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  1. I love a Tamiya Rally car. I have a couple of XV01 cars (Which are hands down the best rally car I have ever owned, destroying the HPI etc), however the TT02 is actually very good as a rally car for the cash. The TT02S is also very good for a rally car base. I am talking about proper RC rally, which in reality is dirt, gravel and slightly rough ground and small jumps, not buggy style jumps and tracks. I did a guide about how to make a decent TT02 rally car a couple of years ago although I have only just noticed its not there. I will upload it again as it was taken down after a cyber attack I would go for the TT02, choose the scooby, Yaris or the Quattro as your starting car.
  2. Hi All How can I change my profile picture? Thanks
  3. I love this thread. There are some great chassis on it.
  4. The thing you are missing is that the reality of the deal, is not the one that the renowned liar said we had. Its very sad, and the impact for exports and sales to the EU is looking to be very harmful. But blue passports.. (that now have less freedom than the old ones).. erm hurrah!
  5. Three of the best fun kits made my Tamiya are as follows T3-01 can be used indoors and out. It's a brilliant little kit. Lots of nice hop-ups available for it as well. Its more than manageable to drive around the floor on my lounge, and when you pop in a quicker motor it is a blast to run on a larger track, the most unique driving experience for a Tamiya. https://www.thercracer.com/2018/04/57405-tamiya-dancing-rider-t3-01-build.html#:~:text=Overall the Tamiya T3-01,to maintain the flowing speed. Lunchbox mini - Great stunt truck, better than the larger version in my opinion. This and the T3-01 have been well used in these covid times. I really do love running it. https://www.thercracer.com/2020/06/57409-tamiya-sw-01-lunchbox-mini-build.html G6-01 Konghead - great fun, very Tamiya and it can go just about anywhere, I've jumped it, and ragged it around loads. Making it 4ws is easy with a servo splitter and all the parts come in the kit. https://www.thercracer.com/2017/06/58646-tamiya-konghead-6x6-g6-01-review.html GF-01 Heavy dumptruck - Superb all round outdoor basher (I have the Dump truck, and I am tempted to get the comic avante). This is Tamiya's best basher, bulletproof, great even with the kit pogo shocks (I've never felt the need to upgrade). Can do stunts but is also fun to drive. https://www.thercracer.com/2016/05/58622-tamiya-heavy-dump-truck-gf-01.html Oh look I listed 4 not three, I got carried away as they are all such fun
  6. They were used on TT02 chassis. They are cut to fit those or a TT01. One was given one a while ago. They are a std wheelbase
  7. There is only one real winner. The TT02 in it's many forms it can be a buggy, a Rally car, a Drift car, a scale truck and a race car and it can even do a speed run and break 100mph. It has adjustable wheelbase, track width and ride height. The drive train is near bulletproof and spares are super cheap. No other Tamiya chassis has reached that level of variety. Importantly it can also take a square Lipo etc unlike a lot of the earlier Tamiyas. It has LOADS of hop-ups and conversions Including some full on RWD conversions. It is reliable, cheap and fun to work on. I've always had a soft spot for the DF01 /TA01 thanks to racing them in both Buggy and Touring car forms back in the day, but a hopped up TT02 is better than them in both TC and Buggy and also much cheaper. The XV01 gets an honourable mention, but it does not have the amount of hop-ups or spares that the TT02 has, along with the overall variety.
  8. Always go to the TRF420 over the 419. It’s quite a big jump. The TA07MS is also a TRF kit, high quality. The TA07MSX will be here soon and that is a big jump over the MS. It would work with Mod racing as well as stock.
  9. As above, looking for the full set please. Ta
  10. Yep, Andy and Myself run the 415. Although I have not made it for the last couple of years, but Andy is always there. He also posts set-ups on the site ( www.TheRcRacer.com ) What sort of info do you need?
  11. It would quicker and better for the motor with the plastic gears. They would have no problems with those motors.
  12. I think some people ran on a highly abrasive grit surface, almost like sand. Mine haVe been used on Astro, grass, dirt (uk dirt) and gravel. Never an issue with over a decade of running. Infact I was basing one around only this week. I do maintain my runners, with regular checks etc, but nothing drastic.
  13. The DF03 MS is a fun chassis. I just replaced the outdrives with the steel ones at the rear. I’ve had two df03’s since they were released and they have ran 5.5t’s and the idle gear is fine. Over a decade of use, no real issues. There are some ace carbon towers by topcad. The short wheelbase makes it fun for general bashing as it’s quite lively. It’s ok at the track but a DB01 will destroy it in every respect. So if you want to try out a Tamiya at a club (Other than a TRF) the DB01 is better, but for a fun chassis which is ok at smaller tracks the df03 is ok.
  14. It is very hard to get parts for this yacht. I also have one and spent a long time trying to acquire parts (still haven't found all the parts I wanted). I even had a friend out in Japan looking for me. What specific part are you after from the B-Parts tree?
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