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  1. Ten years ago I´ve done some measurements (original Topic: http://www.offroad-cult.org/Board/tamiya-dyna-storm-tuning-ersatzteile-t11771,start,10.html): Here are the first measurement results regarding the blade rims: Vampire Racing Lipo, 4000mAh, 25C, bashing in the woods with normal rims. So no full throttle track, but heavy terrain with steep slopes, jumps, soft ground thickly covered with pine needles. Engine head temperature with empty battery: 74.6 degrees Celsius immediate afterwards with still hot engine and the Blade rims, same distance as above, Team Orion Lipo, 3800mAh, 30C Engine head temperature with empty battery: 68.1 degrees Celsius Then I have emptied a lipo on grass with a lot of full throttle, again this time the engine head temperature did not rise above 68 degrees. A DT-02 on the same track with the same driving style with a Superstock TZ shocked to 107 degrees The rims certainly have some influence. Regards, Jochen
  2. this is such a complex part and fits so well that it literally locks in and does not need to be fixed. Therefore, I think that 2D drawings do not lead to the goal. I consider with which material I could mold the part. Do you have an idea? Regards, Jochen
  3. The air is taken from outside the shell:
  4. When Nimrod still produced parts, I took the Dyna Lighning for bashing, therefore the fastening tab was broken. However, since the part fits so exactly into the structure an attachment is hardly necessary, a moss rubber block is enough:
  5. All I can do to support your great project I will do. I can send more photos as a file if you want. Regards, Jochen
  6. Wow, are 3d printed parts meanwhile really stable enough? I´m not familiar with that. Congrats to your nice Dyna Storm! If the alloy parts come from Germany, there is a legitimate hope for me to find someone who has an NC program to make some. I'll try that.
  7. that is surprising for me, I have never received transparent parts from Nimrod. All but the air intake were black and extremely stable. Maybe I missed an evolutionary stage?
  8. Sounds sexy nevertheless- it´s such a nice car imho. Regards, Jochen
  9. Do you think it´s a beautiful car for the shelf, or can you use it for bashing also? Regards, Jochen
  10. @Collin: I already feared that, finally I am also now mainly dealing with model flying. Then I´ll try to support as best I can. Thank you very much for your help! On your mentioned Website I spy interesting Parts :-) Does this mean, if I decide to drive my Dyna Storm again, you can supply with spare Parts? @GTodd: all in your Opinion, my Dyna Lightning is no longer driven until exact those parts are available, it´s the Queen of the Shelf! Have a good time, Jochen
  11. I was asked to write something about the history of the Nimrod Racing parts, but I would like to know in advance, whether those who have experienced the development intensively still deal with the Dyna Lightning. That's why I'm digging out this old topic. In addition, I have lost all photos of the parts, except those of my topic in this German forum: http://www.offroad-cult.org/Board/tamiya-dyna-storm-tuning-ersatzteile-t11771.html Is anyone able and interested in contributing pictures and sharing his experience with Nimrod Racing parts? Regards, Jochen
  12. Here you can see that the parts in the picture are provisionally. Do you know this thread from Singapore_959, the one who started this impressive porject?
  13. The picture you posted was shown in their shop over years and shows the original ideas how to create spare parts. But during the development they had their own ideas and not only rebuilt but also improved them.
  14. unfortunately i lost the most pictures due a Harddisk crash, but i´ve published the transformation from Dyna Storm to Dyna Lightning 10 years ago in a German Forum where you can find some pictures on three Pages: http://www.offroad-cult.org/Board/tamiya-dyna-storm-tuning-ersatzteile-t11771.html As you can see, Nimrod Racing never buit the Carbon parts as in the picture you have published.
  15. I have a complete Nimrod Racing Dyna Storm (Dyna Lightning), but I do not have a CAD program. What I could do would be to mark the parts on graph paper. However, that will take some time, because I first have to disassemble the car completely. Regards, Jochen
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