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  1. I was thinking more along the lines of what you write here: something which makes us feel good about being in this hobby. Kind of like the backlot of rcca back in the days. Thanks for writing and keeping this going. I've by the way subscribed for a big event early 2010. Last year I entered unkowing about the level of the event and was real surprised to see international drivers show up. Even more surprising was how my YZ-10 based buggy did pretty well in its shake-down. Sure some things broke but I managed to finnish all but one heat over the 2 days and that was a huge accomplishment given my old electronics, total lack of practise and very mimited experience with huge indoor jumps. The track was a kind of-carpet/artificial lawn and had the works: doubles, triples, racketboard, tabletop and a couple single jumps. This year I'm going for 2WD; not sure which car it will be yet but it's gonna be vintage and I'll try and write a bit onhere. I'll make sure to post a link in this thread.
  2. dude it's time you apply to get a column in an rc mag
  3. I see Universial-joint drives on the pictures. Any plans for CVD's ?
  4. mmm, maybe less, but still: you don't want dust in the moter. It's bad for wear on bearings and the rotor axle. Not too mention what happens if you run a wet track. I've seen brushless moters cogg up because the previous heat was run on a wet track and the hunid air had condensed in the moter by the start of the next heat. I think it was the condensation in the sensor plug that caused a short-circuit.
  5. Thanks for the pictures guys. I wish I could join in the fun
  6. best put some dirt screen in front of that intake: don't want all the dust to goin the moter
  7. Maybe crawling or smaller size tracks: like Mini-Z can make you tick? I've never been the best of pilots myself and rarely make it to a track anymore. So I stick to amateur, stock, vintage or whatever spec class available whenever possible. It's more fun being slow if everyone else is slow too
  8. while you check your boxes, could you peak at the ultima pro boxes also and see if they are pictured with alu or graphite chassis please? It appears the pro had a different chassis in the US and I wonder if the box was any different too. (sorry for distracting from the original subject)
  9. Sorry, can't be of help, but ... could you please put up pics when it's done, maybe some race footage too?
  10. Hey darryn, I finally understood he was only talking about the optima's in his own collection. I still wonder what re-re and new bodykit he referred too; maybe that wasn't relevant to the kyosho theme?
  11. Most stuff I have seen in the japanese shops did not sell under retail prices minus about 10%. Of course , as things get older etc discounts start kicking in
  12. double thanks Next time: let me know, come by, I show you some of my other creations and we can taste some lesser-known beers and other specialties
  13. Now you're talking: check out the hotshot bodied ultima in my avatar
  14. Not at all: lots of smaller clubs just run on temporary tracks laid out with tubes on a grassfield. Best is to go and take a look around or ring the clubs for info before deciding which car you will run where.
  15. I heard about a club in brussels which runs a vintage class, but have yet to visit them. Planning to though; cruising the street or parkinglots just doesn't do anything for me. While I worked and lived in Japan for the passed 2 years, I went to a couple vintage meetings and had good fun. Earlier this year I took my yokomo hotdog inspired creation to a big indoor race: not a vintage event, but great fun. I never expected to see my old stuff clear table tops and tripples. PS: can I join a SIG without being a full member? Doesn't appear so
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