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  1. Hi, i am letting go of one of my gems in VW Beetle related collecting. Check out my eBay auction of vintage Kyosho Beetle with it's original box(!!) and additional repro parts (made by integra fan) on sale now. Hope this link works: http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-Kyosho-Beetle-...2#ht_500wt_1156 Don't miss this chance, you might have to wait years for the next one..
  2. Same thing happened to me. I bought product BIN and got an email few days later saying "sorry we're out of stock, would you care to take some other product instead?". I personally think this is very bad customer service, i would even suppose it is against ebay rules to sell stuff if you do not actually have it in stock. Well, i chose to take a few completely different parts instead, rather than hassle with refunds etc. I just wonder why list something non-existent and then create much hassle about it (he must get a ton of email just because of this), rather than just sell what you got and get many returning customers?? Anyways, now they have one less customer and a negative posting on a tamiyaclub bulletin board for everyone to see Sad thing for nothing
  3. True, macs are a tad expensive. But on the brighter side, you get to have much more coolness factor around chicks with them
  4. Once you go Mac, you never go back!! So any Apple geeks here besides me? I'm still running with an low end G4 PPC iBook, wishing i could afford those fancy new intel iMac's one day. Here's the specs: iBook 12" G4 800MHz, 640MB DDR SDRAM, Radeon 9200 Mobility 32MB
  5. Hi CB, i've tried to contact you too about the chassis! =) If you still have even one of these left, please mail me!
  6. Here you can see some polishing done with a dremel using fine wire steel brush attached. It is no way near a proper shine, but even this makes a huge difference on rusty old parts! From that on it is polishing compounds etc to achieve mirror shine.
  7. Hi! I was thinking around with the idea of trying a set of option TamTech dampers (like 3racing oil filled etc) for my Sand Scorcher, as they seem to have perfect dimensions (very close to the originals) - lengths are 65mm & 70mm with a diameter of 9mm. I think scale appearance would be better too with these. Has anyone tried these out? Can they hold the weight of these bigger cars? Or do they just perform too poorly compared to 1/10 dampers? If i'd leave the torsion bars & front springs, they would contribute to the suspension.
  8. OK the pics are online in my showroom It is so dirty it has the smell of the great british countryside in it hehe
  9. Thanks mate! I got to admit I'm not driving it too far either, until i get some seatbelts installed!
  10. A totally rebuilt '63 beetle that i just bought. As Smeagol put it, it's "myyyy preciouuus"
  11. All i have is the auction pics yet, but i'll try to update my showroom soon. Boy what a shed-find this car is, i just can't WAIT to get my resto project going - there's a lot to work on with this rusty-rat baby
  12. A VERY HAPPY ENDING FOR THIS TOPIC!!!! Yep, i have the car right here in front of me, just arrived today!!! Couldn't be happier So i guess those strikes did slow them down and miracles happen after all..
  13. I am seriously hoping for this to be the reason! It is not too comforting reading about these comments of "stolen" or lost stuff.. Ofcourse, the guilty part could be Finnish post too as i know these things can happen here too (yes even in the so called scandinavian "wellfare societies" lol) .
  14. I must admit i feel bit like kicking my own butt for not pressuring the seller more vigorously on sending the packet with the "special delivery", i asked for insured shipping but got no reply from him - then i just kinda let it go and decided to trust on the sellers judgment. I should have really pressed him that i want it sent with full insurance etc But thanks for these infos and support guys, i am really hoping that it would just eventually show up late due to these strikes mentioned. Maybe it is just late, but how long should i wait..
  15. OK i guess 2 weeks is nothing yet then But still... I've received lots of stuff from the UK lately but never ever has it taken this much time, so the situation seems a bit grim to me
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