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  1. WOW they got a bargain! I would have payed you more for sure ;-)
  2. bigwig_boy

    RC Champ?

    Is this the site you are talking about? http://www.rc-champ.co.jp/ Do they have an english section?
  3. Shodog...I have often wondered about that. What happens if you place a maximum bid that is not high enough and you would like to increase it...do you have to wait until another bidder out-bids you before you can set a new higher maximum bid??? I tried this once after I realised that my lowish max bid was a mistake....but eBay refused to increase it. I dont see anything wrong with setting whatever max-bid you like at any point in the auction...even if you are the highest bidder...as long as the bid is higher than your previous one. Can anyone think of any good reasons why this is the policy?? After all...it simply means that the seller is getting a better price. Joshn
  4. TWINSET / jerzirccar I really feel for you guys. I would be majorly *******ED[!][!][!] In TWINSET's case I think this is a matter of this guy simply having 'NO IDEA' as to what good packaging means. Perhaps he's really young???? He probably thought that paper and string would be OK. He needs to learn via email/photos/feedback as to how he should be packaging. Surely he can't survive as an eBay seller if he continues this. jerzirccar....that example is an absolute disgrace!!!!....warranting heavy negative feedback and a complaint to eBay for sure....I really hope it was not the 'original' 6 wheeler...was it? [xx(]
  5. What sort of world would this be without NIB's !!!!!!!!!! They just *DONT* package tamiya kits the way they used to [][] All together now.... We want blister packs!!! We want blister packs!!! We want blister packs!!! We want blister packs!!! We want blister packs!!! []
  6. Thats right....the key is placing your maximum bid amount at the very last second (or minute)......which is what backfired on me yesterday [][][][] ...its all about finding that fine balance between the tick-tok of the auction clock and the thickness of your wallet. Anyone can place a $1000000000000000000.00 [xx(] maximum auto-bid right at the start...if the've got the money and then win the auction. But everybody wants to get their beloved tamiya part/kit for the cheapest price possible...its that 'Bargain Hunger' that we all have.....a need to feel like we got the best deal possible....and then we can utilise all that left over $$cash$$ for our next bargain hunt. Perhaps I might try that auction sniper place...their prices seem fair. Joshn
  7. Sooooooooooo many times I have had my dream item shot to peices by those cowardly drive-by bidders in the final 30 secs of an auction that I have had no other choice but to resort to the same tactic...... .... I wait patiently day after day rubbing my hands nervously with the sweeeeeeeet aniticipation of claiming victory in my most recent and noble quest.......watching... waiting.... until the last possible moment and then..... WWWHHHAAAAAMMMMM!!!!! snatch the goods with one glorified out-bid and laugh hysterically as I flee into the horizon with my Holy Tamiya goods grasped tighly in my hands. Well thats the plan anyway and it goes somthing like this..... 2 min, 11 seconds... [reload] 1 min, 47 seconds... [reload] 1 min, 20 seconds.... [reload] 58 seconds.... [reload] 46 seconds.... [reload] 41 seconds.... [reload] 37 seconds.... [reload] 34 seconds.... [enter maximum bid = $85.00] . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Warning page cannot be displaged [reload] . . . . . . . . . . . . . Warning page timed out NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! [][][][][][][][] Just when you thought it would never happen again....good old murphy's law springs again up and anihilates an otherwise perfectly good plan.
  8. Guys, I think you may all be mistaken. I have been researching Tamiya motors so as to make a decision on which one to buy as a hop up for my Blazing Star. From what I have found the RS-540SH Sport-Tuned motor (53068) has in fact 23 turns, not 27. Here are 4 sites which state this. http://www.tamiya.nl/tamoptions/tam_53000_09.html http://home.intekom.com/modelboats/car/cheat1.htm http://www.goldstarstockists.com/tamiyaparts/tpx/motors.htm http://www.rcbolide.com/acatalog/Page_D_ac...ssoires_33.html So the hobby sales guy may have got it wrong...but it is a better motor than just the standard 540 type. Anyone know of any good links/sites that explain motor turns and timing in great detail??? Thanks
  9. [8D] Fantastic work!!!! What a great idea!!! [8D] Bet you now wish you had taken digitals of all your other cars being built..[] Perhaps some more of us should try this by simply stripping back down a prebuilt car and taking the photos as it goes back together?? Darn... now that I have that thought in my head im just gonna have to do it!!!
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