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  1. One here? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nosram-Dominator-Vintage-RC-Motor-ESC-Rare/383130537239?hash=item59345c0d17:g:X-YAAOSw8xhdW7i3
  2. They are usually brand specific. So you would need the same make of transmitter (in almost all cases). Might be worth just buying a new cheap digital one that comes with a receiver. eg for 30 quid https://www.modelsport.co.uk/absima-cr2s-v2-2-channel-2-4ghz-radio-control-system-steer-wheel/rc-car-products/376271
  3. Hi, yes it was - sorry if I crashed into you if you were there! I crashed rather a lot. I also went this wed evening, and did a bit better (less crashing). Its great fun I love it. So difficult thought as it’s years since I’ve done any RC driving.
  4. Weren’t they mega expensive though? Where’d you get them from?
  5. Well I just tried to blend the colours I have to get rid of the mistake. I would like to try scales idea in the future on a new shell. Painted it sat morning and had my first race meeting in 10 years on sat afternoon!
  6. Screwed up what in my mind was a good idea (I wanted scales like a dragon) but looked rubbish. Tonight I managed to clean one side off using Revell paint remover and lots of effort. Will do the other side tomorrow bodge up: Cleaned off
  7. £20. And a lit magnifying glass thing for £6 which I’m going to try.
  8. Oh I did this now thanks I bought some for 8 quid each which have decent capacity 2500mah https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-8v-6v-9-6v-AA-2500mAh-Vapex-Instant-Receiver-Transmitter-Handset-Battery-Pack/232067470541?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=531269031779&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 But while I have your attention I don’t understand why I can’t recharge from the recharge plug. I replaced the batteries so saw how things are connected inside. I think it is all original. Is anyone able to tell me why / what I can do? For some reason they made it so the orange positive wire from the recharge pin goes directly up to the mini plug in the back of the main board. and the 2 positives from the batteries are actually isolated from each other - red from one pack goes straight up to the mini plug on the board, the other pack’s red joins one half of that bus bar and then leaves it as a black wire if that makes sense. It goes as a ‘black’ wire to the first pack of batteries, (the red of which goes directly up to the board as I describe above). I suppose to get both sets in series? i don’t know. anyway I cannot use the charging plug in the base of the transmitter for its purpose as the positive does not seem to actually join the positive of he batteries, so charger shows no connection. The negative does. any ideas? They made it so it could run from a power supply as well, so I think that’s why the orange wire goes up to the board. I think some shenanigans goes on up there to then charge the batteries but on mine that doesn’t seem to work. I just want to plug into the bottom of the tx and charge.
  9. I need 2 lots of 4 aa batteries for my KO Propo transmitter. They all seem to be mega expensive which is really weird as batteries are so cheap now. I’ve found 4 Nimh for about 9 quid on eBay. Is that my only option? As I need total of 9.6v I don’t think I can see any lipo I can buy that will fit plus they’re even more crazily priced like 20 quid each! but anyway I can’t seem to find many for what is surely fairly common (ie 4 aa battery compartments?)
  10. Not sure that link works. Does this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-Dirt-Thrasher-Manta-Ray-DF01-Buggy-Upgrades-And-Custom-Shell-ARTR/264457886012?hash=item3d92eb193c:g:FAwAAOSwx~ZddOOF
  11. I think lots of forums struggle with ads as most of them end up screwing up the site from a viewers perspective. They also seem to often cause various functionality problems which could well lead you to spend more time trying to sort problems than is worthwhile!
  12. Oh I think your right. The middle blue wire should be for motor. I just looked at the instructions. so I’ve incorrectly plugged that into the battery. so the deans on the mrt is actually for the motor plug, and the floating gold connector and black wire should be for battery. I’ve probably fried the esc! Since I turned it on yesterday to try it while holding the connector to the battery as in above pics. Oops id forgotten how it used to be connected up when I raced it! Been 10 years! Needs a clean
  13. Presume just their tools depending on handle size. Just some pics I found
  14. These were the hxt to what I thought were deans equivsalent that I bought https://hobbyking.com/en_us/hxt-4mm-to-t-connector-battery-adapter-2pcs-bag.html?___store=en_us the problem is is I didn’t want to cut the original battery connector off and solder my own fittings on, but I suppose I’ll have to. I guess I’ll have to decide on a type of connector I want to use from now on and convert everything. i hear what you are saying about the exposed joint, I will sort it before use. Once I order some more parts!
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