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  1. I must admit, I am frustrated with the prices at the moment. I am a hobbyist collector, and like to think I am doing my bit also for keeping the 70s and 80s stuff alive. I am not buying cars for profit and do have a good home for them. However, with prices of old stuff also rocketing at moment it is proving impossible for me to buy the old stuff I want / need. My particular interests are SRBs,formula 1 / race cars, minis and Schu CATs. Not long ago an old SRB would have been around £100 for a good example. Now people are asking £250 plus for reasonable ones and still £180 plus for rubbish. Like the next man I also like a bargain. But recently I missed out due to hesitation (my fault I know) on a car for a good price. What annoyed me though was not that as I dont mind loosing to another collector, but that it reappeared on EBAY again only a week later with a new price 2.5 times what it was bought for. On the plus side though, not buying any more chassis will give me a chance to focus on the projects i have.
  2. Andyfish2000

    Alloy Wheels - Where can I get some?

    Thanks for the replies guys. So I will keep an eye out for a set of Tamiya 4 spoke revolutions. In the mean time, where can I start to source other alloys from. Anyone used RC_Lover recently on Ebay, and more specifically bought the SRB set of wheels? Are they my only option? Thanks
  3. I have a real soft spot for real alloy wheels, and this year intend to "restore" my super champ and rough rider, as well as a couple of others. Where is the best place to buy alloy wheels from (new and second hand). I did see a post on here mentioning RC_Lover (I think) but are there any recommendations. I would also love a set of mini 4 spoke revolutions, but they seem to be like rocking horse poo to find. Anyway, some help would be appreciated.
  4. Andyfish2000

    Project clear out (UK)

    Pm sent
  5. I would like to spend the summer focusing on a couple of F1 car restorations, so wondered if anyone has anything available please. I have a couple of half projects of the earliest ones, which I hope to turn into a single good one but would like another to also sit alongside if at right price. thanks Andy
  6. If Carts ain't interested I definitely am. I have a NIP shell that I am desperate to paint up and stick on an M chassis for the shelf. Thanks Andy
  7. Having put the cars down for the last year or so whilst I built up my flying capability, I have a renewed interest again in getting some of the cars running. One thing that I have avoided up to now is lipo batteries and brushless motors, but with the planes mostly having them i have begun to understand some of the benefits and so thought I ought to consider upgrading the cars. So my first one is likely to be my hotshot re re. It currently has a sport tuned Tamiya black motor which obviously adds some speed, Would I gain a lot from simply getting a lipo (and LVC) for it on its current set up or should I also consider brushless motor and new ESC? Thanks Andy
  8. Recently I have noticed a lot of relisting of cars despite having successfully sold the first time round by sellers on ebay. Then this last week I bought a clod-buster fair and square on ebay, only to receive an email 3 days later from seller saying Royal Mail had crushed the parcel and my money had been refunded. Truck now relisted in exactly the same condition and photos except just at a higher price with no evidence or mention of issues. How common is this? Are there any ebay rules this is breaking?
  9. Andyfish2000

    Any owners of Losi Micro DT 1/36

    Losi do a 2S Lipo but I cant find it i the UK. I may contact my LHS but suspect they will be very expensive. My thoughts was around trying to find a suitable cheaper alternative (perhaps a turnigy). As it goes, Hobbyking do an eflight which apparently can be used at 5 batteries for £16 so could get those and sell 4 of them on to other Micro owners (or get me an eflight model plane lol). I'm off to do some measuring!
  10. Andyfish2000

    Any owners of Losi Micro DT 1/36

    I've just taken delivery of an old Micro Desert Truck 1/36 scale. Always wanted one, and it was a bit of a chance as was cheap cause not working. Having tested , it looks like the battery and/or charger (I would assume the former) have died. A quick search threw up that they can cope with a 2S lipo, and with a bit of connector hacking I have tested with success using one of my larger plane lipos. So, now I need to source a tiny 2S that will fit in place of the original NIMH and solder new connectors. I wondered if anyone else has one and if they have hopped it up or run standard. I'd also be interested in sourcing spares and hop ups so links to suppliers in UK would be great. Thanks
  11. Thanks mate. I've sent you a PM in relation to this and also to help solve your other issue. Andy
  12. Andyfish2000

    Tamiya M05 A-Parts improved?

    Had exactly this problem over the weekend when finally finishing my Monte Carlo Mini. Some research threw up that it was a change between M05 and M05 ver2. No reference in the instructions and no changes in pictures to reflect it. I just took a hacksaw to it and now I have no problems with fit. For all the good things with Tamiya, it seems they occasionally get lazy.
  13. MrDGH111. This is exactly what I am looking for so please contact me when you have a price in mind. Thanks Andy
  14. Andyfish2000

    Ultrasonic cleaner - worth getting?

    I have to admit I had gone cold on the idea of buying one of these since starting this thread. However, I'm back on the case, so any recommendation on specific models or shops would be great. At moment I am thinking of the JPL £40 version at Maplins, but happy to consider others. Thanks