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  1. Tamiya F103 - Scheduled for listing 7.45pm GMT 21.01.09 Tamiya 58148 Rahal Hogan Motorola LOLA T94/00 Honda F103L Fitted with the following hop ups: Team Associated Alloy Adjustable Damper with Tamiya 13.5lb Yellow Spring. Tamiya Hard and Soft Front Springs. Tamiya Alloy Front Body Post. Ball Raced throughout. New Tamiya Wheel Set and with foam tyres (One rear tyre has been chunked and glued_ Tamiya 0.4 Module 95t Spur c\w 21t and 26t Pinions. Also supplied with: The Original Tamiya Friction Damper and Spring. Low Downforce Low Drag Front Wing Futaba 3003 Servo. 27t Motor. Spare foam wheel/tyre sets (quite old and worn) A few assorted original Spares. Huge fun to drive, Very fast and easily outhandling 10th scale TCs on carpet. In reasonable condition, the shells are tatty, and there are a few battle scars but nothing serious.
  2. Tamiya F103 - Scheduled for list 7.30pm GMT 21.01.09 Starting life as a Tamiya 58148 Rahal Hogan Motorola LOLA T94/00 Honda F103L Chassis, this fantastic car has now been converted to the standard wheelbase F103 and is sold as a rolling chassis. Fitted with the following hop ups: 3 Racing Carbon Fibre Main Chassis Tobee Craft Alloy Lightweight Rear Drive Shaft Ceramic Diff Balls Team Associated Alloy Adjustable Damper with Tamiya 13.5lb Yellow Spring. HPI F1 (Rare) complete front suspension giving adjustment to Camber and Caster and moving the Springs inboard (Springs not fitted, as it runs on Silicon O Rings, lowering the front end and giving a more forgiving steering action) c\w printed instructions. Tamiya Hard and Soft Front Springs. HPI F1 Front and Adjustable Rear Wing Set. HPI F1 Servo Mounts. Tamiya HD Servo Saver. Tamiya Alloy Front Body Post. Ball Raced throughout. New Tamiya Wheel Set New Tamiya Foam Tyres all round (5 mins Racing on Carpet) TRG Type M Body painted in Marlboro Mclaren Colours, (some of the decals are scratched/slightly damaged) Tamiya 0.4 Module 104t Spur c\w 20t and 24t Pinions. Also supplied with: The Original Tamiya FRP Long Wheel Base Lower and Upper FRP Chassis, High and Low Downfource Front Wing Sets (cant be used with the HPI F1 Front end) High Down Fource Rear Wing, plus two original (tatty) Lola Shells, to convert back to an F103L. Original Build Manual. The Original Tamiya Steel Driveshaft. The Original Tamiya Servo Mount. The Original Tamiya Friction Damper and Spring. 3 Racing Carbon Fibre Upper Deck not fitted or used. Futaba 3004 Servo. Team Scream 27t Monster Motor. Tamiya 50508 SP-508 Super King Pin Set BNIP. A few assorted original Spares. Huge fun to drive, Very fast and easily outhandling 10th scale TCs on carpet. Ive only used it indoors a few times since converting it and it has no scratches or damage to the chassis.
  3. Thanks Terry. Once the chassis and upper deck are replaced are most of the other F103 parts compatible? I want (for now) to stick with a single seater style race car.
  4. Much-More UK have now donated one of their super cool 4WD Mini kit's - not sure if it's a Genetic, Express or Active version, but they're all cool) as a Raffle prize. Keith at Much More UK has also put in a fantastic proffessionally painted Mini shell. We've agreed with Tamiya UK to change the M03 previously offered as a prize to the Super cool Midnight Pumpkin.
  5. Come and race at Leighton Buzzard this Sunday. A days racing Mini's only at "The 2nd LBMCC Mini GP" http://www.lbmcc.org/
  6. Guys An F103 on Carpet running max 27t Motor. Any help with set up, what tyres etc will be appreciated. Also, the car is an F103L, what needs changing to make it a std Wheelbase to run a GT shell? Thanks
  7. With a few days to go, a quick update: Looks like we'll have a full scale Mini Se7en race car on display - 2008 Runners up car no less (who just happens to race proper Mini's - M03 - as well ) A lunch time Caravan race is planned - madness last time we ran them. Tamiya UK have donated a kit for the raffle - an M03 - but club sponsors and Tamiya dealer Selections Racing will offer an alternative if preffered. Raffle prizes growing every day. Doors open at 8.00am - Bacon Butties will be gently sizzling. Booking in and open practice from 8.15am. Still spaces available on the day for all class's.
