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  1. Thank you willy chang, this is not the first time you have answered a question of mine.Cheers!
  2. I was looking in a Mom and Pop Hobby shop and found a front wheel drive version of the new VW beetle. Anyone out there familiar with this car? My big question is could I put a different body on it. I guess I need the wheel base measurements but would there be any problems with a bulkier front end?
  3. just got this motor second hand and want to run it in a mad fighter and/or blazing star, Please tell me it will still run on a mechanical speed control!!!!
  4. I am sorry to sound like a dumb prat. But how do you register yourself and photos on the site. I have just purchased a digital camera and am now able to post photos of my cars (nothing flash mind, ford focus, mad fighter and blazing star) Thoughts?
  5. Thanks for the advice. Very grateful! from what I can remember the the TL01 has positions for 3 diffferent gear ratios. I don't know how many teeth the stock pinion has but would a better gea rtio assist with take off and top speed?
  6. Today I climbed through a fence to a beautifully appointed R/C track. I have a TL-01 chassis and a mad fighter just for fun and a freind has a TG 10 WRX. This was the first time we ever raced our cars on a track after years of being out of the hobby. Need less to say the rexy was the star of the show. But I was astounded at the sluggish performance of the TL-01. I know This is an entry level car but I would like some advice. I have built it pretty well but can anyone offer some suggestions to make it go faster than something we could purchase at Kmart. Is there anything I could check to see that she is running well. Th motor was very hot also.
  7. When I was first involved in the hobby in the 80's. The golden days of foxes and wildones, I encountered alot of what is pure RC snobbery. Now I'll admit the cars that i have now (mad fighter and a blazing star) are not in any major competition league and I respectfully know my place in a world full of schumacher, associated and yokomo. I went along to my hobby shop to ask for help on getting a faster motor. I like brand consistency so I was interested in the super stock motors made by tamiya (the S and the T.) I got nothing but 15 minutes of arrogance from a guy that said I should not have even walked in the store if my cars weren't ball raced (they are) and if I didn't have an electronic speed controller because anything other than a stock RS 540 will burn out my MSC. He seemd to take great relish in saying that I would need to spend 200-300 dollars to get a faster motor in my cars and nothing would guanantee higher performance from 2 pieces of **** and warned me that my MSC was seconds away from a firey end. Was he right? can i just get a faster motr and put it in my car to make it quicker around the yard? These cars are a hoot to drive and indestructible (anyone see the mad fighter on the RC Car action website???)I want to use Tamiya hop ups can anybody help?
  8. [^]I havebought both the mad fighter and the Blazing star and they are great cars to build and run. I run them both stock and they are tough, pretty quick and a great revisit back into the hobby. I am ballracing the mad fighter and adding a sport tuned motor as well just for a laugh. I take them down to the local park and drop the hammer!! In the showroom for the Mad fighter check out the paint job by toymakr73 It looks great!!!!
  9. I have heard in Japan and Germany there is a race series called the fighter cup. It is apparently designed for younger racers with DT-01 based cars and chassis (ie any buggy with the name fighter in the title.In the Tamiya website are there any photos of this event that anyone has spotted? Much appreciated if someone could point me in the right direction.
  10. I still remeber the horrible sound as I took corners with my wild one. The idea that I tried was packing the ball bearings with a ring of silver solder Inside the so the resultant tight packing of the bevel gears would hold the gear box together. It seemed to work fine. Go the Hyper cam engineering!!!
  11. This was years and years ago in the mid eighties. There was an horrendous series called punky brewster about an orphan girl adopted by a kind old man. In one episode she wins a Tamiya frog and races against the local kids. It was actually an episode with a feminist message. "girls can do anything" But the racing was fun with a frog, hornet, non military fast attack vehicle and a subaru brat.
  12. Thanks for answering my questions about the Mad fighter. I was going to get a 4wd buggy as well and I have settled on the Blazing Star. I am wondering what folks think is their ultimate paint job they did a full lexan body in? I like the metallic blue of the Blzg Str but what other things have people tried?
  13. Its a Japanese thing. (Read this to yourself in that American voice over that was used in the 1980's tamiya videos of the Hornet and Hotshot, with the cheesy elevator music in the background.) ".......and coil over oil filled shock absorbers, the driver is a reflection of living the disciplined and winning lifestyle that will help annihalate the competition and bring the trophy home to you, At TAHmiya, our driver's do naht smahle but will achieve racetrack perection with the TAHmya line of high quality model kit paints, the ABS resin bathtub chassis is light and strong....
  14. I need some advice. I had a wild One in the 80's and want to get back into the hobby. I love the look of the mad fighter. Its got the roll cage and the realistic look of a proper off road buggy. Rather than something that belongs on the deck of an aircraft carrier. Can anyone recommend this car or is it a glorified toy from the Shizouka city boys. Can it be souped up? What about the rolling rigid rear axel? Would love some input. Cheer
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