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  1. Inspiring. VERY WELL DONE. You make it seem so easy! Very impressive work and results. I should have sent you the basket case one I had a few years back. It's very enjoyable to read and see your progress. You might need a wheelie bar shortly!
  2. Link to live NHK Japan news channel online in English Suggest we don't debate/suggest details but simply listen to the JP news and reflect in your own mind about it. It's horrific, devastating, and a reminder that don't have control over everything that exists. And there are lots of people in that power plant, and outside supporting them, who are giving up self interest to try and help and minimise the disaster. Hero's one and all.
  3. Manuals are usu avail for download in pdf from Tamiyausa is this the one? http://www.tamiyausa.com/product/item.php?product-id=58155
  4. Hovercrafts are cooooool. Even dickie ones! cheap r/c fun is GREAT! I have a feeling since this evening that I want an r/c blimp! :D Now to find a reeeeally cheap one! Challenge!
  5. This is serious. Your DS pilot licence might even have to be revoked. :D . . . Almost certainly no damage done. When I was a teen (16 years ago is not that long ago!! ) nicads were ofcourse THE thing esp the SCRs and they would get charged till they were roasting hot! and put in the car. If yours was warm and you could hold it, then you weren't trying hard enough! So don't worry about it. I remember the old black finned TEKIN peak charger I had, the nicads would get so toasty I was initially nervous. Over mah readings are ofcourse normal, if it's under then cycle or give it away to someone happy to have it. IIRC its only the peak detection that is different in charging modes Nimh/nicad, as already mentioned by Mark.
  6. It's terrible. Very sad to see. Lets hope there is less of this to come not more. This photo looks like a model
  7. No question at all, the best lipo charger currently available is FMA PL8 http://www.store.revolectrix.com/Products/Cellpro-PowerLab I posted previously about this, its expensive but worth every cent. If you are interested in chargers and batteries, always listen to the r/c plane guys. They use batteries and chargers to the limits and are at the forefront when it comes to this area of rc.
  8. Lol at Twinset and the flame thrower. The wild dagger wheels might explain it - gearing is WAAAAY off now perhaps? The gearbox is not binding? It's just one of those days... try again tomorrow and cld be fine!
  9. Striker as a first car! That's got to be unusual! Thanks to all the posters so far. I'll do some highlighting/better formatting of the years in due course.
  10. Very nice! Looks great. You built it with std tb's first and then replaced with the blue ones later? You're dedicated! Would you mind listing the blue tb part no's for others? The DS cult continues!!
  11. Unless you want the Clod only to look at or otherwise have alot of money to mod, I would forget it completely. Stock Clods are rubbish to use. They are somewhat interesting to build (if it's your first twin motor) and to look at, but almost every other truck (2WD included) runs rings around it. And given that Clod is infact one of the highest numbers produced of ALL Tamiya r/c models up till today, there is no fear of never being able to buy one. Build and shelf ok, but to enjoy via using: any of the others discussed in the thread are more enjoyable. Given the pricing, I would certainly take the TXT.
  12. Fixed it again, pls help and REPLY and ADD to the existing list. Perhaps another thread for other brands (is interesting, but will keep this one Tamiya)? 78/79 Lamborghini Cheetah x2 Tyrrell p34 '82/83 Wild Willy Rough Rider Sand Rover '84/85 Grass Hopper Frog '86/87 Fast Attack x2 Thunder Shot '88/89 '90/91 '92/93 Mercedes C11
  13. LOL, not working so well. Pls enter into the SAME list as the previous reply so its all on one growing list.... I fix it here: 78/79 Lamborghini Cheetah '82/83 Wild Willy '84/85 Grass Hopper '86/87 Fast Attack Thunder Shot '88/89 '90/91
  14. '82/83 '84/85 '86/87 Fast Attack '88/89 '90/91
  15. Forum has been rather flat some time. I hope this will pick it up a bit. Lets see if there were very common choices of first cars in the year you started r/c Tamiya'ing Since memories are bad, years will be bundled in pairs. Add you first TAMIYA car under the year you got it. Reply by quoting and adding. I'll start.... '82/83 '84/85 '86/87 '88/89 '90/91
  16. The smoke is very special and part of the smart tray experience. It's even more special when someone else sees it making it while you are using it They all do that, the cells have to be in a partic order. You may find those cells are infact more powerful now. Its called dead shorting I believe. I was told the cells will only work once after but I have cells that lived many more years even after the impressive fireworks Mind what the tray sits on when you are using it, it can get quite warm underneath and may melt soft plastics etc.
  17. LOL, this thread made me think what about 2.4ghz transmitters? Perhaps a rainbow coloured flag :P I must suggest that next time I am at the track
  18. Black spur gear (I should have spotted in your first post) ! Niiiiiiice
  19. GO THE SANDMAN!!! B) That's the one I'd be racing if I was back! Some tastefully applied bikini chick stickers and that would be rocking
  20. see here 201x, DT02, DF03 etc all will fit...
  21. Great stuff. That is alot work but I am sure a alot of fun. Cleaning off nitro gunk is not so easy. You have great results. Gearbox looks excellent. I particularly like............ HOLY metal polish!! coooool
  22. hey - that is something quite interesting you have there. I can't believe no one else has commented- Wild One with: Rear stabiliser/roll bar (very neatly done) Additional upper gear box mount (not so neat but interesting) Very cool mods, esp the roll bar. Looks like a kit, anyone know made by who? I don't feel WOs need it but its interesting to see. Funky
  23. I have not found any tamiya shock spring that did not fit. I used the DF series springs in the past with success. Also 3 racing and some other sets. Some occasionally rub but its not been a problem. The front is heavy, hence the rebound is slow. One trick was to use the rear springs on the front shocks but that took away some steering. If you use non kit softer tires then its ok with harder springs. I used schumacher mini pins with success. You could also try thinner oil with fewer holes in the piston. Thicker oil ofcourse can be used but the rebound will be slower. Deps on the track - is it terribly bumpy? If its smooth then I'd try thicker oil. Best advice is ofcourse go out and try methodically one afternoon on a similar surface how you feel with the diff oils and springs. Once you are happy recognising how each feels to drive and what you like, then you could refine further with diff piston sizes- I know changing piston size is a chore outdoors, hence why I suggest trying this last. HTH I like a well oversteering car with a fast steering servo, its just more fun in my mind. Hence regardless of track I usu end up with that sort of set up. It's more fun!
  24. Duuuudes, IMPORTANT NOTICE! The moderators received a PM stating this thread has turned into a sales thread as prices are being mentioned. The mods moved the thread therefore to the For Sale/Trades forum. They have nicely agreed to reinstate it here in the Vintage Forum after I suggested making a post asking everyone to please not post up prices and make sales directed posts in the thread. It's fine to discuss ideas and show progress, devs, disasters as we have until now, just please keep in mind that there has been a complaint and I think if there is ever another then this great thread will be lost in the For sale/Trades forum So onwards and upwards with more great developments and ideas. LONG LIVE THE MIGHTY DS!!! :) PS. I am still waiting to see someone post up a pic of a 201 with a DS shell and/or a 201 with "Dyna Storm MKII" stickers on it!
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