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    Raced 959 on carpet last weekend!

    Thanks for the Avante adaptor info! I am looking for them on ebay now and will put a wanted ad here on TC. Finally got some picts [H] [au] , have uploaded them into my showroom! Thanks again for all the positive comments. Tonight I triued to fit the modern shock tower and shocks, only to find that the c.fiber tower is to low at the front, the back will work ok. So instead of putting it back on the shelf I finally filled the rear shocks with oil using the required syringe. I raced with them empty! The front I had filled previously. I also swapped the rear arms for the shortest with the most camber, which is supposed to give it the LEAST oversteer. Its a finiky job with tiny eclips crampt up against the rear gbox. Then I swapped the slicks off, as they were more useful for racing, and put the orig rally tires on and went out to play. HO HO HO! Reduce the oversteer my butt! It was laughable! But as the temp had dropped to about 17 the tires were rock hard and it was just a joke. Will try tomorrow and see how it goes around midday. Hopefully with have the avante adaptors and some sponge tires to try by Friday/Sat.
  2. Singapore_959

    Raced 959 on carpet last weekend!

    Just seen that it's not allowed to load up a video on TC if its hosted elsewhere. So I hope that putting the link above is ok, Chris? [au]
  3. Singapore_959

    Raced 959 on carpet last weekend!

    Found a video of the day! [] I will work out how to post it up here into the video section shortly! or try this direct link! My Dynastorm is the orange one with the large white center stripe [] It's in there! Nothing of the vintage and 959 tho [:'(] Will find photos somewhere! Enjoy
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    Raced 959 on carpet last weekend!

    Acorn - I like this idea of smaller diameter wheels. This would also help lower the overall hight/weight center. Will check out a few stores for options this weekend.
  5. Singapore_959

    Raced 959 on carpet last weekend!

    Thanks Willy, yes those are tyres I am thinking about. Now I know they are called duplos! [] So I am hoping they will provide more grip on carpet than the 959 rally tires, but LESS grip than the rubber slicks. Willy - I have seen your older posts and you seem have experience with these tires, can you comment? I will also try pure sponge but, like the rubber slicks, I think they will have too much grip and cause flipping [:'(] Everyones great feedback has inspired me to do another write up after the next race. YES, RACE THE ANTIQUES!! [] [] []
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    Scorcher advice.

    " Welcome to your new empty wallet and TC Theo is correct as these topics have been covered.... " [] [] hahaha, pmsl indeed!
  7. Singapore_959

    Raced 959 on carpet last weekend!

    I am trying to get some photos from the organiser and others. It flies over the jumps eh! []
  8. Singapore_959

    Raced 959 on carpet last weekend!

    Thanks. Will do, and get some picts in too! [<)] I will try the foam tires but I think they need to be wiide to help reduce the flipping, thats why I was thinkin about those dual compound ones. Actually, come to think of it how about the REAR tires from the 956 / toyota toms. They are 1/12 scale so perhaps they fit the same size wheel adaptors on the 959. Anbody know?
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    Raced 959 on carpet last weekend!

    Glad you enjoyed it! The chassis is quite tough; the battery only came out once. Thankfully I only smacked it HARD! flat against the wall once and the arms didnt break. I managed to avoid a head on, and clipping it on the corners dissapated alot of energy. The worst bang was a direct hit on the rear by someone else, which 'didn't do the bodyshell any favours' iyswim! I took a camera but being there alone couldn't get any action photos. I will update my showroom finally this week with picts of both cars tho! OH - And I just bougt a Group C Daytona car (the one with the parma shell and 01R motor) to use in the next race instead of the 959 untill I get the tires or a kamtec shell sorted. Cheers to TC club member Michael for that only 39 EUROs!!!!!! time to hunt down the winning f1 and the send place merc C11 in the next race in 2 saturdays! []
  10. Singapore_959

    Astute Runner - Aluminum Parts

    Excellent stuff! Good on you. Can you now list exactly what you have that fits the dynastorm. I am interested in all of them! Cheers
  11. Does anyone know of an alternative / aftermarket diff that fits the 959 front and rear gearboxes? And did anyone ever make a complete set of metal replacement gears? I haven't started mod'ing it yet but am about to give in! Will be posting some picts of whatever I change. Thanks
  12. Singapore_959

    Alternative diff for 959 ?

    I ask incase some other models used the exact same gears and they may have thus had aftermarket alternatives. I understand the previous relpies tho. I am thinking about the diff mainly. It's **** at gettign the power down. Very tempted to sell it rather than mod it, but the the shiney original silver futaba attack transmitter looks so cool next to the car, and if it can be made to handle it would be more enjoyable. WHatever happens I have decided that any changes will be limited to Tamiya parts or related. No Kyosho or Associated related. Main thing I am going to do is to swap the **** shocks for new TRF ones for the TB/TA series cars. I just have to find a suspension and body mount in a Y shape that fits the existing alloy bracket mouting holes. Will post picts. It may be enough to tame the car somewhat. What happens if I lock the just the rear diff?
  13. Singapore_959

    Fancy some new design SRB lexan bodies?

    956 ! 956 ! 956! I recently emailed Kamtec about this. Waiting to hear back. I have a 959 from Kamtec and its excellent for toughness, and 90% for accuracy. Only the doorhandles and missing roof dimples let it down.
  14. Actually I was thinking of doing exactly this with my Dynastorm. What is the SS wheelbase? (Frog looks shorter :-( ) Nice picts btw!
  15. Singapore_959

    Sand Scorcher or other SRB Wanted!

    Waiting join the bug club! With so many members with SEVERAL NIBs and runners it's time to share! As some seem to have started last week.... ;-) Cash or trade or trade+cash See my show room for the possible trade Thanks
  16. "but I prefer the TT01 for a bash anyday as its just a hoot." ... shows a big part of what's different. For those who's first r/c car is a modern one "a blast" typically means tarmac only. For the rest of us "a blast" meant and means a messy romp off and on road, watching our somewhat delicate toy teetering on the edge and making (hopefully) breakage defying jumps and yumps. I feel the "what's missing" has alot to do with fact the majority of todays cars being tarmac biased. So my first post on the TC forum, ...rather showing my age and tastes! Still, I'd love to have one of the ultimate versions of the newest Tamiya weapons on my shelf :-)