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  1. aaaarrrrggggggg. Missed out on Percymon's SRBs! So, still looking!
  2. I wondered if there was any build experience of last year release of the 6 wheel tyrrell? I built the chassis over Christmas and today decided to tackle the pre-painted body. I've only done a few bodies over the years so certainly not an expert, but have absolutely hated this one. My biggest problem is the pre-painting. Any cutting using tamiya body scissors ended in paint flaking around the cut as did some of the cutting when scoring with a knife on the outside. So, in my experience, Tamiya pre-painted bodies are a selling gimmick and nothing more. Any one else have any thoughts?
  3. Thanks G. Not great photo but hopefully this will help. I did a quick polish above the "nut" which came up great. Not sure what to do with the rest though. Ma have to get some stronger compound and see what happens.
  4. So I am about to start my restorations of an original Procat and XLS, and my starting point is to polish up a spare set of shock bodies ahead of the strip down. Has anyone successfully managed this and if so what process did you go through please? I have a set of compounds and about to order a load of new heads for the dremel as well as new polishing mops for my new 3" bench grinder but would like, in the interests of efficiency, to use previous lessons learnt if poss. Looking at the shocks I have the surfaces seem to have 2 shades on them. Did they have a coating originally that could be worn, or could it be oxidisation perhaps? Thanks
  5. I have recently started painting small warhammer characters with my kids and found that my eyes are not what they used to be. I spent quite a time looking around at options and in the end I invested in a couple of cheap flexible armed desk lamps from Amazon, and purchased daylight LED bulbs for them. They light the space brilliantly. Also bought myself some magnifying glasses with interchangeable lenses that I wear when doing the fine stuff. Desk is a standard Ikea one but I have an A1 cutting mat (currently cheap in The Works) which is green and a matt ish finish. Can sit there for ages working away now.
  6. Hahahaha. No. I now have some alloy outers for both my rough rider and super champ. I still want some 4 spokes to put on a mini. thanks for your concern though.
  7. Thanks for the response Jugular. Now have a set on order. But Arrrgggghhhh, the strip down continues and more broken parts are found. I received a red parts tree this week to replace all those bits. But have now found one of the rear arms is broken where the suspension mounts, the rear of the chassis top is broken and one of the front stabiliser stays is also snapped. Unfortunately my box containing 2/3rds of an original hotshot cannot help me with these parts, so my only option is to either buy new from the rere, or maybe look at what "hopups" are available. Any thoughts on alloy replacement parts? Do they exist for hotshots?
  8. I'm looking for a couple of M Chassis to sit some mini shells on. Thanks to Stamatis I now have a set of Tamiya 8 spoke alloys. BUT, they look too good in their boxes, hahaha, so not sure if they will make it on a car!! Looking for the 4 spokes though which I will definitely be fitting to a chassis. Thanks
  9. Just got my second original hotshot and whilst I am keeping the other one true to original, I am considering seeing what changes I can make to this one (as it is already in quite a bad way). I've started to strip it and found that many of the red parts are broken. Weaker material, not aged well or perhaps just used for higher stressed parts? Anyway, I assume I can use the ReRe red Parts Tree to replace them? Also considering new wheels and tyres to change the look somewhat. Where should I start though? I understand I can simply replace the red triangular wheel mounts with standard hex ones, but are there any recommendations for after market wheels and tyres? Thanks Andy
  10. Fabia130vRS Please contact me as a matter of urgency? Many Thanks
  11. Thanks Mongoose. That is the one I was looking at (although the Aldi version). Think I'll go that way, but have to say, I am totally confused about what wheels I would need and use. I have found one online retailer metalpolishingsupplies.co.uk who provide a spindle adaptor for it (as well as a complete Silverline one with full polishing kit) and the screw on type buffering wheels, but then it seems you can also get small wheels which I assume would go straight onto the 10mm shafts without any need for adaptors! All very confusing. Any help for us uninitiated would be appreciated about the use of these (from anyone of course, not just M)
  12. Thanks guys for the responses. Mongoose - DO you have a small 3" one or larger? There seem to be mixed reviews on whether the small ones have enough power for the polishing / buffing wheels. I was hoping to go small rather than larger, mainly for noise, size on bench, and also dirt / dust which I assume wil be thrown further with a larger and faster wheel speed. Kayak - Nice finish. Definitely what I am after. My other option is to simply us my dremel and mount it in a clamp when I need to use it fixed to the bench. I guess that is not going to be so easy or quick to get an all over consistent finish for the larger parts as a larger wheel though.
  13. Spurned on by my desire to strip and polish / clean an SRB chassis over the winter got me thinking about polishers and buffers and whether it was worth buying a mini bench grinder and fitting polishing wheels. Has anyone any experience with similar please?
  14. Thought I'd give this a bump this since I have managed to miss a couple of contenders on auction sites!
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