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  1. I managed to create fireworks out of one. I was trying to separate the two halves of the plastic casing with a Stanley knife. A moment after it shorted the 2 cells (2S) inside all badword broke loose and the casing suddenly wasn’t a problem anymore! also I should mention this was in my front room I managed to get it out the front window onto a concrete path below where it glowed red hot. I was left with a smoke filled room, scorched bench towel, and a slightly burnt hand where I’d chucked it out. I’d say they’re safe as long as you always leave at storage voltage, and don’t try to disassemble haha here’s a pic of it
  2. Ferruz I’m guessing that he isn’t on distribution channel Kyosho use. I would imagine it’s a bit like grey market watches etc so he’s probably bought from a distributor/ middle man ie he hasn’t got his models through normal / proper distribution channels. Only getting 2 seems to reinforce that.
  3. Anyone dodgy should be blocked immediately. Hopefully whoever the mods are have done so. As in the meantime he will be emailing others.
  4. Hardened aluminium gears hardly wear at all. I don’t think it needs much investigation! And they’re not particularly expensive. Most of mine are core rc https://www.rccarshop.co.uk/cr4838-pinion-gear-48dp-38t-7075-hard-p
  5. Looks good do you mind sharing what wheels you have front & rear?
  6. Almost there. Need electrics and then the body to be painted etc
  7. No one seems to have mentioned it so I will all sold out now though Model 47484
  8. In progress I didnt buy any option parts this time, the prices are ridiculous. Whereas I did for my Scorpion and Turbo Optima.
  9. They should have made it 1/12 if they were determined not to make 1/10th. I am tempted though, just for fun. But I’ve already spent way too much with optima mid and some other things in recent months.
  10. That’s a beaut. I have one too. I sold the similar Mazda I had nib but didn’t want to let my Nissan go. Good price too for anyone looking.
  11. There is a printable one https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5344394?fbclid=IwAR0hjmpJzNmFGxoZHJT2yZEiTNe2nshjp9BWyPcKiHdLZbIXFflz-VtY8JU also willspeed top force ones can be used with shims / spacers apparently and a bit of fiddling, although not perfect.
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