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  1. If it has not been seen already I want to show this video I found:
  2. ^ also is that a transponder mount above that? Man a full class of these would be good fun
  3. I think considering the last few new releases didn't have much appeal to me this looks even better than ever. I like the vintage race buggy look and I like the tube plastic chassis. I just love how solid and chunky those wheels and tires are. The trailing arm rear end is super neat also. For me the BBX looks to be a great successor to the classic Tamiya buggies. I cant really think of another time when a new release got the classic Tamiya feel. Maybe when the F350 highlift came out as a new version of the original three speeds. BBX might be too little too late for some, but I will be glad to get my hands on one. Im excited to see more along these lines in the future. I also want a nitro version.
  4. for what its worth you can put a capacitor on the battery channel of receivers and it helps the power spikes from the servo causing brown outs. something like this can solve those problems and has worked for me before when i was using power hungry savox servos. https://www.ebay.com/itm/132915229988
  5. looking forward to this, some of my favorite cars are HPI nitro's. I would say you got pretty lucky though because I usually have to buy three rollers in order to get a complete car!
  6. most traxxas motors have a fairly long motor shaft.
  7. Do the Tamiya classics and even us escape the march of time? No... However I do think that kids and adults are wanting to get out more and escape from the computers. Its a great time to see the hobby have many new people join.
  8. Looks pretty sweet now. I hope you do get us some running shots and footage of the truck. It is unfortunate that this truck was not that popular in the states when the monter truck craze era ended. Im sure that many people owned them and the predecessors but the presence of the nitrage was pretty underwhelming. Are you going to get a clear body and do your own paint scheme or use the rtr body? Im not even sure if a clear body exists for the truck. I am fairly certain that no aftermarket shells are a direct fit, however I think a crowdpleaser for the revo might work. Its really a shame in my opinion that these trucks did not catch on more and tamiya never offered a kit version. You know I totally forgot about the dogbone drive key that is used instead of a spur/clutch bell. What a unique and interesting model.
  9. I think the reimaginations of the tamiya classics have been pretty good for their current line up. While the comical series does not appeal to me, these cars fit well with the 6x6 models imo. Im happy that the company is able to continue to target younger market segments. I do feel a little bit left out but I still have plenty of kits that I want as far as re res go. I.e. the clods, lunchbox, 3 speeds, super astute. I want the nitro kits to come back, but thats never going to happen. Honestly I cant complain, I know that the special edition clodbuster is going to come out in another color at some point and I will just be happy to get one of those.
  10. Some more pictures for you guys, this time on narrowed proline dirt hawgs. Still trying to decide what kind of wheels and tires I want to use on this build, I am thinking 2.2's If anybody has any aluminum hex wheels and tires they want to offer up for sale or maybe we can work out a trade...let me know! I think I should also show off some flex for the camera too. Next up is some bodywork and dare I say some actual fabrication of stuffs I hope everybody enjoys and is having a great monday!
  11. Have you tried using the trick to cut a slot in the screw using a dremel cutoff wheel, I have done that with good success before. Just have to be very careful to not nick the plate underneath the screw. This chassis is such an interesting combination of features you would expect on the MT class but also is supposed to be a truggy.
  12. another acprc nitro resto build means I am jumping for joy. I was just thinking about some of your restos and the thriftyness of your projects. I can appreciate that, and the quality of the final product is not compromised. Have you abandoned any projects because the parts needed are too expensive/rare? I had to sell one of my vintage HPI cars because the parts needed to complete it were just too expensive. I also have a few HPI nitro mt's I want to rebuild but they are missing expensive parts too so I might sell all those off as well. It seems like this start for this project is pretty complete so you should not have this issue. Will you be using a force branded .32 engine or are you going to try and hold out for the tamiya stamped case? I suppose you could buy a parts engine and swap the block and head if they are the same specs as a force .32 just a thought.
