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  1. Yes. I have a tool bought off ‘candyman’ on MSUK forum for this (not sure where it is though!). It pushes them out. You might be able to buy the same dimension pins for another model.
  2. I think it’s just the caliber of humans these days. Sinking lower all the time!
  3. For the ninja I used 14 of the top one and 8 of the lower one. I suspect shogun would be similar numbers, and probably same sizes? The rs (rubber shielded) was for hubs ie exposed to the elements. I believe they only did 2 sizes ‘small’ and ‘large’ which is the 2 below. 4x8x3 (MS) Bearing (x1) MR84zz 6x10x3 (RS) Bearing (x1) MR106rs
  4. Great! And green?! (From centre to outer edge of tyre) much appreciated!
  5. Hi guys can someone measure the red arrow distance for me and also the green arrow ie from the centre to the outer edge of the tyres? Reason is for one of my stands, so if the red section would be wide enough to support model? I imagine not longer as the rear gearbox hangs down I think, so cannot sit on the stand. Am I right about that? And green arrow is so I have correct distance from the wall. Also the blue arrow ie how wide is that bit of chassis? much appreciated I don’t have one here. Also is the monster beetle about the same?
  6. Oh that’s so sad. His racing / Porsche etc paint jobs were always outstanding and we were always so thrilled to see a new one. He always seemed to have amazing wheels too! If you are able please pass on our condolences
  7. I just bought the stickers from above link. When I click on other items it has over 800 so seems to be ok to me.
  8. Main problem in uk is insurance cost. So if you insure it properly if it’s say a 250£ car it ends up being 20-25 quid. If low insurance then price not too bad.
  9. RCscrapyard usually sells genuine tamiya screws, I’ve bought various from him before when you need a particular size eg restoring a model Rcscrapyard ebay
  10. You could get the flysky from aliexpress if you are in the us. Flysky fs i4 if you’re not in a hurry and allow for delivery time. Aliexpress is like ebay, if you haven’t used it. Pretty safe.
  11. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/futaba-t2hr-2ch-combo-2-4ghz-fhss-dry-r202gf/rc-car-products/395863 Futaba do one, £50
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