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  1. DaveB

    Manta Ray Essential Upgrades

    Thanks taffer, I've used Fusion in the past and they've always been great, I'm just not a fan of the fact that they don't have live stock on their website. I've fired them an email to ask if they have a 20t RW pinion in stock. BTW, what happened to their phone number, it no longer works and they don't list a contact number on their site?
  2. DaveB

    Manta Ray Essential Upgrades

    Yeah, I've used them before, they have no stock of of 20t unfortunately.
  3. DaveB

    Manta Ray Essential Upgrades

    Thanks for all the replies so far peeps, great information I've looked everywhere for a steel 20t 0.6 pinion here in the UK, can't find one anywhere so ended up just going for a tamiya AV aluminium one. Not ideal but no other options. I don't have the budget for a brushless right now and I already own a nib BZ so I think that's the route I'll take for now. Bearings, full plastic gears and hard shaft/motor mount are all ordered
  4. DaveB

    Manta Ray Essential Upgrades

    Thanks everyone. I was reading another thread on here that was saying the best combination is ball diff in rear gear diff in front. The commenter said, if built correctly the ball diff needs virtually no maintenance but also allows for a bit of give with hot motors? Also, should I go with a smaller pinion if I'm using a hotter motor, and where do you get the steel pinions from in the UK, can only see them available from the US (on ebay). Thanks
  5. DaveB

    Top Force re-re

    Very nice, some great mods there 👍
  6. Hi I've just purchased a re re Manta Ray and I'm planning on using it as a runner. I don't want to go stupid fast so am toying with the idea of a hot (ish) brushed setup, possibly a Super Stock BZ. I've also purchased a ball diff set for the rear, hard prop shaft and motor mount set and of course full bearings. Just wondering what the consensus is with other essential upgrades, I don't want to spend loads here, but am keen to get it reliable. Any input much appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi I've recently acquired an almost new vintage Hotshot which is in incredible condition. There are some few minor issues I need to address, one of them being that the resistor wires were soldered on to the resistor pins but two have come away and need reattaching. What I need to know is, can you still get hold of the original Tamiya heat shrink tube and, if not, what would be a good equivalent? Also, theres some ancient Futaba radio gear fitted that I'd like to swap out for some Acoms, can you tell me if I ditch the kit supplied BEC switch if my acoms receiver has BEC built in, would I just use the acoms supplied standard switch? Any help much appreciated, thanks
  8. DaveB

    DB01R rear uprights

    Thanks. Are they a straight swap?
  9. DaveB

    DB01R rear uprights

    Hi Can anyone tell me the standard/stock rear upright toe-in degrees for a DB01R please?
  10. What's the correct lube, Tamiya ball diff lube?
  11. Hi What's the period hop-up motor for the madcap, would it be a Dynotech? Also, where there any other Hop-Ups aside from the Hi-Caps and metal gear plate? Thanks
  12. So I've just purchased a nearly new Madcap that's only been run a couple of times indoors. Just wondering what's the hotest motor I can put in it without risking the diff, and what other sensible mods would you advise. It will mainly be a shelfer with a bit of light use. Thanks
  13. DaveB

    Madcap Compatible Shocks

    How do they perform?
  14. Hi Does anyone know if the Tamiya DT-03 CVA shock kit will suite the Madcap, they appear to be of similar size and fitment? Thanks
  15. So I've just purchased a NIB vintage (original issue) Stadium Thunder, and I'm wondering what official upgrades are available for this truck. Initially I'd like a Tamiya steel pinion, I believe they are 0.8 pitch but not 100% sure? Anyway, I'm struggling to find anything on ebay for this. What other (if any) upgrades can I get for this, and I'd appreciate any info or experiences of current owners of this truck. Photo's wouldn't go a miss either Thanks all