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  1. I had to get one of these, as I had wanted a GF-01 since release, however there was no way I was buying the Toyota FJ! I built it stock with bearings, and its a hoot with a 2s lipo A couple of photo's of mine with some homemade CAT stickers. And with some RC4WD Rock Crusher tyres.
  2. Wheely kings axles are a fiar bit wider than hi-lift axles.
  3. igbandy

    How many non tamiyas do you own

    Around 30 non tamiya, against 25 or so Tamiya.
  4. igbandy

    Now for something a bit smaller...

    Take a look at the Maverick ion series of 1/18's. Same running gear as the mini recon but 10 quid less. Maverick being a part of HPI.
  5. igbandy

    Tamtech @ Radshape

    I have two Tamtech GT-01 a poorly Porsche 934 and a Ferrari GTO. They are 1:12 scale marvels, the stock motor is rubbish but with a decent brushed or a mild brushless the chassis is a hoot. If you go for a hotter motor you must add alloy outdrives to the diff otherwise it will melt down hence my poorly 934. Oil shocks are also advisable! There are a fair few genuine Tamiya hop ups and some 3rd party ones. Tamiya are re-releasing the GB-03 Hotshot and I think another model soon but with 2.4ghz Radio.
  6. igbandy

    One R/C One Photo - Post Your Favourite.

    My re-re XR
  7. igbandy

    One R/C One Photo - Post Your Favourite.

    My Defender 130" 6x6
  8. igbandy

    One R/C One Photo - Post Your Favourite.

    My Land Rover 101" forward control
  9. igbandy

    XC Motors

    I run a rebuildbable 80 turn motor in one of my CC-01`s, usually on 3s lipo power. And it is very good, even better on 4s. Tamiya`s CR tuned motor was designed with the CR-01 in mind as its gearbox needed a decent rpm on 2s life or 6 cell nimh(dont forget Tamiya do not recognise LIPO as a power source), due to its epicyclic design. I run 3s in most of my scale and crawler rigs using 32turn, 35 turn, 45 turn, 48 turn, 55 turn, 80 turn, it is so much nicer. A 55 turn motor on 3s produces a fair bit of power. Volt up, and gear down.
  10. igbandy

    TT-Gear Porsche Turbo RSR - GT01 Type 934

    I love the GT-01 chassis, yes when stock its slow and boingy. With a brushless and some oil shocks, they are great fun. But if you go brushless please get the alloy diff outdrives, otherwise you will probably melt the stock plastic ones as I did in my 934.
  11. igbandy

    Sensor Wire Question - Required ?

    It will run without the sensor cable, but try and get a longer sensor cable (they are available in different lengths) The motor will run alot smoother with a sensor cable.
  12. igbandy

    TEU105BK with LiPos?

    No Tamiya ESC comes with Lipo Cut off voltage. As Tamiya do not recognise LIPO as a power source. The 105 does come with LIFE cut off, which is as you say too low. The 105 will handle LIPO no problem, but you may want to use an external Cut off/alarm device. I only use nimh`s in my Full option Tamiya Tiger 1, everything else gets a LIPO up it. Brushed or Brushless.
  13. igbandy

    Which esc?

    ESC`s usually "stutter" a couple of times then stop, when the lipo is at its cut off voltage.
  14. For an educated guess its a 20 turn single, rpm wise with 6cell nimh low 20,000`s. With a 2s lipo add 1000rpm.
  15. igbandy

    Grease is the word...

    I use an industrial parts washer when I am at work This is brilliant, cleans very well. Also removes paint from bodyshells When I am not at work, or just have a few smaller items to do, I have one of the following filled with Safety Klean Greaseater fluid. An original Boomerang has had a clean down in the above item this week, parts came up like new.