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  1. CoolHands

    Big Bear steering

    Probably lose the servo saver
  2. Dms in Aldenham school indoor carpet most Wednesdays and about 1 a month Saturday series (This is not me):
  3. My esc somehow blew up / emitted smoke so while I’m waiting for a new one I can’t race so I’ve taken front and rear apart and am changing settings to a different setup (this is a team associated b6.1) . Use d my hudy setup station to set the front camber. Can’t use it for toe as this is a touring car set and off-road cars are wider so it needs a different component.
  4. I bought the motor and esc from banzaihobby. Parcelforce did me for customs though, so another 18 quid was lumped on top! What style lipos fit? Ie shorty (like used for racing) or regular size?
  5. These ones which I think you would call cone type pin spike https://banzaihobby.com/Kyosho-OTT243S
  6. **** these tyres are confusing so I an use 50mm or 2” tyres on the TO wheels? I love throwing my money away lol now I have useless to me 43mm optima tyres
  7. Yes I enjoyed your pics. I bought some OTT243S Pin Tyre too (is that what you have on yours?) and some spare black rims (silver not available). So I will probably put the pin tyres on the white wheels like yours, and the new style tyres on my black rims for when I take it for a run. I intend to run it maybe once at a local indoor carpet track.
  8. Or goolrc people often recommend I think it’s pretty cheap brushless and motor combo on ebay its 30quid
  9. I have received mine + parts. I have decided to spend a fortune and buy the Kyosho brushless motor and ESC! I can’t imagine who would normally buy a kyosho ESC but this is one sexy model so I thought I’d go the whole hog. I have a lovely red alloy steering servo on the way too, so should look nice.
  10. I’m undecided if I should get this ultima, or wait until they bring out turbo ultima or even perhaps ultima pro?
  11. Probably not crashing is worth 10x a slightly better can
  12. Nice job OP. Painting parts like the grill etc is very enjoyable I find. Blissard i have the rerelease Mountain Rider 84386. Do you know if the bruiser leaf springs you refer to are what I would have in this newer kit? Ie are they the same or different (softer)? If so do you know the part number of the softer ones?
  13. It has the perfect teenage patina look! Those rear tyres have done a few burnouts lol I actually like the windscreen as it is authentic. I would buy the bits like lights etc, but try not to stray too far from the existing look by doing a full on resto etc as it’ll lose its charm & memories
  14. very nice. Are there any other cheaper than the kyosho gold option shocks (OTW128 & 9) that can be fitted and don't leak and look good?
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