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  1. http://tamiyaclub.com/trades.asp?id=16698
  2. Any offers on my trades???? They need to go Quick so please put a bid in. You may get a good deal.
  3. http://www.aliexpress.com
  4. Hello all I'm semi retiring now from R/C to fund my other hobby so I'm looking to shift the item in my trade’s room please. I may consider trading all of my trades in one job lot for one nice r/c model to keep and run so if interest please mails me with photo's and details. Otherwise please make me sensible offers on what is there as they need to go. Thanks for looking Rizzo
  5. Hello all I was a bit angry today that i found my image of my car on the following site. http://www.blackholesun.fr/RC_Suzuki_US.php Now i know its the net and images get used all the time but this site e-mail'd me last year asking if they could use any of my images for there site. I said no to this and then today found that they had used it anyway. Why ask then get a no and do it anyway? The image has been removed now after me having to ask them sternly to remove it at once.
  6. Yeah wasn't in the best of moods. I haven't actually I didn't really think about it. I may just do that. Thanks Rizzo
  7. Hi all Sorry about the Apex Models Post I made if it offended any one as I got told off by TWINSET. So I'm apologizing to any member that complained or didn't agree with it. Sorry Rizzo
  8. Just a quick update on the garden track. I have placed the first set of stones down and dug a trench to be filled with water, well when i say filled i mean a little bit lol. I'm looking for some straight ish branchs to build a bridge to drive over. See what you think. Video link here. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/moviecomment.asp...1&uid=16698 Thanks for looking.
  9. Just a quick thank you to Stellamodels for still providing the ACE service they always have done and hope always will. When I first started using Stella (found from the bay) about 6 years ago now may be more they have NEVER once caused any problems and always delivered exactly what they should have done. I wish we had a reliable source like Stella over here in the U.K. If any one is new to stella and thinking twice WELL DON'T just sign up and order! You will be looked after all the way. Thank You.
  10. How about Slogon= Lick my saber Buggy= THE DARK SIDE Rizzo
  11. How much ? if you don't mind me asking.
  12. Thanks muchly guys, that gives me some ideas. Thanks
  13. Has any one got an original set of Tamiya Falcon Decals that they could measure please? Width and height. Prefer in mm but any way will do. Thanks Rizzo
  14. Any one got any ideas or know what suspension to put on the rear of my CC-01 so the axle drops a bit more but with out altering the ride height. I don't want to butcher the chassis but would like some Pic’s of already modded cars please.
  15. Thanks very much for the info, i had a paly last night taking the motor in and out on different setting and yes found - is more torque and pulls very well now. Thanks for the info much appreciated.
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