  8. Sorry, I thought I'd subscribed to the thread The Mini Se7en class permits any hop up other than to the areas listed in the 1st thread, so yep, Universals are permitted. Any of the D60 Radials work well. I favour the Supergrips, current club series leader uses M Grips, the majority use standard Radials. Rule ammendment for Class 1 Diffs are now open. Gear, Ball, Oneway? or Spool? your choice. More good news We now have support from Tamiya UK as well as Much-More UK. Raffle prizes include a Tamiya M03 Kit
  9. Leighton Buzzard Model Car Club Presents the second M Chassis Mini Grand Prix. on Sunday 30th November 2008 Supported by Much-More UK Sponsored by Selections Racing And in aid of The National Gulf Veterans and Families Association Mini Se7en. Class 1, M Chassis Limited Tuning Mini Miglia. Class 2, M Chassis Tamiya Eurocup Spec Mini Silouette. Class 3, 170x225mm 2 and 4wd Modified 10* Car Heats. Minimum of 4 x 5 minute qualifying rounds and three leg finals class specification Class 1. Mini Se7en. LBMCC Race Series Cars Tamiya M03 FWD Chassis, all variants (M03, M03M, M03L and M03R) Any Commercially available, M Chassis specific, Lexan Body Shell Any Tamiya D60 Radial (treaded) tyre with any insert. No additive permitted. 1700mah Stick Pack type, commercially manufactured cell. 20t Pinion with kit provided internal diff and gearing (no ball diffs) Kit supplied Mabuchi or Johnson 540 Silver Can motors Class 2. Mini Miglia. Tamiya Eurocup Series Cars All cars must be built to the standard specifications and without modifications, other than hop up parts listed below. No other standard parts other than these may be used, Non Tamiya pinions of the same pitch, sizes 16t to 20t can be used. Any Tamiya shims, spacers and O rings can be used. This is mainly for the removal of play in moving parts. Parts that vary only by colour are also permitted. The use of solid differentials is not permitted. These must be built as per kit instructions. However any grease or oil maybe used. Blue-tac or other similar substances are also not permitted. Tamiya M03 FWD Chassis, all variants (M03, M03M, M03L and M03R) Any Commercially available, M Chassis specific, Lexan Body Shell 5.0mm Minimum Ride Height inc Shell 50746 CVA Super Mini Dampers 53619 CVA Mini Dampers 53569 Clamp Type Aluminium Wheel Hub (6mm Thick) 53056 Pin Type Wheel Adaptor 53344 M03 Aluminium Heatsink 53345 M03 Toe-in Uprights 53523 M03/04 Aluminium Front Uprights 53597 M03 Assembly Universal Shaft Set Aluminium hardware parts including screws, ball joints and turnbuckles maybe used. No other Hop up parts may be used, unless notification of change is made during the season. Non Tamiya or other Tamiya hop-up bearings of the same size (e.g. 53008, 53029 & 53066) can be used in place of metal or plastic bushes. Bearing shields may not be removed. Any Tamiya Spring may be used as long as it is without modification. 5.0mm Ride Height rule will be enforced. Limited Edition parts (49xxx) 49417 M-03R Chassis Kit 49421 M-03R Aluminium Front Uprights 49422 M-03R Aluminium Rear Uprights (Toe-in) 49423 M-03R Aluminium Servo Mount 49424 M-03R Aluminium Motor Heatsink Speed Controllers 45029 ESC TEU-101BK CPR UNIT (FROM OLDER XB PRO KITS) Configuration of wires must be as supplied, however wires can be cut to length. Battery connector may be changed for different connectors (i.e. Deans Ultra, Powerpoles etc.). Bullet motor connectors may be removed to allow direct soldering to motors. Original switch must remain as standard, but can be mounted in an alternate position if required. The fitting of a power cap is not allowed. 3 step mechanical speedos are no longer allowed Bodyshells As listed in General Rules above. Wheels Any Tamiya 60D wheel can be used. This included hop up (53xxx,54xxx) and carbon reinforced wheels Tyres 50683 - M-Chassis 60D radial tyre 50684 - M Chassis M Grip Radial Tyre 53254 - M Chassis S Grip Radial Tyre Tyres must not be modified in anyway. This includes belting and rounding of the edges of the tread. Additive may be used. Maximum tyre diameter is 62mm. Inserts Only 1 insert per tyre. Inserts cannot be modified in anyway. Only 60D inserts are permitted. 50686 60D Inner Sponge Set 53204 M-Chassis Inner Sponge 53255 60Dinner Sponge (Hard) Set Motors Motors are Tamiya RS540 Sport Tuned (53086) Not handed out! Class 3. Mini Silhouette. Modified Class Any 2WD or 4WD Chassis max wheelbase 225mm and 170mm Width: Any slick or treaded rubber tyre/insert/Wheel (excluding Mini pin and Rally block type tread patterns) Additive permitted. (must be via a safe applicator) Any NiCad, NiMh or LiPo Cell. Any Motor Up to 19tbrushed/10.5 Brushless. Any Commercially available bodyshell All other specs are open. online booking in can be found at: www.lbmcc.camelot-rcca.co.uk/
  10. Coming soon (Well, the end of November) "The Second Leighton Buzzard Tamiya M Chassis Grand Prix Meeting" 3 Class's - Mini Se7en, Mini Miglia and Mini Silouette (same names, but lots of changes from last year - you Eurocup boys need to be in Mini Miglia) Nice and warm, indoors on a 16m x 16m Carpet track. Plenty of pit space. We'll top the 54 entries that we had last year. Full details will be posted next week. Any questions - just post
  11. Sunday April 27th at Brooklands School in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire. The 1st LBMCC 1/18th Micro X Meeting Based loosely on the BRCA Nats regs: 4WD Mod 4wd Prostock 2WD Open Monster Trucks On this occasion, we can not access the hall the previous evening (line dancing club if you're up for it ) and not before 9.00am on the day. Doors will open at 9.00, we'll need to lay the track. Any help appreciated as we'll get more track time. 1st of three (minimum) qualifiers on the line at 10.30am. Two leg finals to commence at 1.30pm. 7 heats of 8 entrants maximum, and we reserve the right to mix together any of the class's if required. ie 2wd and Monster Trucks if poorly supported. An online booking in facility will be opened in March.
  12. http://www.rcracer.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7067 You could have one of 2 different uprights. The standard M03 set or the M03M set. They have different bearing sizes. Not sure which you have but the link is a similar question asked on the RC Mini forum. 3 Racing M03M Page http://www.3racing.com.hk/x_products.jsp?x...20Tamiya%20M03M 3 Racing M03 Page http://www.3racing.com.hk/x_products.jsp?x...%20Tamiya%20M03
  13. http://www.rc-mini.net/MiniWeb_Online/Mini_For_Dummies.html
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