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    Tamiya Usa = Morons?

    Well that comes across as a dummy spit / bad day shout. We've all had them but it sounds rather spoilt though as per Willy's reply. As has been mentioned TamiyaUSA gives us the most comprehensive english language parts explanation and list available, and I am (and I am sure hundreds/thousands others are) grateful for that. For viewing pleasure alone its appreciated. You get my support and thanks. I do think it's a pity that you don't process orders from overseas (or is that a dealer contractual obligation?) as you would probably get alot of business via this. Even if you only accepted paypal. Years ago I bought the spare parts box sets for about 200usd from you, but had to do so via a helpful US based TC member who paid, received and on sent it to me. Overly complicated and relies on goodwill of others.
  2. Great to hear. keep your chin up! Don't bother about repacking, smoke tinted packing is 'patina'. People will pay more Best wishes!
  3. Singapore_959

    Steel Pinions (0.6 And 0.4 Module)

  4. Singapore_959

    High Power Nimh Packs?

    Packs like these are heavy. I only have one pack above 4300 and I will never buy a pack above 3900 again. The only thing these give you is longer run times. But the car is much heavier with such packs, so the result is more strain on the motor. All they really achieve is hot motors due to longer run time and heavier weight car to move around.
  5. Singapore_959

    Mfu Dimensions & Wieght?

    Can anyone with an MFC-02 ie. the MFU light and sound unit for the F350 - please post up the dimensions of it (LxWxH) and its speaker and speaker box? And suggest the approx weight of the speaker and unit itself? Not one Tamiya official site or seller lists these details! Thanks
  6. Lol, you have the iconic Tamiya offroad model. I suggest you do a little forum searching to learn about it The wiring has been a bit modded, including the holes for it sticking out of the battery box. Original black bumpers are rare, they changed to grey as the production numbers increased. Have fun!
  7. WOW! That's a nice post Easter present! Charger, boxes, and black bumper! Lucky lucky
  8. Orig Black Porsche! If it is a sonic fighter then we have to send you to the corner for 5mins
  9. Singapore_959

    Where Is

    Have I missed some announcement or anything? Terry doesn't seem to have posted in ages and he was always so active? Hope you're ok mate!
  10. Singapore_959

    Where Is

    That's good to hear! Thanks. Case closed then. RC and F1 chatting - sounds like a great night!
  11. Singapore_959

    Showroom For Sale

    If you like something in my showroom, you can make an offer. Only the DS and the Lola will not be sold. Best wishes to everyone and hang on to those jobs! -Edited : different items in my trade room as well. -
  12. Singapore_959

    Showroom For Sale

    Updated: 20euro 4x TR15T / Dyna Blaster F&R wheels and tires (ie one set) 4gbp Ford GT40 touring car body 19.5cm 11gbp Can Am Lola chassis NIP 22gbp Can Am Lola diff NIP Multiple NIP RM1&2 parts - hubs, knuckles, loads of used but good wheels - pls ask 5gbp Can Am Lola race chassis painted and tape residue but TRUE, tweek perfect, easily cleanable with brake cleaner 15 euro each 2 x Can Am Lola runner bodies painted NOW SOLD: 80 gbp MK1 Kyosho Ultima - worlds first 2WD champion car. With the metal ladder chassis 15gbp Hilux chassis rails LOTS of DYNA STORM PARTS - pls ask KO PROPO EX-1 UR Brand new, never used : see my traderoom ad
  13. Singapore_959

    Where Is

    Sill MIA. Best wishes to him whatever he is doing! We miss your posting!
  14. Singapore_959

    Trf 2wd...

    Nice new icon, Origineelreclamebord
  15. GO THE FAVs and WOs!!! WELL DONE! That takes a serious amount of organising. Take my hat off to you, its more work than most people realise to get such days organised. Looks like it was fantastic. Now some picts of period TXs for those really into the spirit? I am waiting for a race like this to use my EX-II. Hope someone attending is a video star and you get some stuff for youtube! Thanks for posting up/sharing!
  16. Singapore_959

    New Dyna Storm Parts

    Yes, they are the ones. The spacers are not extra or new, even the kit DS uprights require them. It lets you adjust the wheelbase a little. Dai at Square is a very good seller and I have only had excellent experiences with him. Both the Square DT02 front and rear uprights fit.
  17. Singapore_959

    New Dyna Storm Parts

    That looks very nice. I am very glad to see so much passion and enjoyment with it Nice photos. Rears are blue Square's also. The square parts are the lightest, and only come with one tierod ballstud mounting hole. The Five Stars hubs are the second lightest and were avail in silver and blue; and are easy to distinguish even if you don't have any reference available as they come with 2 ball stud mounting holes (front and rear). There is a small square pink piece of paper somewhere in the box that has the exact weights of these parts written down. The Square are better in every respect, but they also cost more and are expensive (30euro for a pair!).
  18. Yes I have changed as an r/c enthusiast: I have grey hairs now and I can't sit crossed legged on the floor for long periods now. Otherwise the same enjoyment is still there. I do miss having friends over after school tho (lol, some parts of growing up suck ) and sharing the enjoyment. But otherwise much the same. Best parts are weekends outside with rc boats and some relaxed race days, and of course the annual TC international meet at muratti's place! :D
  19. Singapore_959

    Which Was The Best Rc Year?

    1991! Former Tamiya Cup races in Singapore, usually being the only foreigner there. Was always GOOD fun racing on usually highly inappropriate surfaces (marble outside a shopping center anyone? ), lugging along the big sealed battery from my dads electric golf bag trolley to charge my batteries with on this (then 'hot') black Tekin charger. Ah the feeling of practically melting Nicads in my hand Man it was fun to be innocent and just have fun without having tire additive and com lathing and all the later 'helpful' knowledge in my mind! Still then having a FAV and KC at home. And one of the coolest nights that year -a female school friend come over one night to borrow a computer printer and when I heard the car coming I thought their merc was sounding rough, only to look out the window and see her Dad had brought her round in his Testarossa! In Singapore! Cool times, with hobby shops full of interesting Tamiya's and Kyosho's. I still have the Tamiya cup trophys in a box somewhere. They mean more than newer race results to me infact. Good times!!
  20. Singapore_959

    Beautiful Scale Racing

    This is so nice on so many levels. Genuinely a great way of enjoying our hobby in a way which appeals to spectators and family days out. Thumbs up to the CZ guys.
  21. Contact the seller. See what they want. If no reply, you have done what is reasonable. Be happy and keep it then.
  22. Singapore_959

    Super Shot Vs Avante Vs Bigwig

    Avante & DynaStorm That's a pretty easy contest. WO vs FAV Can Am Lola vs Datsun Striker vs Sonic Fighter RW vs F102 M01 vs M03 vs M05 Mazda vs C11 vs Daytona Thunder vs Silk Cut Jag Rayhal lola vs F103 F1 Brat vs Frog . . . ? B-)
  23. Singapore_959

    Dyna Storm & Lightning

    SOLD. Thank you for all the emails.