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  1. Thanks guys, successfully uploaded a video. Regards Neil
  2. Tried uploading a movie in .wmv format like all my previous ones, but it wont show the uploaded video, just get error message, looks like several other members previous efforts do this as well. Is there a known problem with the movie hosting? Tried emailing the contact us email address but no reply. cheers Neil
  3. hi mate, In my opinion, sand is one of the worst tracks to run on, high wear on components and gets everywhere as already mentioned. Just dont go anywhere near sand with a belt driven, open drivetrain car!. Agree with advice already given about cleaning with large paint brush etc. Had a grasshopper on the sand at newquay,UK, (See video in my member section) last year, and then stored for 6 months- motor was almost eaten away with corrosion from salt water/sand blasting!- learned my leason to thoroughly clean after use near sea!!! Cheers NEil
  4. Welcome to the club mate, you will find loads on here of interest!
  5. Thanks for tips guys, will double check, you never know! Took this one out for a bash today and it runs fine (Black Ferrari Enzo shell), see the videos for more......(Lets bash!)
  6. Purely for the budget basher, i dont think you can beat the Mtronic eco20 types (as low as 15), for bang for buck as a cheap upgrade from Tamiya stock TEU ESC. Cant comment on mid/ high end ESCs. Neil
  7. Granted, you get what you pay for and the T-01 is a budget chassis! Upgraded to the alu propshaft, but always been aware that there is a lot of lateral 'play' in the shaft, leading to vibration and presume loss of power at higher revs, anyone any fixes or view on this please?- when i move the chassis forward, under 'arm' power, you can see the prop moving left to right and not just rotating perfectly about a single axis. Cheers Necro.
  8. I would go for bright yellow or orange!!!!
  9. Some very good advice there. For most of us the grasshopper has its own quirks and limitations and without major alterations or a good mechanical knowledge, we just accept it for what it is. If you want a better handling 2WD buggy there are lots of more modern alternatives! Just thought I'd throw in that alternative view, - i love my hopper as it is! Neil
  10. Thanks for that, its not just me then. The radio wasnt that cheap (more than the standard Acoms stuff), oh well, live and learn.
  11. Off road tyres wear real quickly on tarmac and they're not cheap!. Slow down on the corners, use the hopper off- road, gravel or dusty tracks and bear in mind the handling is pretty unpredictable! Neil
  12. Used mine in stock form for this type of use, the oil shocks are a must, get the ride height as high as you can. One problem is the high wear on the motor sticking out the side of the chassis (See my showroom for a DIY remedy for this problem in the tutorials section), it gets shot-blasted by gravel. Another problem is gravel jamming the steering, but havn't found a solution for that one yet. Otherwise its quite a capable, fun rally platform. The aftermarket foam front bumper is a good idea if its gonna take a lot of front hits, the stock hard plastic one doesnt protect the wheels and transmits all the impact energy into the chassis. Good rally block or pinspike tyres are also a must. hope that helped, see my vids for some TL-01 rally action, with a subaru shell.
  13. I used to have a 2WD TL-01 which I ran for a while before converting to 4WD. I would also recommend sealing the little hole where the propshaft would have gone to avoid getting dirt into the gearbox. Handling with only 2WD is 'interesting' to say the least, as the weight distribution is not quite right, lots of wheelspin and the back end going out. Never had any problems with massive wear on the rear gears, but if you are upgrading the motor this could be a problem hope that helps Neil
  14. We run a TL-01 with the biggest pinion and speed tuned gears too with a 25T GT tuned and it runs brillliant on a TEU 101, very fast. Never had thermal cutoff. Maybe the 25T is the way to go with these, it seems faster than a similar geared sport tuned 23T.
  15. A few months down the line and thinking of selling my TA-05. As I dont drive indoors/ carpet, its just too high maintenance. On road/ tarmac Every couple of minutes the car jams its gears with stones. Some of the suspension joints seem to keep unscrewing themselves as well. Compared to the easy to run TA-01/ TT-01 and tL-01 its just not the car for me. Runs beautifully when it does go, brilliant handling, but the constant problems when running in car parks is getting me down!- been through set of gears, and nearly shredded the belts too.
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