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  1. Proud in a Japanese way or proud in an anglo saxon way? I think there may be a difference and we don't see it perhaps? Actually this post got me thinking yesterday about the whole topic and why the board has gone quiet recently. I am beginning to think it may have to do with the fact that as Tamiya is clearly geared toward teenagers and adults, it has an edge over Kyosho in the nostalgia stakes as it was too expensive and the artwork too 'adult' compared to Tamiya that we never picked up enough information about them as teenagers to feel sufficiently nostalgic about them? I did and do love the 89 kyosho catalogue I had and have, but some how I still don't search out each and every model (ok ok, there are others who do ;-) ) But the nostaligia / pride in history may be of a more technical nature than Tamiya 'tribute' style that is prevalent with Tamiya fans?
  2. Ask them for it to be postage included as their web service is poor Maybe then they will fix it or finally just do an ebay shop and live with the fees over the poor service that their website shop cannot seem to over come.
  3. I remember Typischdesign! Budget seemed not limit - the moment his id came up it meant it was over Ebay from 2000. But back then for me it was for Taschen books and similar. What surprised me when I first started searching for Tamiya? - That Tamiya has copied my long shock absorber mod to the Super Astute and made the Dyna Storm! That's the only reason I bought it - I had to see it in the flesh, and then the madness started.... 959 came along shortly after and the rest is bank account history. Totally agree that ebay has basically zero fun now, mostly junk now or professional sellers of vintage stock now. I surf TC, rctech and oople classifieds mostly now.
  4. Many cool times at your track Thank you! Your Egress is a very special car. Probably the most competitive and race ready one anywhere today. This year you are having a knack at picking Tamiya Cup dates! The 8th is the May race day Why don't we swap and you join us for the day? I'll send you a link so you have all the dates. I would be happy to enter you anytime!
  5. First photo where I like the look of the car.
  6. Going through some old photos and was reminded of this thread. Splitty M01 on the move indoors. This car was a smile a minute. Horrifically set up until the penultimate race winter season 08 -09, and then transformed after reading hundreds of mini pages on rctech. Splitty made 6th A main overall at that race. But he was a stubborn ****** and wouldn't retire gracefully. On the last race every heat saw something self distruct. The M01/2 plastic has a definite use by date that has now past!
  7. Just going through some photos and found this one of the 1st prototype lightning chassis. There are only 2. This black carbon one which has one or two imperfections and the kevlar composite one shown in the other DL photo preview thread.
  8. Found some. It was crapply done but it worked in the rain!
  9. Some photos of the indoor here. Note the wing change to a modern f103 and some suspension mods. It was a bit overpowered with that battery pack. Vintage racing photos TC thread linky I can't find the outdoor photos yet with the buggy wing. Will look more.
  10. Like Willy says, the fronts should fit (smaller bearings than std size but I forget the exact size). I ran the re re 6 wheeler in a Tamiya Cup F1 race last 2 years ago. It handled beautifully. The extra weight in the front makes it more stable than a normal F1. It was really enjoyable to drive. The hard body is of course totally unsuitable to race and its a great shame to damage it. And the rear wing should be removed - it will be the first thing to get damaged. I put a buggy wing on the back when I used it! You can still find rubber 'skins' online to put over the std tires. Originally they were for rain use. Come to think of it I used the Tyrrell at an outdoor race last April also. Was fun.
  11. I'm not buying anything in this price range at the moment, and I understand what you're saying but at that price I want to be a bit more dazzled than grey plastic. Somehow the Dyna just had more soul to me. But I am well pleased Tamiya has something that will shine the brand brightly at the top level. I look forward to nice picts of cool paint schemes on owners cars soon! :-)
  12. I can't believe it - despite being a such a Tamiya and esp Tamiya 2wd fan I would get the Cougar over this as it currently is.
  13. Ah, yes. I have fond memories of playing with that as a child. Neighbour's children had 2 or 3 tamtechs, and this and the Lancia were my favourites. The had a cool fat black and white cat too I didn't realise there were different wheelbases of the Tamtechs, cool info Paul!
  14. Congrats, looks good. The rear springs are not the original ones. Swapping is common for improved handling, I expect yours handles very nicely considering these and the foam tires. Should be alot of fun to drive The esc appears to have been expoxied to be made waterproof. The motor is only held in place by the two chassis halves and one screw. Be careful not to loose the little white plastic collar that sits on the end of the motor; when you disassemble the car. These are very hard to replace if lost. Check out the bluegroove thread for ideas of weak areas, and there is no need to hop up anything to enjoy the car if budget is an issue - they are great as is and I have run mine for years with no mods except for diff rear springs. Enjoy!
  15. I was going to say threads of two pages or more without photos, but thats been solved now.
  16. Interesting one - another one! Thanks for all the provoking topics these past weeks, Hib! It's got the forum moving nicely I have the flip side: even tho I have had two m-chassis, I never bought the Alfa Giulia even tho I had the 1:1 many years ago and adore it. Come to think of it I had a MkI mini too but haven't felt the need to get the Tamiya shell. The Tamiya 959 I do like and it's certainly a 1:1 car I have warm feelings about, however I have the Tamiya for childhood desire reasons. If Tamiya did a 961 tho, I'd buy that in a flash for the reasons you raise.
  17. LOL - but you can't read RC10talk without being a member TC is better like this, open to all to read & enjoy & tempt people to join
  18. Links or no links, this is one of my three on all the time websites. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!
  19. Just found this site - specifically about cars used in movie car chases linky
  20. Lola T70 in Thx1138 (minus the addons) So very seldom that a genuine race car is used in a film. Plenty of cool cars in the Avengers and Italian job 70s years
  21. For something a bit different... 3 time out sailing this year / spring, first time someone had a camera. The mighty Yamaha being chased by a smaller Robbe. Wind was bit OTT at times but was good to get the old girl out. Sailing is always fun And under some photos of the Kyosho Seawind after some loving late last year with new sails and more effective rudder. She's now called The Black Fin, lol It's really a wonderful form of RC.
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