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  1. OK, back on this again. Just checked my Hotshot and it contains a 1060 esc which has the low voltage protection for Lipos. I now want to order a new Lipo, but not seems to be a massive selection and I don't trust sizes given online so looking for recommendations based upon actual experiences with Lipos that are the same size as a normal Nimh and so guaranteed to fit the chassis. Thanks
  2. I thought we would have a few CAT experts on here but I guess not.
  3. Is the buggy champ body exactly the same as the origInal rough rider. Research seems to indicate it is. I have decided to add the restoration of my one to the ever increasing project list. Thanks
  4. I am assuming there are suppliers of repro decals around, so looking for information on them please including recommendations and experiences. I am keen to get hold of some for my early F1 cars, but also for a couple of minis. Thanks Andy
  5. I've had these 2 for a while and thinking of giving them a restore. I am guessing that I have a ProCAT and an XLS but looking for confirmation before I order a couple of repro bodies. Talking of which, am I correct in thinking the Penguin shells are pretty good quality? Are there any other details on the cars that anyone can add to, for example are the shocks standard Thanks
  6. Is there a simple summary somewhere that explains what wheels and tyres fit which SRBs please. I had originally thought they were all the same size but seems I was wrong so looking for a easy guide before I buy any more. I can then go through all the spares I have and work out what they are. Note needs to cover all originals and ReRes. Thanks
  7. I am keen to restore a couple of original Blackfoot bodies but wondered what I should do about the numbers and grill. Mine are scratched up pretty bad, but happy to fill and resorts if I can get a good finish, but also wonder if the re-re, whilst different looking, is the same size and shape and so would fit an original body? Any thoughts please? Thanks
  8. I need a chassis or my daughter's fiat 500 shell and also a recently bought aftermarket mini shell so lt me know if you have anything. Doesn't need to be anything flashy as cant see it when shell is on! Also looking for some wheels for both. Not minilites though. Something different / interesting. Thanks
  9. Bumping this back up in hope it will produce a result. Thanks
  10. Before I order some new ones I thought would ask on here to see if anyone wanted to sell any. Sensible prices only though please, this isn't EBay. And ideally UK based. Thanks
  11. I must admit, I am frustrated with the prices at the moment. I am a hobbyist collector, and like to think I am doing my bit also for keeping the 70s and 80s stuff alive. I am not buying cars for profit and do have a good home for them. However, with prices of old stuff also rocketing at moment it is proving impossible for me to buy the old stuff I want / need. My particular interests are SRBs,formula 1 / race cars, minis and Schu CATs. Not long ago an old SRB would have been around £100 for a good example. Now people are asking £250 plus for reasonable ones and still £180 plus for rubbish. Like the next man I also like a bargain. But recently I missed out due to hesitation (my fault I know) on a car for a good price. What annoyed me though was not that as I dont mind loosing to another collector, but that it reappeared on EBAY again only a week later with a new price 2.5 times what it was bought for. On the plus side though, not buying any more chassis will give me a chance to focus on the projects i have.
  12. Thanks for the replies guys. So I will keep an eye out for a set of Tamiya 4 spoke revolutions. In the mean time, where can I start to source other alloys from. Anyone used RC_Lover recently on Ebay, and more specifically bought the SRB set of wheels? Are they my only option? Thanks
  13. I have a real soft spot for real alloy wheels, and this year intend to "restore" my super champ and rough rider, as well as a couple of others. Where is the best place to buy alloy wheels from (new and second hand). I did see a post on here mentioning RC_Lover (I think) but are there any recommendations. I would also love a set of mini 4 spoke revolutions, but they seem to be like rocking horse poo to find. Anyway, some help would be appreciated.
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