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  1. adam1973

    Rechargeable Batteries for a TX
  2. adam1973

    For Sale: Audi Quattro Parts (58036)

    It seems people always want something for nothing... Look at my 2 sale items, reasonable prices, plenty of views but zero offers etc....
  3. adam1973


  4. adam1973

    Looking For Hornet Project.

    Just posted this foresale
  5. adam1973


  6. They would be too soft for the weight of a HL
  7. adam1973

    Looking For Hornet Project.

    Hi, I've got one forsale....
  8. adam1973


  9. adam1973

    Smallest pinion possible for High-Lift

    I did use (amongst others) a 55 turn motor, I didn't gear down though...
  10. adam1973

    the price of rc kits

    Just looked at the price for an F350 HL, Modelsport has it in £449 (£555 rrp), I paid in '07 (I think) £330 from lhs... another hs not so local had it in for £300... Noticed the HPI Baja 5SC for £899 (£1139 rrp)!!!!!!!!!! for lets face it, a toy.
  11. adam1973

    Land Rover Scaler, Army Style!

    Looks like a TCS x-trail chassis for the Axial AX10
  12. adam1973

    Post Your Christmas 2012 Goods Here.

    Dunno yet.... Will find out in 3 days time...
  13. Maybe.... still have had nothing come through.... Though if it does, I don't begrudge the cost and the exercise of the course... Perhaps all should go on it???
  14. As said, it wasn't something I normally did, and the Traffic Officers (both of them) had full uniform, radios, flashing blues in the radiator grille etc... I have to admit that it did make me chuckle to myself that he wrote my details down on the back of his note pad due to not having the forms/documentation yet because of the change of legislation etc.... Suffice to say, I am 100% more resolved in not even speaking on phone by use of speaker/hands free etc.... It doesn't pay...
  15. That's what I'm thinking about the not hearing about it... As to professionalism, maybe he was trying to make a point, but I guess we'll see... Well, I will see that is lol. As a non-smoker, it also gets my back up about that too, same as not using lights, indicators etc....