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  1. Thanks Mongoose. That is the one I was looking at (although the Aldi version). Think I'll go that way, but have to say, I am totally confused about what wheels I would need and use. I have found one online retailer metalpolishingsupplies.co.uk who provide a spindle adaptor for it (as well as a complete Silverline one with full polishing kit) and the screw on type buffering wheels, but then it seems you can also get small wheels which I assume would go straight onto the 10mm shafts without any need for adaptors! All very confusing. Any help for us uninitiated would be appreciated about the use of these (from anyone of course, not just M)
  2. Thanks guys for the responses. Mongoose - DO you have a small 3" one or larger? There seem to be mixed reviews on whether the small ones have enough power for the polishing / buffing wheels. I was hoping to go small rather than larger, mainly for noise, size on bench, and also dirt / dust which I assume wil be thrown further with a larger and faster wheel speed. Kayak - Nice finish. Definitely what I am after. My other option is to simply us my dremel and mount it in a clamp when I need to use it fixed to the bench. I guess that is not going to be so easy or quick to get an all over consistent finish for the larger parts as a larger wheel though.
  3. Spurned on by my desire to strip and polish / clean an SRB chassis over the winter got me thinking about polishers and buffers and whether it was worth buying a mini bench grinder and fitting polishing wheels. Has anyone any experience with similar please?
  4. Thought I'd give this a bump this since I have managed to miss a couple of contenders on auction sites!
  5. I've looked that these before but never went through with them. It would be interesting to understand how good they are please? Strong colours? effective metallic? etc etc.
  6. Having cleaned up and rebuilt the first of my 2 king blackfoots (blackfeet ? ) over the weekend, I want to now restore the body which is in a bit of a state (you might be able to make it out in photo below). Anyway, I assume tamiya primer and then TS sprays will work perfectly? I am hoping to be able to get a primer down and then fill and sand all the scratches etc out. Will the chrome also accept the same treatment? Thanks
  7. Target is to end up with restored F150 and sand scorcher to sit alongside the RR and SC that I am restoring now. Expecting them to be longer term projects as funds allow, so looking for 2 chassis to start with. No need to have wheels or bodies, but would prefer most other hardware to be included if possible. Please let me know what you have and your price. Thanks .
  8. Thats good news. Amazing the price variation there seems to be despite this!
  9. A quick bump for my earlier question..... Are there any differences between front tyres on original super champ, frog, hornet and grasshopper and the re-re versions? Thanks
  10. Just came across this site when searching for something. Still new having only been set up 3 months ago, but I wondered if anyone knew anything about them or had tried them already? Thanks
  11. So, as an update to this, my UsC has sat on the shelf waiting for me to act. Well, that time has come as this winter will see a few cars stripped down and cleaned up. Question now is what liquid to put in it? I intend to stick all chassis parts, metal and plastic in. Do I simply buy any degreaser off the shelf and use that? Screwfix do a 5lt bottle of Heavy Duty Degreaser for £9. Is that what I should be using? Thanks
  12. Well, I now have @Grumpy pants (thank you) original Rough Rider wheels and tyres and added alloy outer caps bought from pargustore. Going to follow this up with a set of solid alloys from them for the super champ. Are there any differences between all the front tyres of that size? I am thinking particularly of lettering as well as tread pattern. Thanks
  13. Thanks guys. I'll continue to use the bottle I have then, although Baddon, I am intrigued about full size tyre treatments and whether they are worth going with. Anyone else use full size stuff?
  14. I have a few sets of tyres which I have restored by painting shock oil o and then leaving them in sandwich bags for some time. However, I saw a vid on youtube recently where a guy simply sprayed the tyres using a silicon spray and then put the car back on the shelf. Anyone else do this and what i the result? If so, any recommendations on spray? Thanks
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