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  1. Dazman

    How's This Look ?

    Seeing as I'm not buying it I may as well open it up for you guys. Optima for Sale Good Luck Regards D.
  2. Dazman

    How's This Look ?

    Hi Terry, Thanks for the comprehensive reply. I didn't even notice the missing shock I think I'm gonna save my money and save up for the Mid. I think I was seduced by the words "Optima" and the numbers "35" ! Really appreciate the the reply, it's great to call on such a knowledge base. Regards.
  3. Dazman

    How's This Look ?

    Hi Guys, I have been after an Optima Mid for a long time but never had the spare cash and now Kyosho prices seem to have shot up. But rather than an Optima Mid I have been offered a Optima Turbo, I know very little about this model. He's asking £35. I have noticed there are some bits missing: Motor Pinion gear I think there is another gear missing that goes between pinion and gear box cog. Speed controller Speed controller resistor and mounting Gear cover. Can you see any other bits missing ? Anything strange about the model ? Do you think it's worth the money ? Thanks in advance
  4. Dazman

    My New Optima Mid

    Great Looking Optima. I wanted one to when I was a kid, LOL still do ! I regularly keep checking ebay and hope I may find one at a car boot sale or something. How much did you pay for it if you don't mind me asking ? Are you intending to run it ? Cheers Darren.
  5. I'm currently working my way through my Monster Beetle restoration. Got to the front shocks and noticed they were different lengths. A further investigation revealed that at some point one of the piston rods has snapped and the previous owner just wound the end cap on further [:S] So anyone got a Monster Beetle suspension piston rod going begging ??? Cheers
  6. Bet this setup was not running a microsoft operating system ! Check out video on the page. http://www.engadget.com/2007/01/29/robotic...-rides-5-cents/
  7. Hmmm probably best I scratch around in my parts bin for a Acoms servo then, I'm sure I'll have one. So does that mean that these Hitec servos were probably not worth getting ? In all my vintage models Tamiya only supplied an Acoms/Sanwa or Futaba horn. Do modern models have Hitec horns supplied ?
  8. Cheers for the replies. I asked the question because I'm intending to fit a Hitec servo in my Clod. It's already fitted with a acoms/sanwa horn so I was hoping to use this horn as I don't have the futaba one. The Clod was purchased from ebay so I don't have any spares and looking at the design of the horn with those massive ball joints, I could not make a suitable horn from the horn parts supplied with the hitec servo, they are far too light weight. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the reply. While reading your reply I realised my mistake.... The BEC is in the Rx not in the ESC ! Doh [:S] I had a temporary intelligence failure, while reading the mtroniks advertising blurb it said the viper series now have a 1.2Amp BEC circuit. I have now realised this means you can draw a maximum of 1.2Amp through your Rx & servo setup. I guess if your using high torque servos or multiple servos in 3 speeds and modded clods and TXTs etc. As for the capacity issue this did confuse me and my thoughts were the same as you. A motor can only draw it's designed current value (determined by turns), sticking a higher capacity battery will not make the motor draw more current, it will just run for longer. After all it's the motor drawing from the battery, not the battery forcing current to the motor. Thanks for confirming that, I just needed a reality check. Here is the statement from the Mtroniks website. All VIPER ESCs are capable of running the highest capacity cells available & the latest high spec motors. Each VIPER ESC incorporates a 1.2A BEC and the latest state of the art technology and GEN-Xi power FETs! I guess it's just advertising guff. Cheers
  10. Hi All, I recently got hold of some Hitec servos. Can these servos be used with both Acoms & Futaba receivers ? What Tamiya servo horns do you use for Hitec servos, Futaba or Acoms ? Also is it possible to use Futaba servos with Acoms receivers and visa versa ? Thanks Darren.
  11. Hello, I was looking on ebay for a ESC for my Clodbuster and came across a Mtroniks sonic4 RV11. I'm only gonna be running the clod on stock motors so I thought the 11 turn limit would do the trick. My questions is does this sonic ESC contain an BEC and is it capable of running with a high capacity NiMh pack, say 3500mAh ? I did have a look on the Mtroniks web site but it didn't seem to spell out the answers to above. Thanks Darren.
  12. Poopycakes!!! LOL what a fantastic phrase. Do you mind if I use that once in a while ? Anway back to topic, I know I shouldn't but I can see myself purchasing a Brat when it comes out !
  13. [:#] Dam & Blast ! I would have loved to come along guys but all booked up this weekend ! Hopefully I'll hook up with you next time. Hope you have a good one.
  14. I guess Landy's aren't big in Japan ? A proper Tamiya Landy would be very good though.
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