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  1. I forgot how much adjustability was added. Too many set up options really. The long arms helped save wild jump angles but otherwise the standard length short arms gave more grip. A heavier servo and softer front suspension were useful. The air ram definitely made a difference. I remain very fond of that part in particular.
  2. They listen to the distributors. And when I was at the Eurocup Finals two from T Japan came to have a look at the event. This was years ago. Is TC still run by Chris or is someone else now? I remember the Gold SS TC car to Japan and feeling that the Tamiya responce was not as interested as some of us hoped. It was a disappointment for me at any rate. Maybe they are more aware and interested in customer interaction these days. Personally I have more sympathy for dealers/importers than T corporate. Without the local dealers efforts our hobby would be much poorer.
  3. These are great. I put a whole TTC transmission / gearbox into my King Cab.
  4. After 13 years what a nice surprise to return to TamiyaClub and see my parts are still being enjoyed and wanted 😊 nice project. I can see if the original CAD files are still around. I sold most of my stuff of to Orgineelrecambered if I remember his forum name correctly? Funny to see where the parts have moved around the world I kept the ultimate version with all the final evo parts, it is on a shelf at home. I will take photos and post up. if you have any questions let me know.
  5. After many years of inactivity, outside of mini racing, I am selling up. It is time for others to enjoy the icons of our hobby. Please use them at least occasionally. All of these have given so much pleasure to me and to others around the tracks and hobby meets. See my showroom trade section for the adverts with lots of photos. None of these will ever be re released. These are the most difficult to find for sale by far. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=121457&id=16759 https://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=121456&id=16759
  6. I'd never seen it before. cool to see the real basis for it the body almost looks like lexan!
  7. Well this is an odd thread would anyone like trophies like these? ...well go out and have fun and practice and race !
  8. On of the guys who races in TC locally works inside nuke power plants, all over the world as a specialist for accidents and maintenance. He and his equipment really go INSIDE. He showed me some of his equipment and explained in detail. Rad is PHYSICAL, ie like sand or dust. It gets WASHED off his equipment before getting outside. So if you are worried, simply wash everything you receive before bringing it near your family/area of concern. Bin the box (who wants a soggy box? lol) and wash everything. Even motors run underwater so unless you are buying a radio or esc there is nothing you could not wash. I make no comment/judgement whether it's necessary, I'm just saying this is what you can do to mitigate your concern.
  9. Hey! That 5 minute lash up job you did in your shed doesn't count!
  10. I confused but maybe thrilled : The VW Scirocco is stated as TT and FF03 chassis but the above photo looks very similar to M-chassis wheels. I'd like it very much on the M05.
  11. WHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???? It suxs! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! i liked the orginal better Your opinion doesn't count. I like the Striker more passionately than YOU. WHATS IT WORTH????????
  12. I have seen the Varja in the flesh at the Euro Finals in Switzerland. It's actually ok and the wheels are not as big as they look in the photos. About King Cab size. It looks like a Traxxas on the surface/size and I can see the type of buyer they are likely to attract. New to Tamiya and drawn by the big soft sprung go anywhere truck thing. It looked quite reasonable body on. Body off it looks strange to me, knowing the original Avante. However if you don't know, I think it probably looks quite techy for your money. Still don't think it will take Traxxas type big jump abuse tho.
  13. yes, that would have been a good question too! Thanks for all the supportive replies.
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