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  1. So I have a few new bodies that I want to get looking great on the shelf and after some of the secrets to a better body please. They are..... 1. Panel lines - Do they go inside before painting or outside to finish off? I assume pen is best? Which one? Sharpie? 2. Bumpers / grills / window rubbers etc. - Is it best / easier to paint these items afterwards on outside to get better masking access etc. If on the outside, I am guessing I can use my airbrush with any acrylic primers and top coast designed for plastics? 3. Roll bars - What's best way to approach these please? What materials are best? Thanks all. That's should help for starters. Andy
  2. https://landlmodels.co.uk/collections/rally-car-bodies-190mm-200mm/products/tc022-ford-escort-mk2-v2?variant=31483526185003 website shows apparent cutting plan but I am keen to hear from someone who has actually done it. thanks.
  3. Is anyone one here able to explain to me the best / correct way of cutting and assembling the rear end of L&L Model's mk2 escort shell please? Thank you
  4. PUT IT IN STORAGE!!!! You'll regret it otherwise!
  5. Seems to be a lot of mixed feelings around the internet about the HPI Firebolt 15. Anyone got any recent running experience comparing to Sport and torque tuned please?
  6. Thanks Sosidge, that's really useful, and it looks like I'll be able to use your suggested motor with my quickrun 1060 ESCs and 2S lipos. Brilliant.
  7. I built the Tyrell 6 wheeler last year with pre painted body and when cutting out the paint cracked and flaked around the cutting. Unless they are pre cut as well I will try and avoid all together as cannot see the point in them. I have also primed over and repainting the driver to give it a better look rather than shiny unrealistic it has currently. So I received no benefit from pre painted shell. Don't get me wrong, I am not brilliant at the whole masking and painting thing, but at least any blemishes are as a direct result of me learning and practicing and I can say its all my own work.
  8. I wanted to hear any views as to how these motors compare to say the Tamiya stock, torque tuned and sport tuned motors please? Are any worth running or best left as a display (which I like incidentally)? I did have a couple serviced many years ago but never then used. Thanks all.
  9. Nice. FYI, I have used a mixture of Vallejo Premium and Hobbynox paints, both intended for lexan/polycarb. However, not sure how good they will compare to Tamiya sprays for longevity on a runner. Have you guys founds yours ok when running?
  10. They look really good moffman. What paint and techniques did you use? Did you need to wet and dry to get the final finish?
  11. Thanks 67C - Masking tape was not the problem, more my ability to get the complex shape into the shell and on sufficiently. Thanks Aerobert. I must admit I was expecting a few more people on here to be airbrushing. What about if I open it up to those who may have done it in the past?
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