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  1. It’s simply not worth the agro. Just chuck em in recycling and get new ones
  2. I made them and so far not leaked (on the bench - not been run yet!).
  3. I don’t know anything about that body but could / should the holes be drilled a bit loose? Maybe less likely to stress / crack.
  4. Ah sorry just realised you probably mean the rail system many of us already have in our garages? Can’t remember the name
  5. I did design a rail system that could be used both vertically or horizontally 😉 I designed them so they can be aligned as multiples for an endless rail. however it’s proved too expensive to make at this stage, so not really worth the risk for me to get made.
  6. Thanks 🙂 They deflect somewhere between 3mm-4mm with the buggy (has motor & electrics but not battery). So there is a slight deflection but not much. Deflection was the problem with the 3d printed prototype I had - it just can’t handle the weight at that distance away from the wall.
  7. Hi all I got some made see the for sale section.
  8. Hi I had these made after not finding anything I liked. I carefully designed them to be the best I could! Fully British made! They are anodised 3mm aluminium. So in terms of size they are suitable for most 1/10th scale RC cars and buggies. I settled on the shape so it is broad enough to support buggies, but still narrow enough for F1 car chassis without sticking out, and touring car chassis (if displayed without bodies). I have some black and some blue. I designed an extra feature - a small bracket that can be held at the front with two M4 screws to the main stand. It's function is so you can put a label on it of the model car eg TA05, Tamiya DT01, or Clodbuster, or whatever. I have made it slotted so it can brought forward for wider cars, (or if the bodyshell is on), or reduced if it is a narrow car without bodywork eg a touring car chassis. The photos of the blue outside make it very vivid, in the shade it become quite dark. Unfortunately the black ones have been marked during transit to me, which is a shame. On the other hand you don't actually see much of them when the car is on it so it's not a massive problem. The other holes are designed to hold rubber bumpers, or feet, however I have found that not very successful so it will be easier if you just fit a couple of sticky pads to the platform. I haven't bothered it seems alright without. Various marks on black ones. I can't do anything about this and there is variation between them, some more than others: Screws to wall with two 4mm screws: Messy work desk? No problem! Have your buggy lifted out the way while you work on the next one... Prices. Unfortunately these are not very cheap, in the end it just isn't cheap to get something made to spec. These prices will basically just enable me to get my money back if I sell them all. I had to pay out a load in advance to get them made, and take that risk. But I like it and don't think there's anything else out there like this. Stand: £15.50 Name Bracket: £3.50 Postage 2nd class signed for £4.10 - this will be fixed price for between 1 and up to 5 or 6 I think (I need to double check postage cost). I have literally only just received these so will take a few days to organise myself, also can only do rather infrequent posting at the moment due to the virus problem. But anyway, let me know what you think! Send me a pm if you want to buy one / some
  9. Blitzer beetle if it was me. I don’t think I would buy traxxas. Maybe Arma if I wanted that sort of thing, as they are fast and tough.
  10. Finished cutting & fitting my newly painted bodyshell & wing. I think next time I will cut first before painting, will probably be a bit easier.
  11. Can it take a whole day to paint a bodyshell? Well yes, yes it can. I’m knackered. Tomorrow I remove window masks & will cut it.
  12. This chap sells them for £10 but currently sold out until next week https://www.facebook.com/groups/1238611046305343/permalink/1570326389800472/
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