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  1. Distribution policy about the RC car item might be related to Tamiya Korea where has designed some Hyundai real cars into mini 4wd and RC car items including i20. There is their own official online store named Tamiya Mall, but the mall is only for domestic region. Recently, a Hyundai mini4wd item which has been sold in Korea was introduced at the hobby show in Japan. I hope i20 RC also would follow it sooner or later. Online shops in Korea aren't used to selling overseas because one of the main reasons looks language barrier. Also most shops there don't get Paypal payment unlike RC Mart in Hong Kong. Yes, somewhat not being opened much in the point.
  2. The drive shaft(51216) length is slightly longer than WR02's, and is the same length as CC01's. Those longer arm components could be used for former related chassis, maybe including WR01 and WT01 trucks.
  3. About over twenty I guess, I'm not sure what cars and parts exactly I have now because those are packed in the big boxes for a few years. Sometimes I found some parts which I bought before and forgot, then surprised by it.
  4. Hi, I was writing a gallery post in showroom of TC, but a needed item list wasn't shown so I couldn't finish. The item is 47367 Manta Ray (2018). Can it be made soon? Thanks.
  5. Need a paint place for body works in my circumstance. Still unsolved matter. If solved, I would be very happy. The next is good place for run. I can't move to a place out of the city only for rc.
  6. Thank you! I guess I should use the colors to my buggy next time.
  7. Lovely, such lovely cars. The pics as well. What colors were used to the right one of the first pic? It doesn't look like usual blue and orange.
  8. I tried it before with a gator shell that was already trimmed as manual. As far as I recall, I stopped trying the body to be fitted on dt03. The major issue was the body length itself was short to be used on the chassis, the second was it seemed considerable trimming to be needed if it be used regardless of the short length. (Pardon me if I'm wrong because it is a rather vague memory.) I guess longer bodies would be needed for the chassis, as long as Neo Scorcher's or Plasma Edge's or some trucks' etc.
  9. I'm not a track racer, my one of aspect for buying kits is aesthetic part of body. Still I'm feeling that dt03 is needed getting a bit more charming looking body which looks some more bulky as well. A slight stretched stadium blitzer-lish body would be nice for me at least, instead of Aqroshot style on dt03t.
  10. I love the looks and combination. Beautiful truck.
  11. Baja Champ (TL01B) nib. It's discontinued but I couldn't say it's quite a vintage yet. Bought it when I came back to RC to get a re-re Frog 2005. Love the box art and body & decal style, the battery position is rather unusual though, and no angle for the front arms as well. I wished its sequel and I'm still waiting for, but maybe not happen.
  12. Thanks for your help. I wished I avoid to use tools and 3d printers to make or get some parts I needed. My eyes are not that good to look at screen for a little long time. Maybe I could find out some tools which children can use with relatively easy.
  13. I was just thinking the STL files to be printed by Shapeways when I have a chance because I have no 3d printer and didn't know about what softwares should be used for it. Seems I need to learn how to deal with Cura for it.
  14. Great design, Thank you! I think these parts should be needed to be some flexible material, also thick a bit than before, but Tamiya didn't the works. Can I ask a question? Should I need a program to mirror the parts for the other side?
  15. Thank you! I received the answer message from the shop, also talked with them about it. The ball bearings for this kit. 1280 (outer 12mm, inner 8mm, width 3.5mm) x2(quantity) 1060 (outer 10mm, inner 6mm, width 3mm) x8 630 (outer 6mm, inner 3mm, width 2.5mm) x4 I hope it helps.
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