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  1. Yesterday I finished my new body for my Gr. C :
  2. Hi, Just the body and C-Hubs come from the rerelease. Old body vs new body : I interested by the new ttc with a 17.5 brushless, but the gear ratio isn’t suitable. So I kept my old ttc with the Superstock BZ.
  3. 48DP and 0.6 are different, it’s impossible to work together. For me, but I ´m not a specialist, Thorp make 48 and 32P.
  4. The new slipper share a lot of parts with the DF03
  5. You can find the new manual : https://cdn.simba-dickie-group.de/downloads/300047381/Anleitung-Instructions_Super_Astute.pdf
  6. The second is a Super Astute. The battery holder is missing and the « cap » of the ttc (sorry, I don’t know the correct word)
  7. Astro session for my 2 cars ! and a short video of my Madstute : https://youtu.be/KkYgWZTDGRs
  8. This is the Egress springs ? What do you thing about this springs ? I search medium springs for my Hi Cap dampers on my Madcap. I have got soft and hard springs bit not medium.
  9. Hi Kontemax, I’m ok with you. Tamiya missed the oportunity to release a perfect Super Astute. The quality of the plastic (I suppose it’s the same) and the lack of improvement make me say me it isn´t a good rerelease. I disappointed by Tamiya.
  10. The other videos of this guy are so funny too.
  11. Yes you understood me the surface is a important parameter. Have you modified the steering plate to increase the akermann effect and correct the curve behavior ? On videos the CAT XLS is very impressive in curve.
  12. Thank you for your answers 😉 For the Cat, I know the optional transmission is necessary to mount a big motor. I know the manual isn’t like a Tamiya manual... I like the simplicity of Tamiya manuals. It’s a pleasure to build a Tamiya car and certainly an Egress. I like the Tamiya philosophy : nice box, clear manual, pretty parts and body. To resume with a CAT XLS it’s more complicated to assemblate the car but it’s a real race car, designed for that and really performing. It’s possible to set dampers positions, toe in and out but is it possible to adjust the camber on front and rear ? I feared the weight of the Egress... in the beginning I wanted a Avante 2011 but the obligatory options (steering, ball diff), the weight, the dampers positions and the reliability cooled me. The Egress haven’t correct this disadvantages ? The Egress isn’t enough performing on carpet and astro ?
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