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  1. Is two sets of 53301 enough to do all shafts on the KH? Are they the correct length so when you add the circlip there is no gap?
  2. Good price. Are they the original wheels just sprayed black?
  3. I had it on a metal shaft servo on the rear of my konghead but it turns out it was just too short. I put a longer one in and it has been fine.
  4. Anyone know this simple question? I’ve got lost in searches. konghead GF06 and Wild Willy 2 I think are the same. Are they? And are they both the same as lunchbox & midnight pumpkin? And finally, is the GF01 heavy dump truck also the same size just that they have the little nodules added? Konghead: wild willy 2: Heavy dump truck: lunchbox: and while I'm asking what about Mad Bull as they look the same too:
  5. Well on the case where the holes are too small, you could drill them out a touch with a 2mm or whatever drill bit.
  6. I used the traditional glue uhu in the yellow tube, where rubber cement was required on my Mountain Rider. I believe it is similar to what tamiya intended with their description of rubber cement. It allows you to place things and also stays kind of supple / springy which I believe is the point. I don’t think you are meant to use something that goes hard like CA glue or thread lock.
  7. I have a goolrc and although the soldering looks perfect there is a problem with the battery connector. It occasionally cuts out and I just have to move the deans-style connector a bit where it joins the battery. As I say it looks perfect so there no obvious reason for it, but it needs cutting off and replacing. so a dodgy connection is a possibility
  8. I have a swann morton retractaway
  9. Building mine too at the moment (genuine one though). I have gears available! But weird amount of play on the shaft. I’ve checked and rechecked but nothing missing, so don’t know if it’s normal or not.
  10. Looks brilliant. What tyres are they? I like the pattern
  11. Is this still going/ possible? I assumed ages ago it had finished and I was too late. If still poss obvs I’d love it
  12. I’ll take them assuming the standard konghead tyres fit? And these fit straight on with no mods? Ie are the same size as the plastic originals? I’m in uk edit sorry I’ll say no as I think the 1.9 means they take skinnier tyres than original? I want to keep original tyres
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