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  1. Please can you post the link to the definition of "restoration" or "former state" that includes the statement "original parts only" or equivalent, I am happy to stand corrected.
  2. I have a feeling that if enough people choose to take this course of action Tamiya will take note. I have more Associated and Losis than I have Tamiya's, boycotting Tamiya will little impact on my enjoyment of this particular hobby. And I'm pleased there are people such as yourself to adopts this option, there's nothing like a varied assault.
  3. Yes I am more than happy to spend my money with other manufacturers and on other hobbies. Until a solution is found. In your opinion and please don't belittle the opinion of others. I susspect not for good quality decals.
  4. I've looked into this and understand that it is a course of action that Tamiya could take should they wish, it would certainly sort the reproduction of manual and parts issues and with a little fettling probably most of the decal and body problems too. So with this in mind and until Tamiya displays the will to find a better way I have decided to be far more selective in my Tamiya purchases in the future, I will no longer be purchasing nice to have models simply because it's the latest Tamiya release, however I will still buy any of what I deem must have items (I'm not going to cut my nose off).
  5. Could Tamiya allow the reproduction of their discontinued products with licensing agreements providing those products don't infringe the agreement previously made by Tamiya with other companies?
  6. Please Mr Tamiya find a better way PS you can't enter a blank post it generates an error message.
  7. MrLexan does a lovely Parma Stinger, I used to run one on my Hornet BITD, definitely worth checking out.
  8. Woops sorry my bad, I must do some Tamiya motor homework
  9. mrlexan already does them http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp...9033&id=514
  10. Anyone know of a great UK retro Ford forum? I'm looking for technical support as much as readers rides, a MK1 MK2 Escort bias would be best. Thanks for any advice.
  11. Cool does that mean there's a Cheetah on its way , my guess (for what it's worth) is Tamiya will produce whatever makes money and I would not be surprised if the remaining two SRBs get an airing along with the MB and BF. I own one of these Mountaineer body sets and IMHO they were old stock, not freshly produced which makes more sense to me.
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