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  1. I´ve got all the parts by sending them a high priority mail. Top plate, cooler etc. never appeared in the web shop until today.
  2. Yes, and so beautifull and stable. I had a full throttle frontal crash against a DT-02, full throttle also, free of damage, not even a hairline crack at the upper deck or bulkhead. It´s my favorite, for sure.
  3. Yes, original MDC in both. I could reduce weight a little more using the original dampers, but using the big Kyosho´s, i have a wonderfull setup for driving.
  4. Dyna Lightning Motor: Team Orion Revolution Modified 11x2, Robitronic Speedstar II 8 turn Servo: Graupner Z590, Receiver: Lexors Micro 5 Accu: Team Orion Hardcase 3800mAh Lipo Kyosho 1:8 Damper Weight: 1505 Gramm Dyna Storm Motor: Team Orion Revolution Modified 11x1, GM V80R Servo: Graupner Z590, Receiver: Graupner SB6 Akku: Team Orion Hardcase 3800mAh Lipo Weight: 1710 Gramm
  5. I´ve good experience sending them mail using the high priority feature. Maybe it is difficult to identify reliable mail due to a massive SPAM-Problem
  6. it´s quit plain to me that all this parts are well-known by each of you. Nevertheless i have to share my gladness about recently arrived Chassis Parts form Nimrod Racing: Thank you again, Singapore_959 and Nimrod Racing, for the chance to build this remarkable 1/10 2WD Offroad Buggy!
  7. I feel very confident driving the wide configuration. Shock setup against oversteering succeeded more successful. Very good Idea. The Reelys are not rebuildable by nature, but it should be possible to use the original Dyna axle nevertheless. Let me try, i´ll keep you updated.
  8. thanks for the fast response. I´m using Dyna Blaster Shafts currently with ca. 115mm full length, but there is no spare all over the world i suspect, so i need a compatible solution. I´ve tested 118mm CVDs from Reely- they are fitting except the drilled hole at the wheels end. I would be forced to mortise the rear upright.
  9. does the TRF501X WO fit with the Nimrod B3 rear long arm V3?
  10. i like your Dyna and Nimrod design, looks a little like mine:
  11. What a brilliant Idea: Driving the unmodified Dyna Storm with a Team Orion Revolution Modified 11x1, discharging a Team Orion RaceSpec 3800 mAh/ 30C Lipo, motor temperature was about 74 degree celsius. Using the Blade Wheels and the Motor Cover made by Nimrod Racing, temperature decreased to 68 degree max. But now, with additional Air Inlet installed, motor body reached barely 52 degree driving the same track. WOW! Furthermore it looks absolutely nice in my opinion.
  12. either i have the chance to buy this chassis and the upper deck asap or i have to locate an addiction service instead Can you tell me please when the parts will be available?
  13. I´m driving my Dyna using DT-02 rims and tires always, so i notice poor differences with Nimrod Racing Blades. Perhaps a touch of increased understeering due to less weight and my extremely soft rear setup. I´m sure i can solve this varying the rear shocks position.
  14. I´ve got the wheels- they are so nice- perhaps i need a second set for the shelf only :-)) Many thanks to Singapore_959 and Nimrod Team for this high sophisticated job.
  15. Any news about the rims? They are still not available in nimrod shop.
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