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  1. Dick Cepek is a brand of tires, wheels and I believe also fenders for trucks, buggies and jeeps. Cheers, ShowRide
  2. Same thing for me, buying from a HK dealer costs me much less then buying here locally in Belgium (even including the high shipping costs and import duties). On a kit I win at least 30 percent if I buy it from a HK dealer. The problem is also that the LHS here don't have many parts in stock. If I want to order something which is not in stock it sometimes takes upto 6 weeks to get it... Not to speak about the new kits which take sometimes months before you can get one [8)]. ShowRide
  3. I don't like them, they look too much like a Nikko toy car. I don't know what the guys at Tamiya were thinking. I guess they probably see a market for this kind of cars. I hope for them that they are right but I'm not going to buy one myself [] cheers, ShowRide
  4. Hi Caprimanuk, welcome to the club. Not all members are from the UK, I'm living in Belgium and the rest of the club members live around the whole globe. After seeing some of their work I sometimes think some of them are extra terrestrial [] Maybe Chris could make some kind of statistic about the different countries which are represented by the club members. I'm sure the UK will probably be the first in the list but it would be nice to see which countries follow... cheers, ShowRide
  5. Hi Jozza, I managed to find back the 'yellow cab beetle'. In fact it wasn't a Monster Beetle but a Sand Scorcher. You'll find it in Volksrod's showroom: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...id=15027&id=140 I think it looks really nice and realistic. ShowRide
  6. quote:Originally posted by jozzaAha, back to my original idea then []. The MB shell is at this moment sitting in a bucket of brake fluid, almost stripped now (it had 6 thick paintjobs before I adopted it), a little body repair this week and it should be ready for spraying at the weekend... id="quote">id="quote">I'm going to strip one next weekend. I consider myself lucky because it has only a single layer of paint. I'm going to use Humbrol Modelstrip for the job. Never used it before so I'm very curious to see if it will work well.
  7. The yellow cab Beetle has been done before. I'm almost sure that I already noticed one when I was going through the Beetles in the Tamiyaclub showroom.
  8. I'm using the same source (RCXotic) for making my own painting masks. There are indead some good flame masks in their collection. I don't know if you know it but Parma is making a decal set which could help you to make the Police Bug. Check this: http://www2.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXDA29&P=K ShowRide
  9. Hi Jozza, that's a great paiting scheme you have, I personally like the "City of Saint John" police car (the black and white) the most. Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm starting to like to idea of a flames painting scheme more and more so maybe I'll go for that. cheers, ShowRide
  10. Shodog, I like blue but not gold. Maybe I'll do the Sand Scorcher scheme but in blue and white. Jozza, I would certainly not copy your idea without asking first. But if you share it with us it could give us some inspiration... cheers, ShowRide
  11. you're right red, yellow and black are probably the best colors. I'm definitively going for a yellow one for display purposes. For the runners I'm not sure yet. cheers, ShowRide
  12. Hi everyone, I need some ideas for easy but nice painting schemes for a Monster Beetle body. In fact I have 2 complete original plastic bodies which I have to (re)paint and one lexan. One of the original bodies will probably be painted yellow and original decals will be applied. But for the second original body and for the lexan shell (which I'll use on my runner) I need some original, nice but easy painting schemes. So if you have ideas or pictures of nicely painted bugs... please share them with me. thanks in advance, ShowRide
  13. Hi Martin, I know that it must be difficult but try to ignore that little misfit as much as possible. If you react on any of his e-mail do it with the most sweatest words you can find. Like it was already said people like him enjoy upsetting others so sweat words will stop his fun. Probably he hasn't got any friends at all and has to spend his time trying to upset others to get any attention. So maybe we can all send him a postcard for X-mas [] cheers, ShowRide
  14. Hi Razer, thanks for the tip. These might indead be the solution for my problem. I was planning to make an order at Towers so I'll include a set to try it out. If somebody else has another proposition please don't hesitate to propose it, 2 solutions are always better then one [] cheers, ShowRide
  15. Hi everyone, I have a Clodbuster which was upgraded with a ESP Clodzilla IV chassis. In general I'm very satisfied about the chassis, it's very strong, flexible and very fast []. But there's what I think one flaw in the design and that's the way you have to fix the battery to the chassis [V]. I tried 2 solution to fix the battery. First with tie straps but that makes it difficult to change the battery [8)]. Then I tried rubber bands but those don't really keep the battery in place and it came loose a couple of times in the middle of the action [8)]. Is there anyone else who has or had this problem or does somebody have a solution? All propositions are welcome. Thanks in advance, ShowRide
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