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  1. 14 pages of spek-u-lation, so far... Antony is having the last laugh here!
  2. BAH! Don't remind me this is the one kit I have never managed to get!!! Now you'll have me trawling ebay again and calling Loaded up to ask for one coolest sticker by far!
  3. It's great to hear from someone who wants to start racing. It's ALOT of fun and a huge part of the hobby. All the comments are good and useful. I've been racing on and off for 20 years and my suggestions for you are: 1. all cars are breakable. If your local track has lots of hard barriers and edges then get the most popular car secondhand and use that. If the track(s) are not car breakers then go with what ever your heart wants. You can sell it after a while if its a dud, you will take a hefty loss but you'll have done what you wanted. 2. Buy the most expensive electrics you can afford. THESE make the biggest difference. In this order: fastest steering servo, lastest lipo, esc. These will let you drive better and faster far more than any chassis/set up in the early stages. TX/RX and charger are lower priority items at this stage. 3. Get the same sets of tires and inserts that the fast guys are using. Ask, most people are happy to share. Have a rocking good time!
  4. LOL - Since the 511x exposed diff, fully enclosed gearboxes now seem to have become a special 'feature' FAV holds a special place in my heart, but "superior off-road performance" is just It is great for powerslides on tarmac though!
  5. I am in the same camp. I was so disappointed with how bad it drove. I paid up for a bruiser, and while it was lovely / interesting to look at and work, the driving experience was SO BAD I just couldn't believe how it is so raved about. I was honestly shocked. A niko monster truck would drive better. Everything is just too hard, leafs and tires. No suspension action is going to occur unless you put about 6kg on the chassis. Anyway, this is not to moan, just say I agree. That said, if I was in a position to buy a re re hilux (if one comes) then I would find it nice to build. But certainly not drive and not for an avante beating price.
  6. It's featured in the plamodel factory blog this week: http://www.tamiya-plamodelfactory.co.jp/bl.../110415_036.jpg Translation says: upcoming uber re re 58500 prototype "Entry No.36 Title: Sonic Fighter Jr." is what it actually says.
  7. My ex FAV and still going WO must be special then I stand by my comments, but happy to accept that something different can occur for others.
  8. Side note re updated drive shafts: In my experience it is an internet myth that the original style half shafts wear out quickly. I find these solid hex joints are FAR more robust than modern dog bones/ball pin cup drive shafts. Pin cup drive shafts have only the pin connecting to the cups, and as we all know Tamiya even has to sell hardened versions of diff cups because they wear out and also the plastic caps to make the pins fit more snugly. 26 plus years running my WO is still on it's originals and they show little evidence of wear. Not all advancements are better. The old style is ofcourse much heavier, but unless racing, thats no problem. That said, This will be the first re re that I buy when it is 'new'
  9. To my mind this can only mean one of two: 959 or Blazing Blazer / Orig Hilux It's cool having people in the know on TC to tempt us with early news to speculate on!
  10. WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done! I wondered how long it would take.
  11. Does anyone know where this / the other re re's have been made? In Japan or the Philippines?
  12. Looks the same to me - just that Tamiya left the unscrewed screws in halfway up, as they often have in model photos.
  13. GREAT to hear from you Ivan and hope you and your family are OK given everything that is happening. Brilliant to see you posting back on TC Radiation is a physical property. Unless a microscopic particle has gotten INSIDE a box or bag then just wash and bin the box/bag/packaging if you need reassurance. But as said by others the chance is extremely unlikely that anyone should worry about this. A good RC friend of mine makes his living inspecting reactors - he brings his equipment HOME with him in between jobs. The equipment is washed after use to get any rad particles off it. Its not like 'rays' of rad or so that linger within items, it is a physical particle that you would have to ingest or rub onto your skin. Worry less, order more. Prices may be dropping
  14. But it doesn't say Re Release .............. The other re re's have actually said "Re Release" when announced, no? Certainly I hope this is the real FAV and not something else, but until there are more details known this could be anything DT02 or otherwise.
  15. Well done! It's great to see a smiling face next to a new built engine :) It's a cool feeling and a nice thing to share on a forum. Hope she fires up nicely in a few months. The long headers will be the next part of the love affair I am guessing (from experience ). Set up a photobucket account and post up more progress picts - or post up a link to another forum if you are doing a build thread somewhere. I for one would enjoy following your progress and I am sure there are others. Hope it's going well at HD for you too.
  16. Bingo. Was in shops in 2002 and 2003. Good time!
  17. Could someone with one measure the complete length of the front and rear shocks (complete unit from top to bottom) please? I don't know anyone with one locally. And are you pleased with the shocks? Standard and or the hop up aeration ones. Thanks
  18. Mark, wondering if you could please advise? Thanks
  19. Anyone? Giving what was stated above I am wondering if the BEC feed alone then is strong enough to power the speaker..... ? It's an unusually powerful speaker and without the 7.2/7.4v battery feed into the mfc I am wondering if it WILL actually work? Have any of the crawling or truck users tried a sep esc with it?
  20. On the plamodel shop blog a 'market test' M06L with series I RX7 body complete kit is being sold. Only one per customer. Nice.
  21. Have you actually tried this? I am thinking of using a diff esc (still for brushed motors though) with the mfu-02. Is it really as simple as a why lead and no red cable used?
  22. Hi Mark, very interested in this. It is absolutely no problem using 2S lipo with the MFC-02? I want to use one in a boat ! and am concerned if it will a) work with a 7.4 4500mah lipp saddle pack, and b ) if the MFC will can handle prolonged full throttle runs of a 540 or one of those shortened tuned 540 motors Tamiya makes for M chassis' (direct to prop drive).
  23. can, long string? I hope it went well - sounded great. I could do with some tasty organic lamb right now actually ... mmmm! Would love to have a biomass home heating system. They are the way to go.
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