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  1. I'm pretty sure the chamfering is on both chassis? And inspiration is a wonderful thing, but given the obvious talent of whoever made the chassis i think it's such a shame that they cannot come up with something less obvious.
  2. Not an exact copy? oh that makes it all right then.... Remember...Specsavers is open nationwide from 9am...!!!!
  3. @ Twinset, you missed this one of rad's , look's pretty much the same to me? http://www.tamiyaclu...=84959&sid=1892 @ Wrecked, it does look a nice chassis i wouldn't disagree with that one , but i wonder how you would feel if something you spent hours in designing and creating was copied ? which comes back to the original thread of the manuals and profiting from someone elses intellectual property rights. @ Andy, a bent bit of ally with flicked up sides? how dare you sir !!!
  4. Is it Legal? well no probably not? I see someones posted a copy of one of Rad Alloy's chassis on the main page and what amazes me is that he seem's very proud of it? Fair enough Rad doesn't make them anymore but does that make it right? NO !!!! and i would bet anyone £100 the maker hasn't had the decency of asking Rad if they can do it.
  5. Here's a photo my great mate Simon "scorcher kid" sent me a few week's back, he does many restoration paintjob's on old british bikes, check out his work on this Sunbeam fuel tank...??? As said before his work is second to none and he is far too modest to show anyone on TC just how talented he really is!!! Just don't get him talking about Star wars...LOL
  6. Not sure if your sorted for a painter? For me you will not get better than simon, "scorcher kid" simon was in the motor trade for over 20 years as a painter, working for BMW and the likes, He currently works in the aerospace industry painting and re-finishing parts for Rolls Royce, Boeing etc. Iv'e seen first hand some of his paint job's and they are incredible , he is too modest to show much in his showroom but if you ask nicely i am sure he will supply you some photo's of his work. Without a doubt it's scorcher Kid, iv'e seen lots of talented painters on here but you have to see simon's work to believe it...He lives in sheffield UK . cheers john
  7. Late to the party too Happy Birthday Tamiyaclub "You OLD tart " Well i'm now 42 and have 2 children...BOY i FEEL OLD !!! Over the past few months i have dwindled the collection down a wee tad too. The mother in law bought me slippers for xmas and i said "what's these all about, no tamiya kit ?" she informed me i was now over the hill and shouldn't be playing with toy's "sarcastic laugh", I said "no i don't think i am", she said "are you sure?" i said " i might be wrong but it's highly unlikely ...lol I hope Tamiyaclub carry's on for many many years to come. Just a thought couldn't we start TAMIYAPUB.COM where we all meet up and get RAT AR*ED? On a more serious note though have you seen the size of that SAUSAGE?
  8. This is a great topic to read start to finish and there are some excellent points put forward from all sides. My opinion is that i love originals, but i also love running my cars when i can find the time. Re-releases are a great way of preserving the originals so to speak , but the downside seems to be the current affect on an original's price. Yes originals seem cheap at the moment so grab them while you can. I have no doubt in my mind that all originals will over time go back up in value when the dust settles. After all there is NO SUBSTITUTE for the REAL THING.
  9. That's such a crazy twisted idea it might just work !!! although i'm not sure what your looking at is a DUKW Mike riggs is the man to ask about this, i know he's been after one for a while he may just be able to point you in the right direction
  10. This is incredible news, now normally i don't post on the forum's in fact this will be my first time I do wonder why the bruiser gets the re re treatment first as i'm sure there will be at least another one to come , no manufacturer would go to the trouble of making new parts and re-tooling just for one truck...surely not ? I would love to see the Blazer return because the tyres on mine have got more wrinkles than joan rivers lower torso Iv'e often wondered why Tamiya don't re release all the old tyre sets and decal sets in a limited production run, they would sell bucket loads i reckon Anyway great news.
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