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  1. Bump, new pics new price after ebay sale fell through...
  2. I have a penguin body and Repro decals which I was going to do but haven't got around to it yet. My tf
  3. I've switched out the esc and replaced it with a hpi one with tamiya plug. Also added some 2.4 radio gear so ready to run if you have a battery and charger. Sold
  4. Hi all, letting this go due to an unexplained influx of cars TT02 chassis Bearings fitted Blue alloy prop shaft. Torque tuned motor Electronic Speed controller Servo Nicely painted boxart body and correct kit wheels. Sold
  5. Please delete
  6. Love jdm cars, think my obsession came from gran turismo in the 90's and a bit of initial d Been lucky enough to have owned a Lanevo8 in my time, plus a few others. Don't know if you watch the hoonigan channel, but I'd love to do a 1:10 of this Levin
  7. No justification required here, you like it, you can afford it, you buy it. It's that simple
  8. I was supposed to be getting her ready to be sold, not soldered
  9. I was soldering new motor wires on, put the iron down, had a drink, looked around for a bit, couldn't find the soldering iron I was just that second using... Then I found it, casually resting on the TL01 chassis
  10. In other news, which may or may not be related to the above post. I finished the TL01 Celica GT4.
  11. Public service announcement. Don't drink and solder
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