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  1. Thanks for the replies, it does indeed confirm my suspicions. Why sand? Well, because i think it's the most fun to drive when there's a lack of tracks in the neighbourhood I think i can make some vids of both buggies today, i'll post em here. later on, i'll go check what other tyres i can find to fit the Dyna. Perhaps some Dark Impact rear tyres would help.
  2. Well we had a great time today again, even got most of it on video. So that will be posted when it's done I'll definately keep updating this thread, but best is to just contact me by email so we can exchange phone numbers and such.
  3. We've been coming together almost weekly now, just driving some offroaders from vintage Tamiya Scorchers to competition Losi buggies. Of course, i could just post this in Dutch, but let's keep it understandable for everyone. I know there's a big group of people, living in Holland and looking for others to drive with. Just get in contact here if you wanna join our bashings and maybe even organise a big event somewhere. We have this amazing spot at the Zuiderheide, that's the hei just between Laren and Hilversum. Free parking, and some fantastic sand/grass area to drive through. Actually, this sunday we'll be there at 10:00am till 12:00am!
  4. I've had my Dyna Storm for a while now, and after being stunned by the driving capabilities on-road, both speed and agility, i took it to the sand. There i came to realize there is a very clear contrast between my new favourite Losi XXX BK2 Graphite, and this little fella. The Losi just gets everywhere, and fast. I mean, oof! I loved it since i drove off the first time! The Dyna Storm seems to have trouble getting to speed and the wheels just can't get any grip. Is this just a tyre thing? I mean, the Losi tyres are of course a whole different story. They are engineered to expand like 200% when the wheels are spinning fullspeed. so logically i guess it gets its grip from that.
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