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  1. Me to Junkmunki but accept that I am in a queue.
  2. I have 2 new shells ready for the schumacher cat rebuilds, but thought I would use the old ones for a bit of learning instead of sending to landfill. So, I got my airbrush out which I want to learn to use properly and ended up with these experiments....... Going to try a few more and then go for a couple of proper shells. Used Halfords Plastic primer and then a mix of different acrylics. Didnt even bother to remove all the stickers. LOL These need work but I know where I went wrong.... This was just to try my kids acrylics and see what it looked like.....
  3. Is the only way to know when I have a new comment left against a car in my showroom to rely on emails, or should the site show something when I refresh my showroom page for example? If it is just emails, any chance we can have a mod please? Thanks
  4. I would be interested at the right price. I already have one of these that I made most of as a kid and to be honest ruined it with spraying teh body when no need to so would be good to have another go! Where are you?
  5. This was a spur of moment ebay buy. Doesn't seem to be anything special. Shocks are alloy. Not convinced the body is original. Thanks
  6. Car Database 58213 is listed as Ferrari F103b. However, correct model name should be Ferrari F310b. Only noticed when adding a new car today.
  7. Damian35 - Did this ever get resolved. I have just tried updating photos as they were showing rotated and also replace a couple with new ones and some have worked others not.
  8. The driver that came with the pre painted tyrrell P34 body is lexan and not life like so I want to repaint the outside adding some shading, highlights etc. Car will be shelf queen, so wondered if a simple airbrush primer then acrylic paints would do the job. Would happily finish with a Matt varnish if it helped it stay on. Any thoughts please? Thanks
  9. aaaarrrrggggggg. Missed out on Percymon's SRBs! So, still looking!
  10. I wondered if there was any build experience of last year release of the 6 wheel tyrrell? I built the chassis over Christmas and today decided to tackle the pre-painted body. I've only done a few bodies over the years so certainly not an expert, but have absolutely hated this one. My biggest problem is the pre-painting. Any cutting using tamiya body scissors ended in paint flaking around the cut as did some of the cutting when scoring with a knife on the outside. So, in my experience, Tamiya pre-painted bodies are a selling gimmick and nothing more. Any one else have any thoughts?
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