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  1. Thanks Juhunio. Stickers turned up safe and sound today. Your a gent.
  2. Arrived safe and sound today. Thanks Jontea. Had to blag it with the wife with the usual ending of "This can be my Christmas present". Not sure how many times that will work this year though!!!!!
  3. I would like to build myself one of each, but apart from the kamtec shells, i don't know what else is available for bodies and wheels so am,y help is appreciated please. Thanks
  4. If its not I would appreciate a PM please. Thanks
  5. Hmmm yes, perhaps a sand viper would be fun to hop up and run. I feel another wanted thread coming on.....along with a for sale one. 😀👍
  6. Got myself an unbuilt rising fighter cheap on eBay, and was going to let daughter build and drive but both of them are happy with a madbull and new fighters, so wondering what to do with it now and looking for suggestions thoughts so far - 1). A recent lockdown driving competition in the garden demonstrated how uncompetitive my hotshot was, so thinking I could build it, maybe add a sport tuned and lipo, to race the kids in garden 2) sell / part ex / swap it for a better off roader that would drive, handle and look better 3) I am keen to build something that I could hop up with a load of bling which was on show (unlike my hopped up on roaders which get fully covered by a shell) but unsure if the RF is worth it or something else would be better with more available cheap parts on eBay from china. Any thoughts please?
  7. Thanks Jonathon. I’ve also done some searching today and hadn’t realised it would be so difficult. So, I’ve spoken to my daughter and agreed that wheel controller it is. with that in mind, I am still after a flysky GT3C.
  8. hahahaha. Well, would you believe it, my daughter just tried an old 27mhz futaba stick controller and preferred it!!!! So, what is the equivalent budget 2.4ghz stick controller with cheap receivers to the GT3C?
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