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  1. Are those silver metal ones in the pic, the ones that come in the kit?
  2. Sad that a well respected old school name would do something so foolish. They should have standards.
  3. I got 2 gartpot for £31 rather than the 1 core RC for £27. Just have to wait longer for delivery that’s all.
  4. Holding both outdrives, (eg with Allen keys in or something) you should not be able to turn (by hand) the diff. So you tighten the little screw bit by bit until you can’t turn the diff. see vid here he discusses it at 9mins 45secs in https://youtu.be/M_u9yKV2TPM?t=549
  5. I thought you wanted one of these https://tamico.de/Tamiya-58665-Toyota-Gazoo-TS050-Hybrid-F103GT-Kit
  6. Apologies I’ll be getting off ebay as cheaper
  7. I’ll be building this. Decided I really want this over the fighting buggy
  8. Rubber! But soft so I have some grip as the originals (rear) have no grip! Front seem, fine
  9. I like looking at mine! Although if the poster above can point me to any available rear tyres it would be appreciated!
  10. There’s an F103RS here for £200 NIB Facebook ad
  11. In the end I decided to buy a buggy champ (used to be rough rider) as on balance I think I prefer it. Can’t really afford to have both.
  12. Looks like a cartoon from a Pixar or Dreamworks (like Turbo, below) animation or something, after a hard race.
  13. I think the 13.5 would be plenty. I run 10.5 and it’s quick enough, and most young kids were similar in speed so I can’t see you’d need the extra for her for a couple of years at least. I also think they would run better being higher up the % range than a quick motor at 35%.
  14. I was thinking of putting bluetac in my centre pair of wheels diff only. I’m thinking it will help when getting stuck, but being in the middle of the vehicle won’t affect steering / turning circe ability? I have C parts 10005688 for the bumper fitted to mine, but I don’t think it would help approach angle much. unfortunately the aluminium one above is 38 quid!
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