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  1. Hi all, in my quest to refurb a well used boomerang i purchased from ebay- i pinging 2 of the gearbox 'c'clips into the universe never to be seen again. so i purchased a re-re parts bag with the larger 'C' clips but they do not fit (?) the gearbox housing will not close properly with them installed so my question is does anyone know where i can pick up some old school original 'c' clips as pictured below?? (ive searched the forum and the ol'google but not coming up with anything) thanks guys
  2. https://www.modelsport.co.uk/index.php?product_id=379924 Egress re re- modelsport are saying 31st may at £450. Id like to see a boomerang re re, just for my own selfish reasons. Or in fact just re-re the bumper! Unless anyone on here has a bumper?
  3. update!....sorted! moves a treet now,still a little slip at full but apparently expected. ive got a dirt tuned in and put a 4300mh batt, and it was flying! I might put an ez run brushless in?? whoever had it before didnt put the SE7 shims in, they could never of had it running correctly, thats why the knobbles on the tires was still good- now they are half gone!
  4. yep moves but slips like mad until full speed, im just putting it back together, i found that it didnt have the SE7 shims in it at all, ive put some small shims I had lying around in and tightened it right up, gonna see how it moves now.............
  5. Hi all, Its been a while but im trying to sort the Monster Racer I found on a skip! http://www.tamiyaclu...showtopic=56809 When I found it I needed to buy drive shafts to get it going. its a good car and my son loves it but it slips like mad. It had a silver can in it and slipped from day 1, I stripped the diff down and cleaned it etc and put ball grease on, put it back together then put a dirt tuned motor in. it still slips like mad, I know that they slip but this seems excessive (even with the silver can in). before I strip it down again can I ask if anyone has any experience with this issue and how they sorted it. I have goggled and had a look around but Im not getting alot back. Im wondering if I havnt tightened something up enough? or I have notice in the instructions it states....14 *differential can be adjusted by using more or less spacers.....(see below) any help would be appreciated, its a good car! thanks dave
  6. Morning! just having a look through a star wars production book I have and spotted some tamiya boxes in the pic, the caption that goes with it reads "peterson and johnson conduct a tour for business folks,behind them are the kits that will be "bashed" for parts" beginings of a star destroyer on the table... My god im a geek! But thought it would be of mild interest to someone....
  7. Hi all Im gonna get my DI back on the road, i stopped using it after I popped and lost a front driveshaft, it also cracked the front diff joint. Im gonna replace but should I get uprated parts for it?? , I have an ezrun brushless and a 4300mah batt so there is a bit more power. I have to order some dampers for my tamtech from stella, so was gonna order what I need from there if I can is this what I need?? http://www.stellamodels.net/catalog/produc...roducts_id=2712 Or is this???!!?? http://www.stellamodels.net/catalog/produc...roducts_id=4356 And should I get this to replace the driveshaft??? or is there an upgrade option somewhere im missing... http://www.stellamodels.net/catalog/produc...roducts_id=4173 Thanks in advance dave
  8. anyone know if the green is a colourway and why the "mexico" decal on it?? thanks dave
  9. it has some sort of yellow rear bumper in the box?? anyone?
  10. so, what do you think of that?? I have no idea about what im dealing with here,it was before my time. Love it though, i want to run it again so you can forget all that preservation! What happens from here shall I strip it and regrease the gears?? I have notice that the diff doesnt work?? is it fixed?? shall I repaint in original colours, and why is it green?? so many questions, please help me out...
  11. sorry for being a nob, but the photobucket upload takes a bit of time
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