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  1. Hands down by a very long way, the wild one. For the last 6 years this car has been used by me (and others! which is a shock and a real illustration of how my faith I have in it) the most. It is my last buggy left after selling everything, and that also says alot. Infact as a desperate need-to-race fix I entered it in last weekends Tamiya championship round. I came last by 2 laps and was 10seconds of the pace but I absolutely had a blast and everyone enjoyed watching it slide all over the track. Stuck the racing number on the antenna like a flag and it looked and went just awesome.
  2. Sorry to say I think this is the worst effort ever by Tamiya. It is basically insulting its red star, blue star philosophy. There is NO precision in that & NO passion has gone into this as a rerelease. Basically - we need a VOMIT icon to insert here....
  3. Dyna Lightning Evo Dyna Lightning Plazma MKIII Limited alfa II PS. can't believe that something I designed and something I part designed can be posted in this thread! NEVER in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that!!! Never be afraid to try!!!
  4. Its full moon. They all do that. Wait a few days. Disconnect the motor. The set up procedure should be done with the battery connected but the motor not connected. The esc just needs to read your TX positions without having to deal with the motor the first time.
  5. What is that??? It looks too cool for school. I think I want one How does it work, and are you satisfied with your fake 'something' scale?
  6. Always surprises me that these are so seldom mentioned: Can Am Lola RM1 FAV Road Wizard When was the last time you saw any of them for sale? If collectable means people who have them don't want to part with them... that is my take on the term collectable at the moment. Hard to get. Sold in limited numbers (much more so than any on the above lists). All 3 rather unique/special models. Although for that matter the Striker should be included!
  7. Thanks for that. The front is staying the same. The WO tires grip ok on tarmac. No one else able to comment? Here's another question : What other wheels can the FAV/Brat rear tires be mounted on?
  8. The rear hubs are different for the WO (long/wide black) and the FAV wheels (brown/wide circle). To put FAV wheels n tires on a WO: is it a direct swap - (fav hubs replacing the WO ones, and then bolt on, or are the axle lengths diff also)? If yes, looks like it makes the car narrower at the rear, is there room for any spacers? Was a bit surprised when I started thinking about this. The FAV tires are so much softer and available (same as brat).
  9. ? thats not from the rc line then I take it? :)
  10. I haven't heard that in over 20 years!! Wow, what a memory jolt. lol, simpler times
  11. Lots of good ideas. Would be great if Tamiya notices these. 1 thing? Formally recognise TC - by giving Chris a plaque (and maybe something to make up for the Subaru!!), posting up a thank you for the TC Scorcher, and giving an annual discount card for TRF products to all TC paid up/subscribing members. Otherwise, I'm with Willy on the duplicate key!
  12. Yes, but more often than not I have race cars that allow free connectors (poles), then I had vintage cars using stock tamiya plugs, then at races or days out with others some have corrally or deans etc and suddenly simply sharing batts and pluging in becomes a nightmare of do I cut and solder and someone always goes home upset that there plugs have been messed with or the adaptor you made is missing etc. This is a cool solution
  13. lol, great thread bakaguyjean - long time now hear, hope you are well This took a bit of thinking, to really be sincere. These are the only ones I am confident I could really do: Dyna Storm (diff shims might be wonky! ) Group C Can Am Lola Kyosho wise: only MKII Fantom. All rather simple cars.
  14. Deps on your budget. If just for bashing or fun racing, any newer one will do. Best option for any mini is a small size servo for 1/12 size cars, as it is much lighter. Partic in the M03 it helps reduce top weight so this reduces the tendency to roll. Alternatively small servos for planes also work. Just get the one with the most kg/libs torque you can afford.
  15. What a good idea, and done well. universal battery plug converter with good materials
  16. If I read that correctly, you are just trying to correct fit the square rear uprights on a std width DS? If so no need to cut anything! skype me with video and I can walk you through it - no need to cut anything but sounds too late Interesting to learn about JB weld tho. Will have to buy some to keep handy. Projects are fun.
  17. The length you need may exist - you never know. Why not post up the dimensions you need? Then people can look around or suggest options and ideas. Did you pass everything?
  18. You are a Dyna Hero. Not only racing a 17 year old car in a National Championship race, but finishing all heats and races too!! :) That's a way to have FUN! without spending a fortune on this weeks latest fad charger, model, etc. COOL. Thanks for posting up!
  19. Well fantastic!!! Well done on being a competitor and entering your Dyna! Your wheels are really unique. Looks like you were running a big motor judging by the photos of your ballooning spinning tires. Did you have fun? And who/what is crazy club? More details!!
  20. "clocked him at 115km/h yesterday" ... :) w o w
  21. I have not been able to catch up with the Nimrod guys for some time now, but I know they can still make parts and had some of each part in supply for the racing program. I have told them repeatedly re their website response that it is bad. I have 'helped' several TC members in the past by ringing the Nimrod guys and forwarding on emails to them from TC'ers and this has always solved the problem but its made me more like their secretary service. If ORC can't help then I can do the above for you no worries.
  22. ORC has lots of rear D parts from me now, he should be able to help you. How did it break? The d part used to loosen rather than break.
  23. Tell us more about the tattoo, Willy.
  24. Well that comes across as a dummy spit / bad day shout. We've all had them but it sounds rather spoilt though as per Willy's reply. As has been mentioned TamiyaUSA gives us the most comprehensive english language parts explanation and list available, and I am (and I am sure hundreds/thousands others are) grateful for that. For viewing pleasure alone its appreciated. You get my support and thanks. I do think it's a pity that you don't process orders from overseas (or is that a dealer contractual obligation?) as you would probably get alot of business via this. Even if you only accepted paypal. Years ago I bought the spare parts box sets for about 200usd from you, but had to do so via a helpful US based TC member who paid, received and on sent it to me. Overly complicated and relies on goodwill of others.
  25. Great to hear. keep your chin up! Don't bother about repacking, smoke tinted packing is 'patina'. People will pay more Best wishes!
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