  13. updates start now and should continue to follow. The project has made great strides in the past few days. I am still pretty impressed with the kit but have a couple of critiques to share and a few tips as well. Mad Ax and Badcrumble thanks for the compliments on my scratch built rig, it will need a revival at some point. The pictures will bring us through the progress from a few days ago. one of the first points of continuing the build is the links. These links are aluminum with plastic ballends and balls. A nice feature is the option to build the kit in three different wheelbases. For the yota body I am using the 11.4 inch wheelbase. Moving on from the links we have the shocks. This is where some of my complaints are. The shocks are more looks than function. Small cylinder bores with no oil bladders leave a inconsistant dampening experience. The piggybacks on the shocks are just plastic barrels you screw onto the caps they dont hold any oil. Due to the design of the shocks they are hard to fill with oil properly and even harder to get to have a normal amount of rebound. I could build them with negative rebound by screwing on the cap with the piston pulling down as the cap is put on to make a vacuum. I do not think a negative rebound is a good idea but I might be wrong. On the other side if you fill up with too much oil, the pressure makes the shocks like pogo sticks even without springs. I would much prefer some larger shocks to run maybe also with aluminum bodies too. It honestly seems like the shocks on the SCX10 are how the TLT-1 stock shocks were, hard to get to work right and kind of disappointing. Atleast the shafts are TiNi coated. Also if you are going to build any kit get some shock pliers, they are amazing you never have to worry about scrating the shock shafts and having oil leak everywhere. Speaking about oil leaking everywhere a small amount of brake clean on a rag gets shock oil off really well. With a nice clean set of shocks the build moves on. Pro tip is to have a snack while building shocks, helps the process and all. Got the rebounds as close to eachother as possible and not too violent from the pressure of the small shock design. Now the transmission is built up. The grey plastic is an interesting color and is molded well, but this plastic has wayy too much glass fiber reinforcement in it. Seriously i know they wanted to make the motor plate rigid and all but its already super thick and the amount of glass fiber in it is insane. Dont even think about trying to screw this together without a good set of hex drivers. I had to grease the screws and run them in and out a little bit to get the screws all the way in. Even so the screws were creaking and I was pretty scared of breaking a hundred dollar hudy driver. A m3 tap is probably a good idea at this point. And before anyone says I was building it wrong I did triple check everything. So the transmission case is well made but a bear to screw together. A weak point in this gearbox is probably the top shaft gear pin, and there is no plug to take out and adjust the slipper on the fly. Im thinking I will drill a hole in the gear cover and put a plug in later. Also finally I could not get the top shaft into the gearbox in the direction the manual shows. I had to put the top shaft in the other way in and then slip on the bearings and gear. Maybe its a mistake in the manual. Oh well I got it all together, Phew. The motor for this build is a new integy lathe motor in 55t turn flavor. Should do nicely for puttin about. Nice to finally put a motor to use I have had sitting around forever haha. Finally the chassis is started. One half is screwed to the battery tray and servo mount. I will order some smaller lipos for this car, me thinks some chunky 18th scale car soft packs would work a treat. :nice: The other half of the chassis screwed together with the center skid, transmission and braces. Now its getting close to being a roller, quick mock up with the body. Finally slapped some geo's I had laying around on slightly narrowed pede wheels, looks okay for the moment. I am really happy with how the chassis fits perfectly with the body. I wont need to cut the chassis at all and the tailgate is flush with the back of the frame. Its almost like I had this measured to work with eachother, spoiler alert I did not and just eyeballed everything
  14. just sitting here on my lunchbreak watching the first part of your build video. Thanks for sharing. Such an expensive build but so satisfying to watch you put it together. Where you started of by opening the first hopup bag and its Tamiya colored screws I knew we were in for a treat. I am so impressed with the attention to detail you have given this basic kit, it kind of makes me want to build one now haha. For now I will just live vicariously through your penchant of blue Tamiya aluminum fasteners and parts.
  15. Hey yall, I am starting a new build thread for this project. Its gonna be a fun and relatively simple parts bashing operation. I dont have the time or means to be scratchbuilding alot at the moment so this kit is the perfect opportunity to make what I want. The main goal of this build is to use off the shelf components to build my dream trail rig. Ease of fabrication and assembly is the aim along the way. Leonardo da vinci said simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Well, lets get into it already. A Tamiya hardbody and if you believe the marketing jazz on the box a highly capable chassis. With the two parts together is a balance of looks and capability i am after. Keen eyed viewers might have noticed that the trucks bed has already been shortend. This is what they call a bob in the 4 wheel world I believe. More on that later. Now its time for the easy part which is building the kit. haha hopefully the part that comes after the chassis is done is pretty easy too. Once the customization is afoot all bets are off. So here I am a few pages into the build. Sorry no pics of the internals but I was excited to dig into the build before I decided to share. The build of the axles was uneventful. Very easy, almost too easy, but thats what i decided to do for myself on this project huh. Some people online have commented that the gears need shimming out of the box. I didnt want to find shims so i didnt shim the axles. I think for my purposes the axles will be fine unshimmed. If the gears start to click I will open them up and do a gear contact check. In these axles the pinion (yes thats a different pinion from the motor pinion) is spiral cut. Many 1:1 cars and trucks have a spiral cut pinion. I always find the cross overs and comparisons from rc to other machines interesting for some reason. Back to these axial axles, they look great, are surprisingly smooth and the gears look to be good parts. I was really expecting some e clips on this part of the build but the design holds everything in place with a low parts count. They kind of replicate the design of a GM 10 bolt minus the axle shaft retainer clips. Heres my work space its the kitchen table Doing some axle links right now. Have to say the build is very impressive so far, parts fit excellent and the layout of the bags and instructions are superb. A+ And just to pad out the rest of my first post here is the only other scale truck I have at the moment and I will probably never get rid of it ever. This holds a special place for me and is a really cool example of history in rc. I was enamored with the builds and the boundaries people were pushing on the scale4x4rc website forums back in the day so I had to make my own creations, The first few either failed or were so crude its embarrassing to think back on. This truck was inspired by a build by a member who was crazy talented. Mine is like a 1/50 of the quality of the original but still I was so proud of it and still am. Its a Toyota FJ40 with a custom welded mild steel chassis and the TLT-1 axles with a stampede transmission. Please ignore the driveshaft angles and other jank on this. It could definitely use a rebuild. I think it looks the part tho. Holding up the SCX 10 chassis rails to my own. All those years ago and the scale chassis like this wasnt available besides the Tamiya 3 speed frame. More updates to come soon, have a great night!
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