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  1. Same as the 2015 version, but black
  2. qatmix

    The TB Chassis Thread

    Lol, no problems. Yes the tb04 gear diff and spool should be fine (although the ring gears might need swapping out. I can see what I have about and we can try a test fitting next week before you buy things incase I've got it wrong
  3. qatmix

    Tamiya 57409 - Lunch Box Mini (SW-01)

    It does lean-steer.. I’m well impressed myself.
  4. qatmix

    The TB Chassis Thread

    The tb04 spool should also fit. I think the ring gear might need to be swapped out. I mounted a tb04 / tbEvo6 one in the evo3 a while ago and that was fine.
  5. qatmix

    ESC fans on run time

    Yep, as above. The draw from a fan is negligible, but the added timing you can run is tangible.
  6. qatmix

    Are these pretty rare bodyshells now?

    Escort pilot is the most valuable out of those. All whale tail escorts command a good price. The wrc escort does not.
  7. qatmix

    The TB Chassis Thread

    Looking good!
  8. qatmix

    Tamiya 57409 - Lunch Box Mini (SW-01)

    Lots more pics here Its going to be brilliant
  9. qatmix

    Ride height question for a TT02

    The stick TT02 can be set to rally and it’s around 20mm. It’s not bad but a bit basic. The TT02S is quite different and it is a surprisingly good rally car, you just need longer shocks. Check out the RCRally group on fb. However if you really want rally, just pay the little extra and get the XV01. It’s hands down the best 1/10 rally chassis out there. They can be picked up for a great price and work out cheaper than modding a TT02 / TT01 with the needed parts (shocks, bearings etc) although a TT02S has oil shocks and bearings already.
  10. qatmix

    Calling in a favour please guys and gals.

    I’m out tomorrow but will sort it next week. I will be able to get the drawings
  11. qatmix

    Calling in a favour please guys and gals.

    I made some carbon towers for the tb01. They are probably archived, but I will try to dig them out and I can get a set made via fibrelyte at cost.
  12. qatmix

    What to buy? (M-07R?)

    Yep the standard ones are great They will fit like a glove
  13. qatmix

    What to buy? (M-07R?)

    I am sorry I missed this thread. If you can cancel the shock towers it would be a good idea as the 07 is way better outdoors with std shocks. Also you get the TRF shocks with the 07R so the low towers will not work. The only thing you should look for is the thread forming tap. It’s great for using machine screws in plastic. The rest of the stuff should fit, and assuming you are not racing they will be fine. (Alloy hubs are not great on the front of a car if you race) Onroad stuff is great, I’m looking forward to see your build.
  14. qatmix

    The TB Chassis Thread

    If you are in cheadle you should pop into the Stockport RC club. It’s in the drill hall in Cheadle (obvs) on Thurs night. The more Tamiyas there the better
  15. qatmix

    Racing a Novafox - what's necessary?

    I would use thinner shock oil and softer front springs to allow the weight to transfer to the front as you come off power and steer into the corner. Also stiffer rear springs can help with making the rear looser causing more rotation in the corner. 2wd cars will always want to understeer on power, so you just need to ensure you are making the most of the brakes.