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  1. Pits and tool boxes! I don't know about you but I often spend ages looking at other peoples pit photos, what are the using, what haven't I seen before, how do they pack and store, who displays a sense of fun.... etc :batman: So a selection from the pits and a view of what chargers are popular! Whats the most interesting thing you see?? Team GB is using these: lovely small size on the table Techy!
  2. Practice is OVER! Practice results determined qualifying, and qualifying heats and positions are now set. There will be 6 quali's and your best 2 are taken to determine your racing position. So I am told :nod: So this is how your countries drivers are doing: NOTE - the B Quali is group is the first/lower number (Eg group 4 for M-chassis) and the next number is A Quali for that class (Eg. 5 for M-chassis F1: photos next!
  3. GOOD MORNING from Basel! To softly piped sounds of Meatloaf "I'd do anything for love" (thanks, love having reminders of girlfriends from 18 years ago,lol) racing cars are waking up and the harder core racers are settling in. 7:30am already at their pits working!!! so while I wake up here are a few shots for you... sleeping cars... German cars are HARD, they sleep without covers/sheets Minis apparently sleep separate from their bodys The Swiss organisers are busy early too, I thought this was tape rolls to pick up parts but it's metal rollers to remove kinks. Whats left of forumula tires after only one day practicing! whats the pile going to look like after 4 days?? Team GB arriving with the other hard core 7:30am crews and proving it's never too late to paint! Good luck with the build guys! final thought before I seek out cereal and a clear head: it's 8am now and I'm disappointed - The Russian Team are not here yet! Russians are supposed to be hard core!! Still if the reason is vodka and expensive Basel night clubs then I guess I can still say hard core
  4. So the day is just ending. Started at 10am, hall is closing in 20mins at 9pm. BIG news of the meeting (well for me anyway, lol) is that there are a HUSBAND & WIFE both racing! Well done Team Austria! Thats unique as far as I have experienced at races. Bit on the how things timings are given, names and first practice times. You can see they are first practice as there times are very spaced out, and laptimes were very inconsistent. By the third practice (after I took these photos) times were down and more consistent. The GT guys (touring) were down to 13s. GB drivers! wide variety of mini shells being used have to go! more tomorrow
  5. The Swiss are very serious> But these guys are happy, they obviously have passes :blush: NASA food or plastic food? Food from a tube is a racers diet! Very funky CONTROL! Quite a few opting for the M06. There is even a Fiat Abarth running that. Appreciate the history but I thought the spirit was to run right drive for right body? Old skool Tekin :batman: On to practice 2 now, times are dropping as the rubber is laid down. The track looks quite 'fresh' slippy from up her in the VIP press box (LOL, that would be lonely table high up in the stands) but the F1 guys say that its actually not bad for a new carpet. But after the first practice the car is already getting the black racing line. Tire additives are being used.
  6. Welcome to the : "live" photo blog During the the next 4 days I will upload throughout the day and add a little commentary. This is how it starts, lots of anxious drivers and helpers lining up to get credentials and drivers dinner party voucher Then getting in and finding this, and settling in. Practice started at 2:30pm, regulated per heat. All very orderly. More to come. PS. there is a table for Team GB but no one is here yet. 2 hard core UK racers are apparently on the way. Woohooo - it's begun!!
  7. Can anyone explain why the naca duct installed facing that particular way on the Scirocco? If its really to flush air out of the cabin, a louver would have been more logical.
  8. Well I am very excited to see the 1/12 RM return!!! :D Bit dubious about the reuse of 26 year old front upright design tho! The mini 4x4 is interesting, but this year in the combined national Tamiya and HPI cup series we were faster with our M05s. So no reason to pay for a more complex model imo. Wish the Scirocco shell was for the M05. Avante racing steering set is a long awaited relief to use on the King Cab and the FAV alu damper set is another woo-hoo can keep the car Tamiya thing
  9. I'm attending the Tamiya Euro Finals in Basel, Switzerland, later this week. Is anyone else from here going? I will post up photos so you can see what the best prepared Tamiya racers look like, and give a daily commentary. Would be great to meet and put faces to fellow TC'ers.
  10. It's now an online store. That's new isn't it? Previously it was just scratch and dent. Looks like everything is available online now. That' a big change right? Changes look ok, not to huge to make visiting feel wierd like website changes often do.
  11. That's basically as good as a photo of YOU, Andy, in so far as that thing is where all your messages/Admin'ing to TC originate from. LOL I guess I am an old Dell laptop myself then
  12. The front end of that is going to SNAP! off in a big crash or failed table top jump landing. Wayyyy to much weight forward of that WAAAY to narrowing front part of the chassis. I bet holding the front and rear in separate hands that you can already flex the chassis somewhat.
