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  1. We've got some stock looking bumpers being made at the moment, along the lines of a Land Rover Defender type. Leave it with me and I'll get something proto'd
  2. Ours have a fully machined edge, come in three different finishes and a longer style that fits under the rear gearbox. I'm sure Andy likes mine too We're quick on delivery too You can get them HERE
  3. What sort of parts are you wanting done and colours? I maybe able to help You can PM me if you want to keep it low profile
  4. Selling my Tamiya Subaru Brat.... Showroom entry is HERE.... ...and the Ebay auction is HERE Thanks
  5. Hi Guys, We will look into this as we have had this request alot. Currently only a butterfly chassis in Natural, Black and Polished have been made and the new longer version protecting under the rear gearbox. I'll get onto a stick pack battery version as soon as possible. Cheers Chris
  6. Cheers guys, I didn't want the cutting and shutting of drainpipes to be honest. It's a ball ache in its self setting it up for a meeting without having to do it repeatedly at shows. I've also found Calandra Racing Products which is similar to the drainpipe method put looks to be more modular what i'm after..... It's a tough one.
  7. Hi Guys, I wondered (no hoped ) if anyone can help me here. I have been trying with no success to get hold of some RC Track system called Road Rails www.roaddome.com from the United States. Initially a gent called Steve was very helpful and said he would get a quote for shipping, several emails and phone calls and three weeks later nobody there seems interested in selling one? There site states they are taking orders and indeed there phone message says they are taking orders and shipping, but for one reason or another nobody is answering now, maybe one of US cousins might know? Failing this does anyone know of a portable RC system like this I can use for shows/exhibitions etc.. i've also looked at RCP Tracks but it is more for Mini-Z's and the barrier system is too small. I'm after something hassle free not wanting to butcher drain pipes everytime i go somewhere. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Chris
  8. Hi bigu2fan, Never saw any email you sent? Are you still after one? Regard Chris
  9. Hi Guys, Can anyone point me in the right direction where to get foam tyres to fit the HPI Formula Ten foam specific wheel sets? Theres plenty of places where you can buy the wheels but no reference to what tyres. Any help is appreciated Cheers Chris
  10. Oh yes, I'm still here lurking in the background and enjoying the racing. I've even spread my wings and entered a few competitions away from club racing albeit off-road. I've had a punt at Mardave's, I've got myself an F1 to build and the Schumachers I used to race I've sold on now as I kept breaking something every week and I just couldn't justify the cost of running them, although I have kept the original Mission as thats got our chassis upgrades on I've read alot about the mini's and again I've got a new build sat there unpainted so I'm going to get that up and running for the club nights. The lack of Tamiyas at club level, at least on-road anyway as they all seem to be Associated, X-Ray, Schumachers etc., is apparent. I did the off-road winter series at Ardent this weekend and the amount of Tamiya TRF's there were amazing. I've got the bug for the off-road racing at the moment, more than the Touring Cars, and if it's fun and bashing your into then a Short Course race is the one. Forget the bruised ego's, bad language and attitude with the serious racers, the podium is full of laughter and banter, it's a real hoot. The funny thing as well is all the serious racers of the 2wd and 4wd buggies, who ten minutes before we're breathing fire, are now surrounding the track with racous cheers and applauses as the 'rubbing' mid flight often wipes out several cars in one hit. Come on Tamiya, make me a SC Truck!
  11. Andy - You are a god amongst men. This was exactly what I was trying to remember. Thanks so much to Gruntfuggly and tonysmini for helping too. I'm really chuffed, all I've got to do is source one again. Well done the TC crew again for having the fountain of knowledge
  12. Hi Guys, I wondered if anyone on here could help me in sourcing a game I had some 25 - 30 years ago as a kid. It was for diecast model cars of the Matchbox and Hotwheels size ( I think 1/64th?) and it comprised of a large detailed rotating disc of a road scene with a dashboard and steering wheel. It had a Magnet underneath and you could basically put any of your favourite diecast cars on to this disc and when you started up the ignition the disc simply rotated around and around. When you then steered the wheel the magnet moved up and down underneath effectively steering the car. The car actually didn't go anywhere other than up and down but the disc roatating around with the road scene gave the illusion of the car going on a road trip..... It was very cool! It had gears if I recall correctly which basically sped up the disc and made out you were belting it down the road. I don't know what it was called or who it was made by but I would dearly love to collect one again for nostalga. If anyone can help I would be truly grateful. Thanks for reading Chris
  13. I do the same! On the Tesco run I always raided the Matchbox and Hotwheels box as I figured for £1 it won't break the balance. After years of doing this and quite a stock my Son finally found the office draw full of them and his eyes just lit up and I couldn't just say NO and shut the draw!! It's all good fun.
  14. Hi, Just noticed this thread. We do a conversion for the Hotshot/Boomerang which the mount can be lowered and the angle of the shock changed top and bottom. This photo is with a pair of rear shocks hence the extended mount option. Cheers Chris
  15. I used these from 3 Racing , which you can also get in white and put them on my Sand Viper
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