramp up pretty quick. Starbucks and apple stores are closed. I went to target the other day and all the toilet paper and paper towels were bought out as well as the hand soap. Its pretty crazy really. I hope everyone stays safe out there and keep level headed. Everyone just needs to stick together (but not too close) and work things out. If we all work together it would help things out immensely instead of just buying 100 rolls of bum wipes each. The economic effects are just devastating I know we should focus on to protect the vulnerable because of this virus but seeing the markets fall sucks.
  5. Just another quick update for you all: Some items have been moved to my ebay shop you are welcome to take a look: https://www.ebay.com/usr/gugles1?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
  6. yes all the reason why I was hoping someone on here would buy it. I can arrange the duty and tax to be lower. On ebay I cant control what sale price is recorded. UPS and FedEx wanted $70 or more
  7. Ive got a box of 2 inch buggy tires as well, send me a pm if you have interest.
  8. I am not enrolled in the global shipping program. The prices you see is what USPS first class charges (and it is one of the cheaper options) But import duties and VAT's are added once the package is in its destination country and I am not required to pay.
  9. Put the DF03MS roller on ebay. Will ship internationally with USPS (I do not use the ebay global shipping program) https://www.ebay.com/itm/153852005063 Thanks
  10. Use nonchlorinated brake cleaner as chlorinated will damage plastic and always test before use. Plastic and rubber parts can be adversely effected with strong cleaners. use synthetic motor oil, castor oil, or after run oil for a reassembly lubricant. Dont forget to put a little after run oil on the screw threads if you ever want to take it apart again. Steel screws can seize in aluminum.
  11. Bump... The T4 and E10 are gone. Last chance until I put more and more on the bay' folks. Just a reminder many items have shipping included within the lower 48 us states. I would love to get some of this stuff to fellow club members. Kind of surprised nobody has jumped on the Db01 or DF03 yet... people are always posting good things about them and yes they are very good buggies
  12. oh I got you, a dremel attachment is perfect for getting into the crank inlet. Did they use the standard RTR body and not a custom painted one on this race truck? I find that interesting because pro racers almost always have their own paint scheme.
  13. Smart Idea, I dont know what attachment you use on the dremel for the crankshafts but I would think some scotchbrite should clean up the surfaces nicely or very fine sandpaper
  14. An update to the TNX race build is a perk to my day When these trucks first hit the market I thought it was almost like a clone of the tmaxx design. I would have loved to get one but I had an Emaxx and the parts availability where I am in the states was so poor compared to traxxas it wasnt even funny. It would be quite cool to see the tamiya truck beat a pack of tmaxxes like this one did. The engine is crazy dirty
  15. neat and proper. You ought to just build another and keep this just for display
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