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  1. The TBLE04S is a step up. I’ve tested it with a high draw servo (Savox) and it was steady. It also has lipo cut-off
  2. I use the adjusters on the blue aluminium, steel and fluorine ball connectors. All fit fine with no slop. I’ve just gone and checked my 420 again to see if I was imagining it, but it’s fine.
  3. The T3-01 not far out enough for you? Tamiya releases lots of new chassis, way more than any other manufacturer. They are still popular and I find that kids / young people are aware of Tamiya kits. I’ve been part of a small team organising a national Tamiya under 16’s race series that is already popular, and growing at a good rate. The TT02 is a brilliant first time kit, easy to build, easy to fix and the shells look like real cars, again a cool thing for the youngsters. Regarding developments on release chassis, I’ve noticed changes in some of the hubs etc that I buy on my TRF’s over the years. The short runs make sense, it’s better to sell out and do another batch once you see the sales data, than have stock sitting in warehouses. The issues are that at the moment there is demand way higher than anytime since the 90’s and world freight etc is still under strain from the pandemic. This leads to longer delays and more chance of things selling out. Just look at the bonkers prices people are buying cars for on eBay. As to feedback, as mentioned earlier it’s mainly going to be based on distributors feedback.
  4. Finding the bear used to be quite easy as some people didnt like it and would run the original driver figure. Nowadays they do still appear on eBay etc just keep an eye out. The Tamiya bear is my favourite.
  5. Are you mounting the connectors properly? They should only be applied one side (with the marking). This is to stop them getting unnecessary slop. My 420 / 07msx and SR all have these and they all are fine.
  6. The 503, with a carbon chassis conversion to run shorties is still a weapon in 4wd. It’s tough as old boots and I’ve only ever broke a front arm. Regarding off-road I suppose Tamiya just didn’t get the numbers they wanted and the onroad side was more successful from both a marketing and sales point of view. The thing stopping them releasing a new mid level buggy is that they are popular as rtr. There is a huge amount of cheap stuff competing in that space from China. Why would Tamiya try to penetrate that market? The average YouTube reviewer would complain about the price, and moan about the effort involved in building it etc. With onroad they have very little competition. They make cheap fun kits with scale licensed shells. Supply club level racing chassis with brilliant parts support and still service top end racers with there innovations with TRF spec cars. Also most of the Tamiya buggy fans moan about anything that isn’t 80’s or 90’s based anyway. So why do anything other than supply re-releases for them? No r&d or new tooling needed. let’s just see what Tamiya announce later this year.
  7. Hi All, I thought I would post a link to my indepth look at the new TBLE-04S esc. It's a nice upgrade over the the 02s, and I've found it a very good to run unit. https://www.thercracer.com/2021/05/tamiya-tble-04s-esc-speed-controller.html
  8. Yep, the Uprights changed design and the axles got longer. Post a pic of the uprights you are using in your build and we can confirm which ones will fit.
  9. I think the TA08pro is a big deal. I think it will be a great club racer. I also just go giddy and weak at the knees thinking about the TT02-T Landfreeder Track. https://www.thercracer.com/2021/05/tamiya-shizuoka-hobby-show-2021-photos.html
  10. Yep, it's why they tried to differentiate with the 'Concept' moniker.. but it is confusing.. The M05 is a cracking little runner. I still have mine even though I have a M07 and M08
  11. Nope, no bodyset release for this
  12. I'm a bit of of a big fan of these, along with the other tiny Tamiya's like the SW01 lunchbox. I have a couple and they are great for indoor running and outside on tarmac. Mine have a few basic hop-ups and they are great to drive and race against each other.
  13. There were 600 Jun Hornets in kit form. The ones in Japan were sold via ZOZOtown (They also came with a certificate). 240 were brought over to the UK and certificated here. There were more XB RTR versions these were sold at main retailers.
  14. The TRF line is very much alive. They still have the Japanese factory team developing and testing. Their latest kit the TRF420 is only just over a year old and still very quick. There is a very active TRF scene, lots of drivers from all over the globe, including some who are are the sharp end of events like ETS and nationals around the world. The pandemic has obviously slowed it down as TRF people are drivers more than collectors. This summer I cannot wait to race with the other TRF UK drivers at the nationals. This is mainly onroad, they have not pursued much in the off-road sector but my 503 is still a thing of beauty
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