  13. Video killed the radio star. Video killed the radio star. .... ... What did you tell them? Re-re's killed the tamiya stars Re-re's killed the tamiya stars Pictures came and broke your heart. Oh-a-a-a oh And now we meet in an abandoned online forum. We hear the playback and it seems so long ago. And you remember the jingles how well they used to go. Oh-a oh You were the first ones. Oh-a oh You were the last one. Re-re's killed the tamiya stars Re-re's killed the tamiya stars In my mind and in my car, we can't rewind we've ******ed them to far Oh-a-aho oh, Oh-a-aho oh Re-re's killed the tamiya stars Re-re's killed the tamiya stars In my mind and in my car, we can't rewind we've changed them to far. Pictures came and broke your heart, put the blame on VCR money tsars. You are a radio r/c star. You are a radio r/c star. Re-re's killed the tamiya stars Re-re's killed the tamiya stars Re-re's killed the tamiya stars Re-re's killed the tamiya stars Oh-a-aho oh, Oh-a-aho oh ... Take it as a bit of fun, not seriously
  14. Ditto. Bang on post. Only thing missing is comment that ebay changes further sped up the demise of fun. Always nice to see you posting up, and acprc, grunt, and bakaguyjean.
  15. It's lame junk like this that has demotivated me from posting up much anymore. Someone took some sort of issue with something I posted regarding Tamiya/loss of manuals but they also didn't have decency to say it openly. Lame. Sorry to hear it and good on you for racing and enjoying it.
  16. FABULOUS! That grin says it all. WELL DONE! This is what hobbies are all about - Pleasure!! Print some photos and make a real album - it's much more rewarding and fun to share than just digital photos. I have this with my Alfa 105, and 10 years on the album is still a mega pleasure to have and share. Thanks for posting up.
  17. no prob, I did it so the email could hotlink to just the letter. I've amended it now to link to this thread. And amended to include this link to Tamiya Inc in Japan, kindly provided by TamiyaUSA - thank you guys. Come on, send a copy yourself Andy - you know you want to!
  18. I have sent this letter to cs@tamiya-inc.co.jp http://www.tamiyausa.com/contact/cs_form/contact.php https://secure.tamiya.com/forms/qe_form.htm Dear Sir, Re: Removal of old Tamiya RC build instruction manuals from websites, in particular tamiyaclub.com During the past 15 days you have sent letters to various websites requesting immediate removal of scanned copies of old Tamiya RC model build instruction manuals. These manuals date back until 1974 and are for items no longer in production. They have been scanned and placed there by enthusiasts who wish to have a reference when they restore old models. 1. This letter is in particular reference to the hosting of such on tamiyaclub.com (TC hereafter). TC does not sell the manuals. It is not a shop. It is a website and forum for thousands enthusiasts for your products. Enthusiasts have not charged for the considerable efforts of finding, scanning, and sharing these online to help others. 2. By demanding removal of these 20-30year old manuals from TC you prevent enthusiasts being able to accurately restore old toys. Please note that the various official Tamiya Inc company websites tamiya.com & tamiyausa.com provide - for free, just like TC - some manuals; however what is provided is a very (frankly embarrassingly so) limited collection of mostly recent model manuals. If you are not providing a comprehensive list of old manuals for free, what are enthusiasts to do now? Do you expect them to have to purchase them on ebay? That gives no benefit to either Tamiya or one of your largest group of repeat, brand loyal, customers. Tamiya proudly documents in its various company history books the story of it's founder, Mr. Tamiya, basing the company on Red Star for PASSION, Blue star for Precision. Where is the passion in threatening legal action against your companys biggest online fan group to remove 20 year old plus manuals that they offer for free, to help fans restore old toys? There is no passion represented in that action. Therefore I am removing your RED STAR from your logo for the time being. You may have it back when passion appears to have returned to your minds. What were you thinking??? Shame on you. This letter is also publicly posted: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?...mp;#entry419070 -ATTN TamiyaUSA: I know this is not your doing, and my letter is not directed at you; rather will you please fwd it to where it may have most impact in Tamiya Inc. Thank you. Please feel free to copy and do the same.
  19. Emailing Tamiya JP directly would be a more visible dissatisfaction feedback. Can someone provide a genuine @tamiya.com contact email address in Japan, not USA - some tamiya.com account addresses head there)? Pref customer service, international, or legal dept recipient address. I do not advocate hassling the good people at international appointed agents. This is a head office directed feedback. PS. I can read, but I don't think we need a third thread on this topic.
  20. LOL, I wonder if this was the sort of reaction expected..... certainly I expected less enthusiasm, lol
  21. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! And I thinking it might be time for another what's it worth thread Will swap for a NIB Striker
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