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  1. Hi Marwan, thanks! I only ask as I’m interested. I’ve previously purchased optima tyres from you. I once looked into getting Marui Big Bear tyres made but the metal mould cost was too high. I wondered if there was another way.
  2. Took my Dynahead out for its maiden run. Bit naughty as I haven’t finished my decaling yet as I’m customising it
  3. I find I spend as much time admiring my progress as doing the actual decaling!
  4. I wish he would tell us how he gets them made. Does he have a proper metal mould made for injection moulding or what
  5. I don’t have an flysky but I think this is the adjust you need to do. Skip to about 4 mins and reduce your steering endpoints
  6. I cut my Dynahead body out (just realised I only have photo of before I cut it!)
  7. I like the lights how did you get the fluorescent yellow look on the lenses ? Is it paint?
  8. Maybe put a wanted ad on a few Facebook rc groups?
  9. Check you correctly used parts 16 and 17 for the rear arms if using 4WS. They have the single line as opposed to 2 so easy to check see pic
  10. I had a super clod buster, then sold it. I think I’m going to get another one!
  11. Everyone’s modelling and stickering skills seem to be moving up a notch lately
  12. Ghostpig where’d you get the spacers etc from? Do you have a link? Eg the 3x6x2 etc
  13. I’m certain the turbo rocky will be at some point. It looks fantastic.
  14. This chap hasn’t been on for years but maybe worth an email? You never know https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=130201&id=24742
  15. Nice, I’ll be watching. I’m lucky enough to have both the turbo optima and a javelin to make in the future!
  16. Yeah unfortunately I couldn’t get them through those little bracket things as the limit seems to be 14 gauge wire and I think this esc is 12 gauge. Try as I might I couldn’t get all 3 through.
  17. Bought when rereleased March 2022. Made it over recent months and finished today. Fitting the electrics is pretty difficult due to lack of space under the vody Electrics fitting then all built up, once I soldered wires to right length. I put the ESC switch and capacitors on top rail: I cut the body and before painting it used it to help me get my electrics aligned and cables routed. It is very hard to do as not enough space really: Sprayed it tamiya PS-6 yellow. Seems pretty ideal and matches with sticker yellow: After much stickering, I was done! I fitted some Marwan repro tyres with small Kyosho wheels for the pics: And here’s some JC Racing wheels with Ballistic pin tyres I will use for running on grass: An enjoyable build and I will enjoy running it
  18. TF isn’t it inc poastage? Eg if goods £135 postage £20 = total of £155. Would that incur vat and import duties?
  19. Well just to finish I got 4 glass shelves cut (edge polished) to same as original size; most uk suppliers will be 4 or 6mm whereas the ikea ones are 5mm. (Got four shelves as I bought two of these cabinets, you can fit an extra two shelves in each cabinet). I went 6mm but if I did it again I would go 4mm, the glass is pretty heavy so I’m a bit annoyed with myself although it doesn’t matter really. Got some extra clips and bodged in some cheap led I had and it looks ok. If I ever get more time I would buy slightly brighter / whiter led but I just used what I had. Glass cost was fifty quid.
  20. Hmmm I will shortly be using rfid labels lol I made a decent stab at it this afternoon and will be making some labels for the main boxes as above eg for off road / on road tyres etc.
  21. Hmm seems better organised than mine. I have enough boxes but it’s the categorisation of what should go where is harder than you think. Eg say you have a storage box with spare motors in - do you keep all the empty motor boxes (if they came in them like brushless often do) in there too? Or should empty boxes go to separate place
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