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  1. Looks like a great find. How much did you pay if you don't mind me asking? pm of you want
  2. I'll never understand how these can stay unbuilt for decades. I'd hear that calling me in my sleep
  3. Some new tfe decals Just got to decide on a colour...
  4. New body for my TT02 Rallycross project. Toyota Celica Gt4 ST185
  5. Firstly, we might need a thread title change. I have had two new postman start on my estate recently, but they are ladies, and clearly it's a job that keeps you fit Secondly: Thanks to @futureworks for these parts to keep my Top Force rolling
  6. As soon as I saw the title "avante runner" I assumed this was going to be a request for me to search my parts bin Great action shots.
  7. Yep I only need one, but will take a pair, I'll pm you
  8. Hi all, anyone got a spare one of these? Got loads of stuff to trade or PayPal waiting Tia
  9. Totally forgot about this thread, I've got some bits to put on here
  10. I think it's "show off Saturday" on fb, it's almost embarrassing at times
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