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  1. I am trying to help and contribute as much as you have been helping me, Adam. Thanks a lot, again. And I am sincerely looking forward to see the alloy air filter mount you planned to fabricate for our two replicas. The search for the company name of the sticker is very exciting on his own. But personally I believe a replica has to be as close from the original as it can possibly be (obviously only based on available articles, pictures and testimonies). That is the reason why I have and will have only one replica project at a time, till I get everything complete. A "RC life's project" for me, yes I do admit. I catched that friendly virus ;)
  2. March 1990 I Think. Large articles published in French magazines in April 1990.
  3. As you may know, I have also been working on a Sanada Replica. I had many contacts with the writer/photographer of the French articles showing Super Sport winning car. He does not have original pictures cause it belongs to the magazine... which does not exist anymore. I tried to contact the owner of the magazine at that time, no reply. Heard the material may be with the Belgium printing company of the magazine... who knows. Then I thought about other ways. 1- try to get in touch with other Mugen Official drivers, especially the second place driver. 2- try to find a way to contact the bangkok track. But apparently does not exist anymore. I think the biggest chance we have would be to find a media in Thailand to publish the sticker picture and ask who knows about the company. Maybe via the Thailand RC federation ? Facebook is a very powerful tool in that respect. What surprises me is the fact that apparently we cannot find any other article about the race from other countries than France ?! A quest to find other articles from that period is a very promising route also. Who can help us in this ?
  4. Hi Adam, Could you please scan with high resolution the Sanwa stickers please ? As I believe i will never be able to find original ones like yours. thank you very much in anticipation alex
  5. Hi Adam, could you please scan with high resolution the Sanwa stickers please ? thank you very much in anticipation alex
  6. None of the Bangkok pictures clearly allow identification of front brake system, due to air filter hiding this area of the car. But this does not mean it was not already used then ? And again, Christophe Rolland articles do mention several times usage of front break system ?
  7. You are correct, it is Sanadaโ€™s car, with red neck. But it is non sense wearing Machine A stickers and using Machine 1 radio... ๐Ÿ˜‰ How far with the custom aluminum air filter bend Adam ? Thanks Alex
  8. Sure this car was Sanadaโ€™s one ? He used the number 1 at some stage ?
  9. Hi Adam, just a quick one. Sanada-san had a Machine 1 remote and not a Machine A. This has also an impact on the sticker. Bye, Alex ๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. Another question I had : are front wheels identical to rear ones, or smaller ?
  11. Hi Adam, Good to see your project moving forward nicely ;) Not clearly shown on any available picture from that race as far as i remember, but it is written in all articles about Bangkok 1990 and later on in articles about Super Sport version the fact that Mugen official cars in Bangkok were using new front brake system.
  12. I have a Machine 1 transmitter, looking for the receiver now. Regarding the air filter bend and stickers, can you give me a hand please ? thanks, alex
  13. Hi Adam, Alex from France, the other Sanada Replica man... ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yes, am a lot interested in Sanwa red/black switch + battery holder, thanks. Am also looking for a full set of exact Bangkok Mugen tires. And wondering whether front wheels were same size than rear ones...I am still looking for a Sanwa Machine 1 receiver, reference shall be SRC-2305RZ. Regarding the Thailand company sticker on the side of the wing, what is the name of the company please ?! If Sanada-san cannot remember, can we get in touch with other Bangkok 1990 Mugen drivers, as I understood they were 11 Mugen drivers ? I know the French driver who wrote one of the two French articles about 1990 championships, will see what he can remember from that event... About stickers, as said Adam, I would be very great full to buy from you a full set for body and wing. And also a picture of the sticker on the Mugen blue fuel filter, need to reproduce it as mine is in bad condition. I would like to meet you in the UK at some point to confirm a couple of small mounting things, such as dampers and servos you mentioned in your posts. And maybe go to Japan and get both cars signed by Sanada-san... considering it would be acceptable, and maybe nice, to have two replicas, but not in same country... ๐Ÿ˜‰ It has been a nice cooperation so far (more profitable to me than to you cause you are much more advanced than me), a friendly communication between two Mugen SuperSport addicts. Letโ€™s keep on progressing on our projects together like this...
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