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  1. Front anti-Rolll bar or a stiffer spring on the front shock. You need to stop the front from compressing so much that it lifts the rear tires.
  2. Not a whole lot more than than a normal chassis. I would say maybe 50% more. If you find the right person maybe double. For the chassis tub only. I would guess somewhere around $20-$25 USD.
  3. Since the turck isn't all original, I would simply replace the parts that are breaking with the re-release pieces and keep running it. Like others have said, the ORV chassis wasn't the best even when new but it has lasted you this long. Now that the re-release is out there, parts are dirt cheap.
  4. I've been using marine grade "green grease" on everything except for ball diffs for the past 20 yrs. Never had an issue with any of them. I don't see the need for a bunch of different greases laying around.
  5. I disagree. While there are a ton of poeple that have no clue trying to sell cars for big numbers, there are still reasonable people out there that know what they have and know what it's really worth. I picked up a lightly used RC10 A Stamp for $90 shipped to my door about two months ago and Grasshoppers and Hornets are a dime a dozen. Problem is this. When the cars with reasonable prices are posted they get bought right away. Most listing now have a buy it now price and they get snapped up quick. I personally spent about 10 mins every morning and ev3ening looking at newliy listed cars on Ebay. This is how I find my deals.
  6. As others have said, you can run a Silver can in just about anything as they are normal 540 sized motors. A few years back we had a silver can class at one of the local tracks. It was a handout motor class where they would give you the motor about 10 mins before the race started. It had to be installed with Tamiya style bullet connectors. They went one step further and made sure all the cars weighted within 1 oz of each other. If you were too light you had to add weight. If you were too heavy then that was your problem. I ran an Associated B4 in that class for a long time and did very well. Wish it was still around.
  7. Never run 6S in anything but I have done 3S in a Grasshopper with a MM7700 some years back. I started with a MM5700 on a normal 6 call NiMh pack and that was insane but just couldn’t leave it alone. Before I knew it, I had the 3S and the 7700 KV motor in it and destroying tires on pretty much every run.
  8. Hello, I've been kicking around the idea of building a 58044 tribute using the Montero 58499 as a base. I already have the necessary Brat wheels and tires and I'm well onmy way but I've hit a snag. Not sure what to use for the suspension. Can anyone tell me if the suspension was used on any other cars? Are the front shafts and springs the same as used on the Grasshopper and hornet by any chance?
  9. Love the Striker. I've had one since I was in my late teens and had a blast with it but broke the chassis several times. Many years ago I found a hobby shop that was clearing out their Tamiya inventory and they just happen to have a bunch of Striker parts so I bought pretty much everything they had. I ended up throwing everything in a box and it's been sitting on the shelf in the basement for close to 20 yrs untouched. With all of these Striker threads poping up, it's making me want to get down there and get started on it. I'm looking forward to your build.
  10. SO far I have all of the LunchBox releases and actually did my own Red version and an all white version last year. I'm looknig forward to this Red version and have ordered a bunch of white parts for the build to match the strips.
  11. I've had this happen a couple of times. I learned two things. First I like to use a heat gun when I install the decals to get them to bend and conform to the bodies a bit better. Next I learned to put on more clear coat. I typically 5 or 6 coats of clear. Since doing this I haven't had a single decal popup.
  12. Nice build. Glad to see someone actually using one of these. I was interested in one but the cost is too high at this point. Some are selling ffor well over $600 on Ebay. Someone needs to send a scan of the decals to MCI so the rest of use can get our hands on them
  13. I used Traxxas Slash Front shocks and springs on the rear of my MadBull. They were a direct fit and really improved the hopping around that the car had with the normal pogo sticks.
  14. The more I think about this the more i feel we will see a Grasshopper Super G and maybe a Super Hornet.
  15. The frst company I looked at when I wanted a new RC before the MAP Pricing. Now it's pretty far down the list.
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