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  1. It’s a lovely place. Some nice foody places as well😋
  2. I was involved in driving this cool Tamiya / Toyota / Bramble energy collaboration. A Hydrogen powered Rc car.. Not only was that cool, but I also drove it around a model village.. I'm sure many of us wanted to do that. Here is my report on what it was like to drive. https://www.thercracer.com/2021/10/mini-toyota-mirai-driving-worlds-first.html
  3. As a FYI you want to run the black steel ones in the front. (51092).
  4. The only two that are close are 0.4mod and 64dp, and 0.8mod abs 32dp.. anything between is just a no no
  5. Nope.. it will mesh badly and chew up the gears. It’s closer to 0.5mod but even that will be a right job.
  6. For racing indoors I slap on old sets of touring car race tyres.
  7. TA08 PRO very nice and even first run out it felt good on the track.. Next up the Landfreeder Quad
  8. I was tempted to fit rubber sealed ones in my tracks. I have loads of those bearings knocking around. The problem is they are not very durable, they were always a pain to maintain when I race in the rain as they would seize up pretty easy. I will be running it on sand on the beach so I decided that I would not like to service that many bearings every time it take it out. If it was mainly dirt and grass I would have mounted them. As an aside the brass bushings are actually very smooth and feel pretty free. I'm looking forward to your speed runs with them installed This is a great kit, good value in my opinion for such a cool truck etc.
  9. Tamiya does not recommend the 92 piece Bearing set. Only the std TT02 drive train set. The 850 bearings will need cleaning every time you get them dirty.
  10. There will be a few bearings in the kit. The wheels will have 850 brass bushings. Traxxas also have bushings on their trax. They are easier to maintain.. They will not be cheap but looking at them first hand they are pretty special. Also Tamiya includes both tracks. You need to purchase grouser tracks separately for the traxxas ones.
  11. Photos etc here https://www.thercracer.com/2014/10/ifmar-world-championship-cars.html?m=0
  12. Lol! It was never ending
  13. This took a lot of work, but it’s finished. Really impressed with this car. https://www.thercracer.com/2021/07/58693-tamiya-ta08-pro-build-review-and.html?m=0
  14. It’s obviously way cheaper. Although I would get the sway bar set. I have added some other parts but none are necessary to get it going. Are you racing outdoors? What motor class?
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