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  1. In the article above, it has photos that show it can take a square cased lipo
  2. LOLZ, . I very much doubt it will be worse than the M05.. I imagine it will be better.. but we will see. I think it will look nice and tidy if the electrics were installed professionally.
  3. Yes.. The M05 and M06 are toast. Long live the MB-01.
  4. You can run the MB-01 in a high traction setting for RWD. It raises the motor and the battery goes underneath.. I think it will work much better than the M06
  5. This is a cool looking and very versatile new M-Chassis Loads more info here https://www.thercracer.com/2023/02/58721-tamiya-fiat-abarth-mb-01-photos.html
  6. I have a really nice rear brace all ready to be released, just waiting on the final test part to arrive. it will be less than a tenner and should totally eliminate any concerns about the rear of the chassis.
  7. I loved my M01.. I am gutted I sold it, it had all the hop-ups of the time and it was really fast.. Least favourite is the M06.. just never felt it was consistent. The M07 is a country mile the best M-Chassis. Absolutely superb car, a totally different league to the other cars and even in the Bandit classes against the other manufactures chassis it cleans up. So much so that they all moved over to M07's
  8. BB-01 chassis.. not actually on the stand atm, it should be there very soon though https://www.thercracer.com/2023/02/58721-tamiya-fiat-abarth-mb-01-photos.html?fbclid=IwAR2IHJFgUbLO4uaXHrERGqgaBK2agLmrGWtwFG82h9N3WXNy7gRUMnSVUyo
  9. It’s not actually here yet, it should be in display later.
  10. Video etc here https://www.thercracer.com/2023/02/58719-tamiya-bbx-bb-01-first-photos.html?m=0
  11. BBX on the BB-01 chassis https://www.thercracer.com/2023/02/58719-tamiya-bbx-bb-01-first-photos.html?m=0
  12. Going to be some exclusive photos and hopefully videos here https://www.facebook.com/TheRCRacer
  13. The T3-01 (Dancing Rider), / SW-01 (Lunchbox Mini / Mud Mad) and TC-01 (Formula-E) are the most unique out of the recent model kits to build and run. Some really nice engineering in all of those.
  14. I will be very surprised is this ever happens. There really isn’t any point. It’s not like old buggy’s that were iconic etc. TRF’s are race cars, they don’t come with Tamiya shells (apart from some of the off road ones). they would also be around £700.. (414 etc) as that is the going price for a cf touring car. I think it would be a bit niche.
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