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  1. Hey everyone, my 1988 Avante is on ebay, finishing tomorrow. Link here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233859642954 :)
  2. Also rebuilt the Nissan 300zx It was a new built chassis already, never been run, but it had a few mistakes here and there so I stripped it down and rebuilt it as per the manual. So now I have a massive problem, painting it
  3. Finished this today, it was a ta02 but the body didn't sit right, was a few mm out, so I changed to the longer ta01 tub and flipped the rear arms to get the correct chassis length.
  4. Love those dampers, have them on my ta01 and ta04
  5. If you're still after an orange band 3 I have tx and rx. Might have a battery holder too.
  6. My house is like an emergency room for ta01's
  7. Pm me your address mate and I'll stick it in the post next time I'm out.
  8. Anyone got anything knocking about that they want to part with? I'm not sure what I want so any 90's tamiya bodies considered. Cheers
  9. It's a rare occurrence for me, working from home with two laptops open helps
  10. I see them on ebay and no one bids, they deserve a second chance at life
  11. Yeah it's my favourite chassis, but somehow I sold my top force, manta Ray and terra conqueror so I was only left with on road stuff. This basketcase just arrived from ebay, I'm always taking in strays I'm trying to build this I have chassis plates, but if you have anything else knocking about let me know
  12. Wow, they really took things seriously and looked after us back in the day, you know, when I was a schoolkid and broke
  13. Yeah they should bring a couple back out, an r33 would be perfect.
  14. I couldn't believe it either, was way under my highest bid too. Not sure about the group c body, they're kinda low but I can't imagine they'd make 2 different moulds.
  15. Is this the oldest thread bump on the forum? Rebuilt this TA02 last night from spares, it's almost done, just need to pick out a shell, I have loads but want something from the period. I've got a couple TA02 projects on the go, one is a vintage Manta Ray buggy (that's on its way) using this on road frp chassis. And the other is a rebuild of a mint Nissan 300zx I recently acquired. So who else still loves a vintage TA02 in 2021?
  16. Does anyone have a Manta Ray that they want to get rid of, any condition from basket case to nib considered. Thanks
  17. Tried to make 2 chassis out of 3, ended up not making any will try again tomorrow!
  18. Has anyone got a spare front damper mount they could sell me, otherwise I'll have to but the new set. Any colour / condition will do as long as its in one piece. Thanks in advance
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