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  1. Main problem in uk is insurance cost. So if you insure it properly if it’s say a 250£ car it ends up being 20-25 quid. If low insurance then price not too bad.
  2. RCscrapyard usually sells genuine tamiya screws, I’ve bought various from him before when you need a particular size eg restoring a model Rcscrapyard ebay
  3. You could get the flysky from aliexpress if you are in the us. Flysky fs i4 if you’re not in a hurry and allow for delivery time. Aliexpress is like ebay, if you haven’t used it. Pretty safe.
  4. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/futaba-t2hr-2ch-combo-2-4ghz-fhss-dry-r202gf/rc-car-products/395863 Futaba do one, £50
  5. I think you’ve got the best you’re going to get if using 2.2”. Most competitive tyres like Schumacher , Pro-line etc are similar. Maybe look at Schumacher Honeycomb they may look better to you. Or buy the smaller Kyosho wheels and tyres from the scorpion 2014
  6. I recently got a few more receivers so I could now add one and leave it in my Kyosho Scorpion, which I did today. A simple job but it’s nice to be able to use whatever model you want if you have enough equipment
  7. Although a great old brand are shortly reentering the market Mardave and also there is now the Schumacher Icon, schumacher’s first F1 model. Icon
  8. Personally I’m not getting the top force as id rather spend the money on the next Kyosho rerelease.
  9. I’m going to do different colour
  10. Opened it tonight, bought it a year ago. Will be a bit of a slow build probably
  11. Opened the turbo optima as my next build. Bought it a year ago
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