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  1. Yeah warm them up using a hairdryer just so it oftens the glue, also white spirit takes off the sticky marks with ease and is very cheap. DO NOT use a heat gun, as it will melt the body. Thanks James
  2. As Theo says doesn't mater if its a bragain or not(it helps though []) lol, but as long as your pleased and get alot of pleasure and enjoyment from your new found car/buggy etc. And above all HAVE FUN !!!! Thanks James
  3. Just out of curiosity, but maybe the seller did post the item and royal fail or parcel farce lost it. As it mentions nothing about the guy not sending the item, just that he had to pay the money back. Just an idea. thanks James
  4. Club dcals would be ace. [] from really small 2cm logos upto bigger ones, would be ace. Just an idea. That way it keeps most people happy. But either way some people will be disapointed. thanks James
  5. [][][][][]Well hot **** !!!! Bet your winding me up, aint ya. lol. that would be just fantastic if it works, a WAP TC Website, how great and fantastic would that be. [][][][][], hehe. thanks James
  6. Well its official I move into my new flat on saturday so i will have no internet connection there, hence no TC. [], I really don't know how I will cope. Staying with my parents just now so I kinda take the internet and connection for granted. But just to say i won't be on here for a good few months, might eventually get a broadband line installed and get broadband. But I would just like to thanks all the people who I have dealt with over the years, NetsmithUK, DJTheo, Jamadz, Dazmeister, Mad-bull, William Cline, Purple_rob, Dakota2763, Hillman666, Maxxedross, lemansrc.com and whom ever else, cheers for the deals guys. [][][:I][:I] Thanks James
  7. Thanks for the info. Also how much are group C spares and Hop ups worth jnow a days?? i.e. how much should I be looking at paying for such items.?? All info is welcome. As I plan on hopping up my Group C a bit with a few fancy bits for show purposes, as it will be sitting on a shelf in my new flat. Thanks James
  8. [:0]OVER A £40 DISC DRIVE!!!!! i mean if it was a NIB SS or a NIB Monty then fair enough but a £40 disc drive.lol. Some people really have no brains at all. lol. Fun reading Chris. [][] Thanks James
  9. I have had that a few times lately, maybe 1-2 times amonth for last 3 months, I just thought it was my connection. hmmm...maybe not. Exact same prob too, only Tamiyaclub doesn't work every other site did.[8)][?] Thanks James
  10. Well the least they could do is make another Subaru body, Legacy, the ickle Subaru 360 on an M chassis. lol. I mean how many Imprezas has Tamiya released to date on a R/C chassis of any kind?? please someone give us the stats?? 10? 12? I liked the Impreza WRC 97, but that was about it, the rest all look the same, just slight modifications. Thanks James
  11. Am I slow or missed something??? What happened to your hamsters Stefan??? I thought they were quite amusing as did my 3 year old niece. lol. Thanks James
  12. Came across this today. Probably been on here before but I can't find a thred. But how ugly does this Impreza Look. What are Tamiya thinking???[8)] http://www.tamiyausa.com/product/item.php?product-id=49352 Thanks James
  13. Some drivers carry there own sponsorship deals, hence this markings I believe. Also try DMS models for sticker sheets, they have almost every kind for Tamiya cars, can't post a web link, but do a search on google, its an english based modelshop, very cheap, always have tamiya parts at sometimes less than half price. Thanks James
  14. Great deal. Everytime I want a new caror parts the Fiancee tells me no.lol. So I figured I better trade a few things for stuff I want. great deal though. I remember my local Cash Convertors had a Tamiya Jeep Wrangler, looked almost mint, body in great condition(no box though), and was for sale with radio gear for £80, I should have bought it. Also another 2nd hand store had a NIB Escort Cosworth the Blue and white one for sale at £80 too. Think I missed out on a lot over my time. [8)][] Thanks James
  15. Isn't even $90Million a bit low for a big company. I mean First Group(bus and train company) here in the uK has an anual turnover of over £2 billion profit. Now thats profit I'd say. Thanks James
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