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  1. It seems people always want something for nothing... Look at my 2 sale items, reasonable prices, plenty of views but zero offers etc....
  2. TXT-02...... http://www.tamiya.de/de/produkte/rcmodellautos/bausatzelektro/offroad/produktdetails.htm?sArtNr=300058549
  3. I did use (amongst others) a 55 turn motor, I didn't gear down though...
  4. Just looked at the price for an F350 HL, Modelsport has it in £449 (£555 rrp), I paid in '07 (I think) £330 from lhs... another hs not so local had it in for £300... Noticed the HPI Baja 5SC for £899 (£1139 rrp)!!!!!!!!!! for lets face it, a toy.
  5. Looks like a TCS x-trail chassis for the Axial AX10
  6. Maybe.... still have had nothing come through.... Though if it does, I don't begrudge the cost and the exercise of the course... Perhaps all should go on it???
  7. As said, it wasn't something I normally did, and the Traffic Officers (both of them) had full uniform, radios, flashing blues in the radiator grille etc... I have to admit that it did make me chuckle to myself that he wrote my details down on the back of his note pad due to not having the forms/documentation yet because of the change of legislation etc.... Suffice to say, I am 100% more resolved in not even speaking on phone by use of speaker/hands free etc.... It doesn't pay...
  8. That's what I'm thinking about the not hearing about it... As to professionalism, maybe he was trying to make a point, but I guess we'll see... Well, I will see that is lol. As a non-smoker, it also gets my back up about that too, same as not using lights, indicators etc....
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