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  1. Thanks! Yeah Tamiya's lexan bodies are incredible, but there's no substitute for hardbodies. The driver is on a flight from China... Might have to quarantine on arrival
  2. The height ground to top of roof is approx 23 cm. The body is very heavy and compresses the shock springs almost to half their travel. While this shortens their potential, it's extremely realistic!
  3. After waiting for over a year for a new body on the CC02, I decided to take matter into my own hands. Now it's been discussed on this thread (specifically between Mad Ax and Saito2), but even though the logical thing was not to do it, I went ahead and did it anyway. Tamiya passion won out over reason So let me start by saying I think the CC02 is brilliant, not over engineered IMO, highly adjustable and cleverly designed. The number of different possible wheelbases is remarkable. This is what I expect from Tamiya in modern times, not a simple 80's design - leave that for the re-re's! I followed Matteo's advice about the wheelbases, but only after having the model in hand and while building it, I found there's even more play that Matteo did not address in his videos - the links on the axles are adjustable too, so you can actually reach the coveted 275 mm wheelbase! Tamiya must have thought about that, knowing there are a lot of bodies out there with this wheelbase. I had purchase the Xtra Speed D90 hardbody at the same time with the CC02 from RCMart, thinking I'll have to stretch the chassis. Imagine how relieved I was when finding I could reach 275 mm by just flipping some parts around. Mating the body (with its full interior!) to the chassis ... well that a whole different story for another time (probably the most challenging part of this build). Another influential source I must give props to is Kisun's defender videos.
  4. When I saw the new CC02 chassis it looked very familiar... 9 years ago (gosh has it been that long?..) my talented friend and former Tamiyaclub member Zeppelin, designed a CC02 concept from mostly Tamiya parts, modifying a CC01 rear axle into a front one. The gearbox was from Axial. Based on his design, I built a second one, with a few minor improvements. We ran them with Wrangler bodies. They outperformed the CC01's that we had. We had even shared it all here on Tamiyaclub, providing the blueprints and measurements for everyone to enjoy. I guess time does its thing, as apparently our posts have long been forgotten. Now I daresay that Tamiya have "borrowed" a lot of ideas from us - IMO the newly released CC02 resembles our design far too closely to be a mere coincidence (except for the battery position). But heck, judge for yourself! https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=101981&id=17334 https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=101982&id=17334
  5. This should be the official Tamiya video for the re-re. I hope they contact you and buy it from you, you deserve it! Say does anyone know if there will be another batch from Stella? Or was this the shortest limited edition ever?
  6. So here I am reporting back. As soon as I installed the AVC Rx and set it up, I found that the analog servo was humming at neutral, and soon began to heat up. So I thought I'd better listen to the instructions for a change, and swapped it out with a cheapo MG995 digital one. Humming stopped. I then took the Hornet out for a test drive. The Tx has a preconfigured button to control the amount of "assistance" you want from AVC - 100%, 50%, and none. At 100% the car was driving as if ole' Greg had sniffed some glue right before takin' the wheel (Greg Martin, the Hornet's driver). The car would not drive in a straight line at any speed and would zig zag sharply. At 50% it was drivable, but no fun. Still erratic and you felt the system was not helping you but bothering you most of the time. I say most since in turns it did seem to have a good effect. Overall I was disappointed, having spent a pretty penny on this system. However, the plot thickens... Having nothing to do with the AVC adventure, I decided the silver can was not fun enough and ordered a sport tuned black can. First of all let me say that the difference is dramatic. The car is now a rocket, but a fun rocket, not a Traxxas-type ridiculous rocket. Secondly, now the AVC works nice! At 100% it's still a bit wobbly, but at 50%, the driving experience is unheard of with a Hornet. The car drives as if it's tuned perfectly. I tested a bit and turned AVC off a couple of times to see the difference, and without it all of the sudden is not fun! So I guess the AVC performs best from a certain speed and up, especially on a wobbly car. And now that I've managed to tame the bouncy Hornet with it, I just can't go back.
  7. I have a Spectrum DX4C and an SR201 receiver. After binding them together, motor goes to full throttle when trigger is at neutral. When I push the trigger all the way to reverse, it's as if I let go of the throttle and the motor stops. I tried reversing the throttle channel but then it works the other way around - motor still goes to full throttle when trigger is at neutral, and stops at trigger full throttle! The ESC is forward only type. Does that have anything to do with it? Or is the receiver faulty? (brand new receiver). The trasmitter has been boundto another receiver (on a different model profile) which works fine. Please help. Thanks
  8. LOL, yeah I agree this is a trend, but I have to try everything out so just ordered the DX4C... I'll put it to the ultimate test on my bouncy hornet and report back!
  9. Does anyone have experience with this new technology from Spektrum? I've read about it in their website but do not understand whether it works with any car or not. In the FAQs it says: Can an AVC receiver be removed and used in another vehicle? Yes, but it is not recommended. The SRS 4200 AVC system was specifically designed and optimized for the Vaterra Hälix and Losi Rally-X. So is it good just for those models? It doesn't seem logical that they would create a system that can be used with just 2 specific cars.
  10. Just restocked a limited amount of all clear windows, and added a window for the Toyota Tundra Highlift! So I currently offer clear windows for: Toyota Tundra Mitsubishi Pajero Jeep Wrangler Clod Buster Toyota Hilux/Bruiser/Mountaineer Ford F-350 I also have an interior for the Wrangler. I also offer Sand Scorcher, Rough Rider, Mountaineer, and Warn winch decals. Cheers
  11. What do you mean? I am in Israel - where it all began? What I meant is I'll be visiting Berlin soon and want to know where I can go to buy stuff for my beetles. Localy we have a small beetle club. About 15-20 cars show up weekly. That's it. Parts are extremely difficult to obtain. Thanks guys for the posts. Beautiful pictures ideal2k. cheers
  12. Minijosh, do you have a website? Do you sell on ebay? How can I see what you have? Thanks
  13. Thanks Greg. Very helpful. I live in Israel and will be visiting Berlin soon. So I can't help you with tracks there... You wouldn't know by any chance of stores that have real 1:1 VW or specifically beetle parts, would you? Thanks
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