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  1. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=230586789266 Never been run. More info and lots of pics on ebay description. If you want to trade outside of ebay and paypal me as a gift, then it's £135 + post. If you wish to collect, I am in Staffordshire. Near to M6 J13 / J14.
  2. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Team-Associated-RC-1...=item35af5a29e7 If a forum member wants it, and we can deal OUTSIDE of ebay, then post is free in UK / EUROPE. I am in Staffordshire (ST17, near to M6 J14) if you want to meet up and collect. Really nice looking little car, with graphite and "team" alloy etc. Car is new built. I bought the wheels/tyres seperate (they don't come in the kit) Needs electrics / body. Should go like a rocket!! Weighs about as much as a matchstick, in zero gravity, with helium balloons attached to it.
  3. 30cms

    Tamiya Wild One

    I stand corrected!
  4. 30cms

    Avante Coming Soon

    That is the bottom line. 300 plus is a lot of money for an rc kit, but hey, it is an avante! Kinda special
  5. 30cms

    Tamiya Wild One

    The avante is considered by tamiya to be a milestone. Indeed in many ways it is. It also has trf history. It cannot be compared to a wild one. I do like the wild one - i went to great lengths on my wild one resto. I remember building the gearbox, and rereading the instructions over as i thought i had missed something.
  6. 30cms

    Avante Coming Soon

    here's a uk shop selling them (well on pre order) http://www.emodels.co.uk/plastic-kits/tami...89-p-25764.html UK price is pretty high compared to the rest of the world, but if you are not too far from Stoke-on-Trent you can go down and pick one up (once they are in stock, of course!)
  7. 30cms

    New M06 Pro

    that looks really good. when tackling the issue of the front shocks / mount hitting body, DO NOT take a leaf out of tamiya's book. remember the holiday buggy 2010 unpleasantness . . . . . .
  8. 30cms

    Motor Question

    you'll need a soldering iron, and some solder. also some wire if you don't have any! if you have to go out and buy the above, it may work out more cost effective to just buy a new motor however a good soldering iron is a handy tool to have in your kitbox!
  9. 30cms

    Sand Scorcher 2009

    in the 2011 catalogue it is called a "limited vintage edition" but that could mean it is limited to 5,000,000 units over 3 years . . . . . !
  10. maybe you could graft a belt drive from the nitro engine to the spur in the SRB gearbox (somehow!) i'd investigate a slipper clutch though, doing it by that method. maybe a tr15t could provide a replacement gearbox? it's a rear drive setup, with a slipper. fit that and retain the scorcher front end? i like the sound of this project! i have a tr15t, if you need any pics
  11. 30cms

    Tamiya Wild One

    i don't see a wild one rere coming. it had more "flaws" than a block of flats. if it did get rere'd, one would assume they would sort the suspension and gearbox out. the front susp was too soft, rear was too hard, gearbox was comical. and the driver's hands were too big i would love to be wrong on this though! always nice to build a NIB.
  12. This stuff makes me mad. I have had all sorts of feeble excuses - "my son was bidding using my account" etc etc. It really is a pain. You'll get your fees back and all that, but the target market that was looking at the item could have gone elsewhere now. Each time it happens to me, I block the user from buying my stuff in future. The other one that annoys me, is when I get outbid on something, then get a second chance offer about 30 mins after the auction finished. I always ask why the other bidder didn't buy the item, and always get some great reasons. One time I asked if the other bidder's user name was "shill_bidder", or "your_mate" - to which I received abuse
  13. 30cms

    Ungluing Tires From Rims

    haha not sure really maybe make a cut with a knife? then you can penetrate the slit with your fluid.
  14. 30cms

    Ungluing Tires From Rims

    If they are super glued, you could try this stuff: http://www.wurth.co.uk/cat.php?page=2&...amp;section=all Look down the list for 189309 1 Super Glue Debonder 30ml I actually have a pot of it. I have never tried it though! It came in a parts lot I bought off the bay a while ago.
  15. 30cms

    When's A Hotshot Not A Hotshot ?

    Hey percymon I have a set of the front metal uprights (as found on supershot) going spare. If you are interested, PM me!