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  1. Same as others, apply threadlock. BUT Threadlock onto plastic = plastic breaks. So first, put the set plates and pass screws through the gearbox. Then place the motor plate (the carton disc) on the other side : this will avoid set plates to move. And THEN apply the threadlock on the screw ends on the motor side. Then screw them into the motor. Of course, it's not the easiest way, but you'll avoid threadlock goes onto the gearbox plastic
  2. Hi, To strengthen the whole chassis, look here : http://www.teamcrp.net/ You have the Chassis Support Tamiya Blackfoot CRP 1628 which will reinforce the front shock tower, the rear body mounts and the shock mounts. For the gear box, just follow the great how to you've already found PS : of course, full ball bearings is a must
  3. I know you were not criticising me, but I also know my English skills are limited That's why I don't participate that much to this great forum Thanks again for making sure I have the correct part number.
  4. OK, the B2 parts. Sorry my English is not that good, in particular for technical matters I'll go for an entire re-re frog gearbox (inside elements) and shafts : I'll be sure to have everything, and spares. Thanks a lot.
  5. Ok, so the splines are the B1 plastic pieces Thanks for your answer
  6. Hi all ! As many owners I guess, I have a problem with my Monster Beetle gearbox I would like to reinforce it, or to use the re-re Frog chassis series to change it. Problem is to determine the level of compatibility between all those gearboxes. Here is the original MB / BF / Frog / Brat gearboxes (here from the MB manual): Here is the re-re Frog series gearbox (here from the re-re Subaru Brat manual): 1st question : are they strictly identical? For me, they are not. The re-re Brat PG1 2 ou 3 intermediate pinion is different form the MB's (setp 18) because there is this MD3 pinion that has to be inserted inside the re-re one's. Your opinion ? 2nd question : is the MB gearbox (I mean the big C16 plastic part + the metallic plates) strictly identical with re-re frog series' ? Question is : will they fit in my MB chassis ? 3rd question : is it possible de reinforce all the pinion fixations inside the originale gearbox ? How ? I don't want to change it for the Thorp diff that was mainly used by the time and difficult and expensive to get nowadays. I ask the question to goldstarskockists and here is their response : If I correctly read the first part : everything is the same (uh ?!) but dogbones are different (I agree). For the "splines" part, I don't understand what they are talking about. I understand the end of the message : they recommend the 16T pinion and I have to check my metallic plates. Thanks a lot for your kind advices.
  7. I have : Hornet Lunch Box Blackfoot Xtreme I want : Monster Beetle For those who expect a Blackfoot re-release, I doubt Tamiya woould make it. The Blackfoot series is the one and only model that remained in catalog through the 80's-90's-2K's time tunnel. So no re-release needed I guess
  8. Just an advice : when you reach step 18, be sure to use the uprights you will find in the motor bag. Do not use those on the grape, they don't fit It's in French, but you'll find pictures of my Baja King assembly (same chassis as Baja Champ) on my site : http://bhs.online.free.fr/RC3.html As it's already been adviced, ball race your kit right at assembly or you may not dare unmounting it completly to put them afterwards Have fun !
  9. I don't think Tamiya would re-release the metal kits : too expensive I guess. Another reason is that Tamiya did the first models including many metal parts back in the begining of 80's. But afterwards, all models where mostly plastic. Their know-how is about plastic, not metal. Re-releasing a full plastic scorcher/rover may not be much appreciate so my guess is those models will never be maketed again. My guess (and my hope!) is Tamiya will re-release the Monster Beetle soon. They would be inspired in providing both lexan and abs bodies as they did for the re-re Brat. Or whatever kit they best sold back in the 80's and they can produce for a reasonable price. But I hope for the MB. Did I mention I want a re-re MB ?
  10. Tamiya designs them to run. I do what Tamiya made them for.
  11. Would also guess for a MB re-release. Pin spikes are available, body rights seem also OK and I guess Tamiya would have use the re-re forg chassis. Parts are available and MB is one of the most famous and successfull kit produced in this segment of market : would be a succes, no doubt ! I would get one for sure By the way, one question still to be answered : when is the next model fair for Tamiya to anounce new models ? Somewhere in summer ? Here in France, LHS say there would be no more new models for the current year : could someone deny ?
  12. I thought Acoms was the entry level brand of Japan Radio : am I wrong ?
  13. You got it ! As I directly installed a SportTuned, I didn't take care of these parts that were packed with it. And didn't notice those I installed looked different from the manual. Thanks a lot, they fit much better now [H]
  14. Hello, Just almost finished building it, I have a problem. On the front drivetrain, a piece is touching the tires. Here's the shot : In red, the piece that touches the tire (here, front left wheel) In yellow, the fix for the direction bar (that comes from the servo). This bar can not be shortened as it is one piece plastic. I tried to revert it, change between right and left, any possible position, still the same problem. In green, the piece on which the direction bar is fixed. The piece also touches the tire. The problem is the same on both font right and left wheels (no problem on the rear drivetrain). I did not mix front and rear wheels as they have different shapes. Thanks for your help
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