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  1. In the lockdown i have resurrected my dt02 holiday buggy for my girls, they love it! My other rc are too fast/too expensive for them so after another dt chassis car to build with them and race! i like the nissan truck, or would be happy with a red holiday, sand rover or sand viper.
  2. Time to buy a new kit, looking at a youtube vid on unboxing there is a separate lexan section - are these the light buckets? Whenever i have used buckets before they have been moulded silver abs!
  3. Sand scorcher rere 58452 Built chassis, primered body - never run! Has retro humpback battery, steering servo, stainless screw set and all parts to finish. Looking for £175+postage UK, or collect Windermere
  4. NIB beetle 58572, would like £100 ono +postage UK NIB midnight pumpkin 58547, would like £100 ono +postage UK. Dont think either has an esc on a side note if i sold you a hotshot rere - i have found the instructions! But deleted my inbox
  5. The realisation that I have too many projects spread over too many hobbies means I am having a big clearout! I would like to sell this as one complete set : 1 - A stock superclod chassis wearing an unfinished, but complete bullhead body, had high torque steering servo and silver can motors. 2 - heavily modified superclod chassis wearing a badly finished superclod shell, has a lot of crawford performance parts (see pic later) acoms as16 servos, 2 tamiya black can motors and nylint (?) wheels. 3 - spare parts including bullhead red chassis, bullhead yellow and chrome suspension parts, superclod blue and black suspension parts, spare set nylint wheels and tyres, 2 x twin motor esc’s, superclod sticker sheet x2, bullhead stickers, clodbuster repro decals and instructions for clod and bull. The plan was to have a stock bullhead and modified superclod. I would like £350, postage will be a lot - around £50 insured - or happy for collection, meet close ish to me (Windermere)
  6. Someone in the build thread was making one of these for a hotshot! great find
  7. I have a rere scorcher - built but unrun chassis, not started body!
  8. Im after either the bodyset (full) or nib kit of the volvo 850 btcc 58183. Im uk!
  9. Buggy - Unopened blisters, just as I received it! ideally UK and I would like £350 posted Boomerang - all gearboxes built with bearings, body very nicely finished and a steering servo - no esc. Quick job to finish! Again UK preferably and £120 posted
  10. Chuffed it arrived ok, hate posting things. You are slipping though - sold my supra to @Carts and he has finished it already!
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