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  1. Anyone know if there are any, any at all, differences in the Jugg1 and Jugg2 bodies? I know they have different sticker sets and suggested paint color, anything else?? If so what/how would I spot the difference. Thanks!!
  2. If your looking to include NON tamiya kits, dont forget the Traxxax Cat and its offspring.
  3. Still in the mines, replaceing and rebuilding my project TXT-1. I've come to a pain in the neck part. I'd like to use the stock catilever screws (MF6) and spacer (MF7) to mount the....you guessed it, the cantilevers. They are part of Screw Bag F #9465588. Trouble is, most venders list it as discontinued and TamiyaUSA had it listed as Temporarily not in stock, so I'm kind of in a bind. Anyone know of a source for the screws and spacers, or maybe willing to part with a set they don't use anymore?? The screws are listed as MF6 and the spacer is listed as MF7 in the instruction booklet. thanks again! --B
  4. just got a TXT-1 off ebay, its in pretty good shape, but needs some parts. I would like to replace the twisted mess of a drive shaft with Traxxas parts, seems to be a popular mod., but I'm confused as to the proper part numbers. Anyone happen to have a parts list they are willing to share?? Also, I opened up the front and rear diff's, to clean them out and re-grease, is there a "most popular" grease I should use on these metal parts?? thanks for the help. --B
  5. Trying to part together an old Super H/G chassis but have found I don't have the front or rear shocks. Been pounding the online manuals and Tower but not sure I'm looking at the right stuff. Anyway, to the point...Anyone know what shocks I could use in there. Not really worried about being original or modern types, just have to properly fit, and have parts for easy maintenance. thanks for the help.
  6. Well, like the topic says. Local driving has almost always been limited to a huge parking lot, grass field and a Baseball diamond. As much fun as spinning out of control at the slightest touch of throttle is, it would be nice to get some straigh lines in there as well. Between myself and my friend we have an army of cars that could be used, so really any rim size is fine, especially with things like HPI adapters. So anyone have a favorite size, shape, color of tire for hitting the old baseball diamond?? --B
  7. why does it suddenly seem like we're back in the old west, walking into a ghost town with nothing but a slight breeze and tumble weeds around??? I get the feeling these folks left town a long time ago.
  8. I'd like some custom axles and axle tubes for a Clod. What do you need to work from?? I could draft up some concept drawings if need be. Also I'm working on a pretty long time frame, I'd like to have the project completed around August or so.....
  9. just sent him an email. thanks Stu for the heads up. --B
  10. Looking for a Juggernaut 2. Would like it as close to stock as possible but not closed minded about mild mods. --Brandon
  11. just wanted to check and see what you still had. Been looking for a juggy for some time now so I thought I had better check. e-mail me with detials if you can. Thanks for your time --B
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