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  1. MrUnlimited

    Avante king pins

    Has someone the right answer?
  2. MrUnlimited

    Avante king pins

    I am looking for king pins for my Avante 2011. Not the stock ones. What will fit. I thought to use titaniums or colored alloy ones. Who knows what to use?
  3. MrUnlimited

    Hows the Avante holding up?

    Here it is: Tamiya Transpeed 8.5t motor, Hobbywing Xerun 2.1 60A sensored esc, BlueBird digital buggy servo, 35C 7.4V 5200mah lipo
  4. MrUnlimited

    Next Re Release

    I also want to see an Egress or Porsche 959 soon.
  5. MrUnlimited

    The Hornet by Jun Watanabe

    What's next? a catwalk with paparazzi for rc cars?
  6. MrUnlimited


    I never use grease on the driveshafts. It attracts dirt.
  7. MrUnlimited

    Hows the Avante holding up?

    I love my Avante 2011. I just purchased a new 35c lipo. The geartrain is holding up great with the Transpeed 8.5T.
  8. MrUnlimited

    Mini-z Keen Hawk

    I was browsing on Youtube and came along this Keen Hawk look a like in Mini Z size: I wish Tamiya came with a competitor against the reigning Mini-z. Would love to see a Mini-Z size Egress, Avante or Hotshot.
  9. Guys, I have a Speedpassion combo for 1/8 truggies and bugies on sale on Ebay for Europeans only. Used it for 3 charges only. I am switching back to nitro in my 1/8 buggy. Fan for motor is included. Search on Speedpassion arrow 1/8. Good luck and happy bidding Give it a good home!
  10. MrUnlimited

    Marui cj7 tyres

    Guys, I am looking for a Marui CJ7 new tyres with road profile like the Hpi mini trophy truck. What will fit?
  11. MrUnlimited

    Avante Coming Soon

    Has somebody already installed the new torque splitter/ ball differential set?
  12. Avante rerelease is good choice for a high performance runner
  13. MrUnlimited

    aussie version of ''carpet racing ''

    It is better to catch a python than wakin up with a taipan at the end of your bed!
  14. MrUnlimited

    Images of the re-re Pajero and re-re Renault 5

    I owned the Paiero in it's original form but I would rather see the rerelease with the original smaller 3piece wheels and tyres.
  15. MrUnlimited

    Re-release Egress

    Gear diffs are stronger than ball diffs that is why there is no brushless 1/8 buggy with ball diff and that is why we in 1/10 touringcar switch back to gear diff. I drive a 8.5t Transpeed brushless motor in my Avante: my gear diffs holds fine except I had to replace the 3rd ball diff cause it was melted. I also replaced the steel balls with ceramics and glued the metal diffrings to the plastic and metal parts. It is now holding fine!