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  1. Well all my parts from jr-rc turned up today, 4 Days to the UK Outstanding Service and no customs charges which is awesome.
  2. I never saw the interiors but would guess they'd go lightning fast!!
  3. Got some coming my way Decals and Clear Windows seem to be popular sold out in minutes!!
  4. I picked this up recently in a Trade and thought that I would offer it for sale here just in case anybody wanted to save it before I Cut it up Its a 1982 1/32 Scale Tamiya Toyota 4x4 Pick Up. 190003 the third Model in this Scale by Tamiya So its 30 Years old and it has a couple of little bits of damage (see pictures) but overall it probably wouldn't be too hard to restore. Damage Report from what i can see. Broken rear screen Rear Body mount has a corner missing And the metal switch bit is missing at the back Looks to be a little damage to the motor mount Lots of Pictures :- Need anymore just ask So there you have it, if you want it make me a good offer I will ship anywhere in the World. neil
  5. Ended for the third time by ebay!!! Think there trying to tell us all something? 'If something seems to good to be true it probably is'
  6. Got mine no worries in 4 Days. No import charges either
  7. 58519 1/10 R/C Toyota 4x4 Pick Up Bruiser (RN36) Tamiya’s R/C Toyota Bruiser was originally released in 1985 and Tamiya has answered fans' calls to give this popular pick-up truck model the special re-release treatment. The original layout of the chassis has been kept while modern improvements have been discretely incorporated. About the Model • This is a 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit. • Kit includes FREE BONUS PARTS (Cleaning Brush x1) which are for EXPORT ONLY and are subject to the FIRST PRODUCTION. • Bonus cleaning brush features 2 types of bristles and an ergonomic handle. (Brush will not be available for purchase as a separate item) • The form of the Bruiser, including the sleeper cab, has been reproduced with a durable injection-molded body. • Metal ladder frame chassis keeps the original layout and features a black-finished surface. • Newly-designed die-cast transmission is equipped with planetary gears for optimized gear ratio. • Refined clutch mechanisms offer smooth gear changes and superb durability. 3 gears are possible (1st gear=4WD, 2nd & 3rd gears=Rear Wheel Drive). • Newly-designed front/rear axle housings are equipped with differential, which may be locked for even greater off-road performance. • Separately available LEDs can be installed in the light cases to depict realistic head and tail lights. • Type 540 motor included.
  8. I tried to kill it an failed!! Epic Roll!!
  9. I dont see why not Would probably need some cutting here and there.
  10. Introducing Rc4wd's brand new Trailfinder 2!!! So Lets start with the Box and Hats off and credit where its due. Superbly Printed and very nicely Packaged/Presented. Everything inside is well protected with Various different packing material. Some of the Parts are Pre-Assembled and others will require you to get busy with the Tools. A Manual is included in the Box which is very well printed and has all of the information that you will need to build your own TF2 The Body Set comes in a Seperate box and has its own Manual we'll get to that Later. All the Bags of Parts are clearly labelled and Correspond exactly with the Information in the Manual So whats first I here you cry! Fitting the Leaf Mounts and Rock Sliders to both frame rails Attach to the Frame easily using the M3 hardware. No problems everything went together well. Add some Cross Members and the Frame is coming together nicely. The Tray that fits over the top and helps mount the Servo and Battery is Also made of Aluminum fixes using countersunk screws. Nice touch to include the Strap holes for mounting your battery easily. Little things Also added is the Scale Fuel Tank which is similar in design to the one on the Honcho. We'll put some electrics in there later on. The Shock Hoops are nicely machined and bolt Directly to the Frame Rails The Rear Cross Member also has nice Detail The Transfer Case Fits snugly into the Skidplate Make sure you fit it the right way round!! Leafsprings bolt directly to the cast Yota Axles They come with 3 leafs I have just used the Main one on this build. and Bolted up to the frame starting to resemble a chassis at last. Underside view The Shocks fit next These have internal springs inside which I have left in for now. Watch out for the Little ali Spacers, you have three choices on angle at the back but only a single mounting hole on the front hoop Driveshafts and to be honest this is the only piece of the Kit that I dont like. Everything else is Beautfully made and made of metal and to garnish this truck with Plastic Drivelines isn't going to work for me. I will be replacing these with Rc4wd Punisher Shafts for Peace of mind. Body Time The Parts are excellently Molded with hardly any mould lines. The Cab is very similar to the Tamiya version with some subtle tweaks to improve the Scale look. Its made from a Yellow Material so if you weren't to keen on painting you could easily just pick put the details and run it like it is! Quarter Windows added into the Doors, Recessed Handle Apertures. Great Detail on the Bonnet vents The inside is also of similar Quality The Grill is truly stunning no words needed here. The Rear Bed comes already with a Drop Bed of around an inch and a Half. Just two holes for the Bodyposts unlike Tamiya's!! Detail here is also Good with very detailed wheel arches The Rear Tailgate has no Branding Here is a Shot of the Optional Cab Back that you can use for a Truggy Build if thats the route your going to take. So after you have cut all the parts free from there sprues its time for prep and paint. In all the excitement I forgot the pictures of primer. So I wont teach anyone to suck eggs on Painting a shell you can either do it or you cant. Colour is from Ford off there Focus ST Its got a very slight meatllic tint to it. (Good for arty shots in the woods!) Fitting out the shell really is childs Play, its well documented in the Manual and in no time at all you'll be pretty much ready to rock and roll. The main thing is TAKE YOUR TIME. Paint takes time to cure and if you rush it you'll regret it. Time to fit some electrics and get this thing dirty. Thoughts Questions fill your boots and I'll do my best to answer them. More pictures/info or of different bits ask away thats what this thread is there for. Big Massive Thanks to all the Guys at Rc4wd for making this happen and also giving a certain few of us this excellent opportunity to get there hands on one before the Masses.
  11. Not having it with Internet Explorer either The website cannot display the page HTTP 500 Most likely causes: •The website is under maintenance. •The website has a programming error. What you can try: Refresh the page. Go back to the previous page. More information This error (HTTP 500 Internal Server Error) means that the website you are visiting had a server problem which prevented the webpage from displaying. For more information about HTTP errors, see Help.
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