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  1. Good choice, also I forget to mention but always remember to wear a suitable respirator and some goggles while spraying. And while you are at it I think its a really good idea to get an airbrush cleaning pot as well. have fun painting and be careful! Its really hard to stop airbushing once you get started.
  2. Went down the airbrush rabbit hole pretty heavily this winter, First off, if your using a nice airbrush like an Iwata, then take care of it and it will last for a very long time. Be super careful with the needle and nozzle as those can get damaged easily. Clean it well and clean it after every use. First use whatever solvent dissolves the paint, spray it through and then clean out the cup. Then spray some more of this solvent though until it sprays all the paint out, use a fluid brush or the like on the front cap and then carefully pull the needle and wipe it off only pulling the paper towel away from the tip. If you stab yourself and bend your needle its not my fault! Put the needle back in carefully, I use the tip of my finger on the needle tip to guide it smoothly into the chuck locking nut. When you take out and put the needle back in it should go in smoothly and without much force. Dont force it and check to make sure the needle is going back in correctly. Then I run and backflush cheap hardware store lacquer thinner through the brush and take a q tip and wipe the cup out, then I flush it with cheap acetone and back flush it as well. Buy a bunch of cheap thinner and acetone and dont be afraid to waste it cleaning! a clean airbrush will save so much frustration and problems. Finally dont touch the nozzle unless its absolutely necessary, most times when the nozzle is broken its because of this. Clean the nozzle only with a nozzle reamer or a small sliver of a tooth pick and very very gently. For painting only lexan bodies, probably want a .5 needle or maybe a .7 for coverage or if you are using createx and other thicker water based paint. siphon fed or a gravity fed is just how the paint is delivered. Siphon fed uses bottles through the bottom. Siphon fed can hold a whole bottle of paint in one spraying session. Siphon fed if you do lots of single color paint jobs on bodies with a lot of surface area. gravity fed if you are going to be changing colors alot. Some airbrushes I could recommend, Iwata revolution HP-CR: I have one in a .3 and the HP-BCR bottom fed, great airbrushes but the design is older. Iwata Eclipse: (Model with a .5) I dont have experience with it but its similar to my revolution. Great airbrush, entry level price good for a beginner. GSI Creos PS-289: pretty common among model builders in asia, not much different from the two models I mentioned from Iwata, except for has a Minor Air Control valve. (Might only be available with a .3) GSI Creos PS-290: Trigger type but does the same thing as a dual action finger style, more ergonomic, much bigger paint cup, comes in a .5 I dont have one of these yet... but I really want to get one soon. A cheap airbrush I like but would be hard to recommend to a beginner: Gahleri GHAD-68: Came with the needle stuck, good enough performance but I think a beginner without much experience would struggle to get the results they are looking for with it. more finicky when it comes to proper use. So, really it comes down to, are you using paint that uses a alcohol or thinner based solvent and you can shoot it good out of a .3 needle? Get a high quality Japanese .3 airbrush. You wont look back. you can shoot some water based paints out of a .3 but its usually thicker so its harder to get a good spray. But this opens up a whole new world of painting and detailing. Its kind of like a hobby within a hobby. The GSI PS-289 is like the best all around airbrush. Super popular with gundam and model builders, cheap and really its made by Iwata so there you go. With a .3 you can do pencil lines to painting a model car really well. Or, are you going to be using a thicker water based paint like fascolor, and especially createx wicked colors. Get atleast a .5 but .7 would probably be better. This is also a good airbrush to have if you are painting very large areas as the coverage is greater. Larger spray pattern, puts down more paint. The only down side is some of the finer detail work is not easy to pull off, some what of a trade for the paint thickness with most water based paints. check out the barbatos rex youtube channel he has some good videos. I say best all rounder first airbrush either a PS-290 or the PS-289. Yeah its kind of a learning curve. You need to make the paint the correct thickness and use the right pressure. Also learning how to spray with it and properly clean it is going to take some time. I think it is so worth it though for the new possibilities it opens up!
  3. I think as rc model builders we are always a bit too harsh to judge our efforts. Im such a perfectionist too when it comes to things its hard to just accept when our efforts dont live up to what we hoped. Really its the time spent, the lessons learned and the kits built that make us better modelers. The old adage shouldnt be practice makes perfect, but practice makes us better and bettering is more fun that perfection. Just as much as the kits are not intended to stay nib, kits are not made to be build 100% perfect every time. I would be really happy with the results you got. I think the car looks great as is.
  4. Wow what a old thread bump, but I was just going to ask what the size of the TA02 rear stabilizer was? 2mm wire sounds about right I will try and find something suitable, because the original hop up is not longer being produced and is hard to find right? Also while this ancient thread is revived was their ever a front stabilizer for the TA02?
  5. clean tip, right solder, right flux, and solder station settings. Use a third hand to hold the pieces steady. Practice with some spare wires and connectors. When you go to solder the bullet connectors on your esc dont heat the wires for more than a couple seconds to avoid damage.
  6. wow that has to be crazy to drive with a 4.5 turn in it!
  7. @Badcrumble That is awesome
  8. Was going to make a thread just for this but glad I found everybody already on the same page. I like the shell but im not a big fan of the GF02 chassis. too many gears imo. It seems like a step backwards rather than forwards. Id rather have it on the twin det/dagger chassis. Also announced right before halloween but we wont be getting it until late this year? How cool would it be to get a special edition orange midnight pumpkin, and the squash before the holiday?
  9. If it has not been seen already I want to show this video I found:
  10. ^ also is that a transponder mount above that? Man a full class of these would be good fun
  11. I think considering the last few new releases didn't have much appeal to me this looks even better than ever. I like the vintage race buggy look and I like the tube plastic chassis. I just love how solid and chunky those wheels and tires are. The trailing arm rear end is super neat also. For me the BBX looks to be a great successor to the classic Tamiya buggies. I cant really think of another time when a new release got the classic Tamiya feel. Maybe when the F350 highlift came out as a new version of the original three speeds. BBX might be too little too late for some, but I will be glad to get my hands on one. Im excited to see more along these lines in the future. I also want a nitro version.
  12. for what its worth you can put a capacitor on the battery channel of receivers and it helps the power spikes from the servo causing brown outs. something like this can solve those problems and has worked for me before when i was using power hungry savox servos. https://www.ebay.com/itm/132915229988
  13. looking forward to this, some of my favorite cars are HPI nitro's. I would say you got pretty lucky though because I usually have to buy three rollers in order to get a complete car!
  14. most traxxas motors have a fairly long motor shaft.
  15. Do the Tamiya classics and even us escape the march of time? No... However I do think that kids and adults are wanting to get out more and escape from the computers. Its a great time to see the hobby have many new people join.
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