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  1. cherrybomb

    Why Are You In This Hobby And Why Tamiya?

    Easy; Sand Scorcher. That's why.
  2. cherrybomb

    So, What Is Your Dream Model

    My dream model?? This..... Armourtek 1/6th scale Sd.Kfz. 222
  3. cherrybomb

    Next Re Release

    It'll be a cold day in badword before they re-re the SRB's or original 3 Speeds, so I'd hope for .... (I really can't believe that the filter won't let you say *H*E*L*L* )
  4. I've got a set of them on my Pirate 10. They certainly don't have a 21mm hex. It's 12mm
  5. cherrybomb

    Tamiyaclub Community Car Unvieled

    Awesome, truly awesome.
  6. Yup. and sharpening me pencils and polishing that apple for teacher! I've got a few chassis left. Message me though the forum 'cos I'm still not convinced that my email is 100%.
  7. Hi. Been away for a bit. The real world has been getting in the way of fun. This project is not dead, but it has been put on ice for the time being. Lots of things have been happening in Chris's world; I've had major problems with my email, whilst being on holiday and trying to sort it from a far. I have also has my contract end at work and have been searching (in vain) for another job AND my main engineering man has gone and had a career change and now works for a company making robots which, although I'm sure is very interesting, does not get radio control car part made!! Anyway, the upshot is that as much as I hate to admit it there are far more important things to sort out at the moment and SRB projects have had to be put on the back burner. They will continue, but at a slower rate of knots so be patient folks I haven't given up. Oh, and I am now officially a student again (which is nice!) grad at Oxford from next week!!
  8. If anyone has tried to contact me via email over the last six to eight weeks regarding SRB parts I'm sorry if you haven't had a reply but my email account has been struck by literally thousands of spam emails. Due to the fact that I've been away as well, so have returned to find my inbox overflowing with rubbish, my only option has been to delete the lot because I haven't stood a chance of sorting out the good ones from the rubbish. New filters are now in place (which seem to be working much better) so if you have been trying to get in contact, try again now. Chris.
  9. I sell these for 10 a set if you're interested.
  10. cherrybomb

    What cars do you all drive?

    JEEP = Just Empty Every Pocket. ....and as for pedestrians; I just try not to drive on the footpath.
  11. cherrybomb

    What cars do you all drive?

    Here's my daily drive.....
  12. cherrybomb

    Champ restyle project - early stages

    That looks great. Got to admit I agree with you though, you need to junk those gaiters.
  13. cherrybomb

    Sand Scorcher Info Needed

    Sound very much like you should have the twin bearing rear arms as it's an early SRB you have. You should also have a black bumper if you're planning on an accurate restoration.