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  1. I’ve managed to sort a couple of empty boxes so happy to offer these as +postage (uk only) if anyone interested. At least a couple of them anyway. 👍
  2. I have decided to move on my projects as I just don’t have tome or space for them now. Collection only from Epsom area in North Surrey or Chichester area of Sussex. PM me if interested and want more details on any of the cars. Prices are what I would like to achieve but happy to consider offers. 😊 Please remember these are projects and not shelf queens and most have not had any time from me including in many cases even cleaning them up. 1. Beatties Bag – Good condition with working zip and card inner. Some rust spots on metal fastenings. £25 2. Original grasshopper project. -Sold 3. Rising Fighter - £60. Built new from kit. Unrun. Fully ballraced. I airbrushed the body and wing as an experiment using “Green Stuff Colour Changing Metal acrylics” and the friction shocks with some “Vallejo silver acrylic”. No clear or top coats have been applied so I would suggest this remains on the shelf or the buyer protects it somehow as I would imagine would be susceptible to scratching easily 4. Frog - £50. Original Frog (no shell ) including tatty box 5. Tamiya Land Cruiser 40 Pick Up (GF-01). £80 Has been used and so is suffering from scratches as the thing wheelies and flips well. Despite that it is not in bad condition though. Includes steering servo but no motor or other electronics. 6. Castrol Tom’s Supra 2000 - £90. Shell has a couple of cracks over front arches and also one headlight has a puncture. Some stickers are peeling and paint scratched of in from front end. Chassis looks unscratched so I assume maybe indoors only running. Includes 2 servos, mechanical speedo and silver can. 7. Kyosho Outrage - Sold 8. Unknown 1 - £50 - I love the look of this car but have no idea on what it is or its history 9. Unknown 2 - £50 – Again, I know nothing of what this is or its history.
  3. I have several shells requiring chassis to sit on for the shelf. Don’t need to be runners or great condition as shell and wheels will hide a lot of that and I can replace little bits as and when. Will just help make the bodies look better please let me know what you have and how much. Thanks.
  4. I got this to try and introduce my then very young daughter into RC but actually skipped this and ended up with a mad bull so turned out ok in the end.
  5. Probably should explain, the lexan camper van came with a midnight pumpkin I bought some years ago and the other shells were always intended as projects that never happened so would rather find someone to make use of them rather than they sit doing nothing.
  6. Anyone interested in one or more of these. Collection for free from Epsom Surrey area or I can find out postage costs if requested. thanks
  7. Had this for years and done nothing with it so happy to move it on but would prefer for someone on here to take it as it is a good example. It worked many years ago so no reason why it wouldn’t now. No charge apart from postage which I can calculate if anyone wants it. Or collection from Epsom, Surrey area. thanks.
  8. Thanks both. Yes Pylon80, I was hoping to buy the longer axles from the kit. But I am beginning to wonder how many kits are actually shipped with them as research is indicating not many.
  9. After no replies on here I did a more in depth search and I am getting the impression this is not as easy as I thought. Am I heading for disappointment?
  10. Finally getting round to preparing my L&L Mk2 escort over a TT02 chassis and realised I need wider tread on back, Thought I would ask here first before hitting eBay if anyone has a pair of the longer axles please? thanks.
  11. Thanks jb. Have already spoken to GP about his but seeing what else is out there as I don’t need shell or wheels so trying to reduce buying unnecessary parts.
  12. Looking to finally put a sand scorcher together to sit between my Rough Rider and Super Champ. Will be buying a new shell and new alloy wheels so a basic no thrills rolling chassis to restore is what I am after. Original / re re or a mixture, I don’t mind. Thanks.
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