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  1. My first buy for a year or two, accidental ebay win
  2. Stripped down my old TL01. My son's gonna rebuild this one
  3. Yeah they usually look kinda rough don't they? Still after one if there are any UK based
  4. Has anyone got a spare one of these knocking about? I only need the one. Cheers
  5. Not today, but a got a couple of bits this week from @KEV THE REVand @vanpeebles cheers guys
  6. Gear casings and tub sold rest still available
  7. Got a standard 540 and servo mounts if that helps
  8. I'll take that manta ray prop if it's no use to you Got loads of bits to trade if you're after anything.
  9. Was gonna sell this as a "lot" but just in case anyone wants any individual parts Steering parts £5 Front & Rear arms £3 Front & Rear shock mounts £5 TA01 motor mount £5 4 wheels £5 To suit Manta Ray, blazing Star, dirt thrasher TA01 etc. Some parts have scratches and light hairline cracks but all useable to rebuild a model or as spares for a runner, pm for more pics Postage as cost, will combine postage too
  10. As in the original Countach? You can get it as a TT01, and GT01 as far as I remember.
  11. So after I had a hissy fit and left the hobby, I'm back after all of 5 minutes away. Unfortunately I sold all my cars, apart from the 787b, which was looking kinda lonely so I picked up another 90's Japanese legend to go with it TL01 so nothing too complicated to rebuild. With the Mazda
  12. Cheers for the comments guys, I've already picked up a project to keep me going
  13. Decided to stay in the hobby. Left all the RC Facebook groups as I think that's what annoyed me most. I'll hang around here instead
  14. TL01 chassis for sale. Comes with 540 motor and acoms servo. All there apart from wheels and body. £45 posted Stand not included.
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