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  1. Yes I'm in UK, I sold my other TT02, and my alloy spares, then realised I didn't have these parts for my other TT02 build Let me know if you've got them, and if you need anything
  2. Anyone got these steering parts for a TT02 going spare? Before I order the whole lot.
  3. Did a quick spray job on the cossie, it's in poor condition but didn't wanna throw it away and its only gonna be a runner.
  4. Started the tear down of the TA04 (finally)
  5. I bought some blue oil shocks from the bay. They were cheap, and will hopefully do a job.
  6. Made some progress with the Dirt (cheap) Thrasher. Stripped, cleaned, rebuilt, shocks added and on its new rims and rubber
  7. Just put two on road cars on ebay, TL01 is a project and I've got two TT02's so I'm letting the nicer one with loads of hop ups go. Item numbers are 233707149121 and 233707134369
  8. Hi, sorry sold for asking price. Thanks.
  9. You had me at TA01, let's see the chassis
  10. Don't think so, I'm happy to be corrected. They're just a piece of lexan anyway, so maybe you could make one, or butcher an undertray from a different model to suit the TL01?
  11. A rather high spec TA02 This will be getting the rebuild treatment and escort cossie body that I've been putting off buying for ages.
  12. I've got too much on so will need to either move this on to someone who wants it or hide it in the garage Boxed but no instructions sadly. TL01 Chassis is in good condition but needs a strip, clean and rebuild but I don't have the time. Rumour has it that the body was used for genuine rallying! Spoiler is broken off but will be included in the box. Wheels are from an impreza, and one is odd. As you can see it's a project car, so shall we say offers around £50 posted to UK.
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