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  1. thanx alot for the help.[] didnt mean to spark a fight. i will have a mess about and see how it goes. regards
  2. thanx for the replies, i had used the search at the top of the page but no one had actually mentioned that you needed abs/pvc tyres at the front. and i was basicaly just checking so i didnt blow aload of cash on something i didnt require.:-) regards beaman
  3. been looking through the forum over the last 50 pages looking for info on drifting, i may sound totally stupid but was wondering this? how many drift tyres do you need? because i assume when drifting you only require the rear wheels to drift and the front wheels to steer, i cant find any other infomation about this and thought you lot were the best people to ask. while im asking on the subject any more information on this would be most helpful. running a tt01 chassis 27t motor, esc, adjustable rear arms, adjustable stearing linkages, regards beaman
  4. hi, i have just brought a grasshopper/hornet chassis and im going to restore it as it is in excellent condition, but i want to restore it to original . now the problem is im unsure which model it is as it has hornet tyres on but coil springs all round. this might sound stupid but it says grasshopper in the chassis butdid tamiya stamp the grasshopper and hornet with there individual names? any help with this would be much appreciated. regards beaman
  5. hi thanx for that, will have to see what wheels i can get to fit. cheers
  6. hi im new to this site and was wondering if anyone could help. i have just purchased a second hand ta01 chassis off ebay and was wondering how i tell what model it is for ie cosworth, celica etc. ive had a good look at the chassis and it says a 1990 manta ray, but bother gearboxes are red and i understand the manta ray has black gear boxes. any help would be appreciated.
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