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  1. Wez-li

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Been browsing eBay for a new project... Also just realised that I posted the first reply on this thread 12 years ago
  2. I think the correct answer is yes... And no.
  3. Is this still for sale?
  4. Wez-li


    Haven't we had enough of the Falcon by now?
  5. Wez-li

    Tamiya Top Force Re-re-really!

    I turn my back for 5 minutes...
  6. Always wanted an E46 M3 but never ended up buying one, prices are going one way now... What kit is that?
  7. Cheers, bit steep though!
  8. As title I'm after an Audi TT-R, any condition considered but the nicer the better. Thanks for looking Wez
  9. Wez-li

    1.4 or 1.8 civic

    944 will be a bit of a money pit though, although us TC members are used to that
  10. Wez-li


    Welcome, nice collection!
  11. Wez-li

    1.4 or 1.8 civic

    That's really, really low miles mate, buy an older civic type r and spend the money saved on fuel!
  12. Wow, i bet you are at £300 Bargain of the century!
  13. Wez-li


    The UCS Tie interceptor arrived yesterday. Ordered it on 3rd Janurary so just 10 days door to door, free post and no duty to pay
  14. I'd lose the audi diesel and use the R32 as a daily, lovely cars, you only live once This is my X5 diesel family bus.