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  1. got mine today from stargek too thanks for sharing the build!
  2. as per topic guys.. how many ball bearing are needed in the reissue boomerang? 1150? 850? anyone knows? thanks!
  3. for all kits, provide better quality oil shocks, full bearings, sport tuned motor (at least?), nicer rims and better tires, composite plastic, pre-cut body shells and stickers, illustrated box art, better car names. i'll be more than happy
  4. tamiya never fails to surprise us. there are hornet, frog and hotshot in the tamtech series of buggies and they still reissue the 1/10 scale of each of them. lets just wait and see and i'm sure we will see something coming 2009!
  5. got my BOOMBOOM last week fresh plastic!!
  6. very good! very very good! on behalf of everyone's request, please give us step by step pictures and instructions. it may mean taking it apart again but i believe many will praise your effort! i will! very well done! thumbs up! the tamiya team must see this!
  7. thanks for the great news! a friend of mine refused to let me play his boomerang when i was small and all that i could do was to see it run while i ran my hornet. well, i'm going to get one now!
  8. it's been a lllllooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg wait...... and the wait is kkkkkkkiiiiiiilllllllllllllliiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggggggg us.......
  9. does a hornet body shell fit onto the fire dragon chassis? do i need to do any modification to it? thanks!
  10. yes the teu101 esc is fine with the dirt tuned, GT Tuned and Sports Tuned and my hotshot runs the sports tuned.
  11. if you want to use a RZ, make sure you have a better ESC installed because i wont advise you to use the kit esc for this motor. you can still get through it but its going to get really hot. once you have an ESC that handles 23turn and above, you can start trying out the pinions starting from the smallest and work your way up till you feel that the motor doesn't overheat and at the same time you have some good running time.
  12. low turn motor.... smaller pinion high turn motor.... larger pinion
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